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  1. Okay, sit down, we've got this. Pop the cap off ....shit, did I break it? No wait, it's fine Alright, now clean the top with the swab, now open the syringe pack....then the needle f*ck, why are my hands shaking? I've got no problem with needles. There, it's on Pull the plunger down, press in and draw....why isn't it drawing? f*ck is the gugue too sma--wait, I need to press the air in, okay good now it's drawing... This stuff takes a while to draw.... ...Hope the rubber stopper doesn't leak after this... ... Okay, done....replace the syringe with a fresh one, now swab the injection site.... ....moment of truth, okay okay just do like the wiki said, take a deep breath and inject on the exhale ...fucking hands, just quit shaking already, take a breath and one, and two, and- !!! ....huh, I expected a little bit of pain but...nope, only a small spasm. Press the plunger... Takes a while....can I feel it going it? Or am I imagining it? .....annnnnd we're done, take it out. that was too easy...no leakage, nope. Only a small mark. .... Guess I can't say I'm natty anymore? ------------------------ Yeah, the first pin is fresh in my mind and my quad. So with this starts my first cycle! This log will be used to record my state on the cycle and how I feel during, as well as my recovery and my progress at the end. I got my bloods done before this and will post them when I can, but they were in the normal range for a guy my age. PERSONAL DETAILS: Weight: 70kg Height: 5'7" (167cm) Experience: 4 years training natural Bodyfat: Est 14-15% CYCLE DETAILS: Week 1: (Frontload) 1000mg Test E (250mg E2D) Week 2-12: 500mg Test E (250mg E3D) Week 13-14: Nothing Week 15-18: PCT Cycle of Nolva dosed at 40/40/20/20 DIET: 3000 Calories/day (+500 TDEE) Going for clean foods at 200g of Protein, 225g Carbs and 100g Fats TRAINING: 6 Days/week GVT style training. Each Muscle worked 2x/week with abs trained 3x/week Daily cardio in the form of walking and stair machine. Will post photos later on when I get them off the camera, as well as bloods for pre-cycle.