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  2. Body Fitness or Figure

  3. I saw him on TV and think he looked great, especially as this isn't his main sport. Last year I found it hard keeping up back country skiing while dieting for the shows, so I take my hat off to him for managing to train for rugby and bodybuilding at once. Well done Jonah - you did yourself proud. It takes a shitload of hard work and mental stamia to get up on stage and you handled it like the champ everyone knows you are. G
  4. Great pics. Thanks for getting them on the site so quickly. G
  5. Creatine monohydrate

    BigMD and I use Metaphysics Creatine Monohydrate. I find it takes effect about a week after I start take it. Find I recover quicker (less muscle stiffness) and seem to be able to gain strength. I have 6-8 weeks on and 4 weeks off.
  6. BIGMDs Comps

    Hi there I think http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/bbcompres.htm will have the photos and results up pretty quickly. This is where Mike and I tracked Jo Stewart's progress at the Arnold. They seem to get results and pics up on the same day or the day after the shows. I'm heading over there tomorrow....can't wait!
  7. BIGMD's Pro Debut, Texas August 09

    :pfft: you got it weener lad, his outfit has more sparkle to it than mine did. On another note, I'd just like to say it's been pretty cool watching Mike prep for this show. He will hate me posting this but anyway.....I'm an organisational psychologist and hence, on a daily basis focus on how to get people motivated so as to achieve business results. I get to meet some pretty focussed and incredibly successful individuals (entrepreneurs, CEOs, Directors, people who write books on success due to achieving so much etc). I can honestly say that Mike's focus and dedication leading up to these events has been awesome and is right up there with those who I have seen achieve astounding things in the business context. This has been Mike's dream since he was 16 years old....there aren't a lot of people who get to live their teenage dreams but that's exactly what he's doing. No matter what anyone says - him getting to this point has been up to him and him alone. While he has great support from a lot of people, at the end of the day it's been him who has trained solidly (and incredibly hard) for the last 19 years no matter what life has thrown at him. Some of us struggle to keep focussed and stick to a bodybuilding routine for 3-12 months, imagine doing it for around 228 months, without fail! When he says it's all about consistency and repetition he honestly means this, he practices what he preaches. Even when we were on our honeymoon in Thailand, he would track down a gym (of which none had air conditioning) and train hard (not to mention freak out the locals). Aside from bodybuilding he has an amazing 16 year old daughter who is an incredible young lady (in part because he's a great Dad) and he has a very successful PT business. Anyway the point of this wife's rambling, is he works bloody hard and deserves to have a great trip and experience....I'm F***en proud of him :clap:
  8. 2009 NZFBB Auckland Champs

  9. peanut butter...which brand?

    And both made in China.... Lol - doesn't bother me or BigMD, still tastes good and does the job, without breaking the bank. We go through about 1.5kg per week, sometime 2kg per week as well as the largest bag of cashew nuts we can find.... Each to their own I guess.