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  1. Trestolone (Ment)

    Nah i heard from it before him from alot of the guys on the steroid reddit group. But i do follow him after researching DNP. His snapchat and youtube channel are breath of fresh air in this watered down industry. Ment looks and sounds too good to be true just hoping to not grow bitch tits when i do use it as it converts to estrogen very easy. Ill make a log for those interested as its not common it NZ yet and i dont know of anyone who has used it here hence the topic.
  2. Trestolone (Ment)

    Has anyone on here have any experience running Trestolone? Other forums suggest from anecdotal experience you get tren+test results from it whilst only running a low dose ~350mg PW. Blasting it in New years and would like to know if anyone in nz has tried or ran the stuff?
  3. DNP in nz

    Cheers been on redit mostly new to this NZ gear community stumbled upon it last night
  4. DNP in nz

    Yeah bro ive ran NZ DNP dosed at 200mg per capsule ran it for 16 days lost 10kg of fat at 400mg each day split the dose one cap in the a.m and one in the p.m. Felt nothing but at 200mg after a couple days then upped the dose to 400mg.