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  1. Class running every Sunday 10.30 to 12.30, welcome try
  2. Got the gym back running now thanks, welcome to training
  4. Back to training now after long injury, anyone want some light sparring txt me
  5. Free mma self defense class Saturday

    Hi any one keen for some light sparring please txt me, I. M competing November, need different people sparring thanks
  6. Any one need a traning and sparring partner welcome drop me a txt, I. M competing this year, look forward to training
  7. I.m back in countries now, anyone looking to catch up some training welcome to contact me cheers
  8. I.m back in countries now, anyone want catch up on some training welcome to contact me, cheers
  9. Hi guys my name is mike, I have done personal coaching on boxing and muay thai in the past. Looking for a good training buddy who also into martial arts, working on my grappling skill . For all the bjj grappling guys I can also help you training on strike base.Just want to help Anyone get into mix martial art and self defense. It be a great cardio work out instead of just running on treadmill. I.m free most time during the day, my mobile is 0211680718 , just flick me a txt about training, love to make and meet like minded friend. I also run a morning training class in mt roskill every Saturday, have a nice day cheers!
  10. Due to more guys training with us now, I.m also running free class Tuesday and Wednesday, Saturday morning training still as normal. We are a group of friend with training back ground in various martial arts ( bjj, wing chun, muay thai, krav maga, kendo, Filipino kali .....etc ) , we are an non profit base group, our aim is to have like minded people training together, learning from each other, do training more focus on reality self defense. We looking for more friendly people to join us, no martial art experience requireed necessary,as long you in reasonable good shape, sorry our group is for guys only. Our club is base in centre auckland mt roskill. My mobile is 0211680718 mike ( please drop me a txt about training ) , I.m also able to help do some personal training free of charge during the day, just txt me. Thanks have a nice day!
  11. mate regard of the mma class, my number is 0211680718 mike, flick me a txt if you like to catch up some training, free of charge

  12. Free mma self defense class Saturday

    yes we focus a lot on realstic side of training, we doing lot of sparring and weapons ( knife stick etc ) , we are doing mix martial arts and weapons. i do have a mates training with us sho is competing in mma, but our goal is more focus on reality than sport matches, thanks for your intrest mate, anyone keen to give it a try please email cj20030819@hotmail.com , free of charge, give it a try!
  13. Free mma self defense class Saturday

    we are a group of friend with different martial art training back ground, looking for more like minded people to join in training, we are non profit, love to share our knowlege free of charge to people want to learn. i'm also avaiable some day during the day times, just flick me an email at cj20030819@hotmail.com , look forward to meet some new people join us!
  14. Free mma self defense class Saturday

    Sorry for the late reply, it.s hold in mt roskill every Saturday 10.30 am, free of charge, welcome come along check it out, just flick me a email, cheers mate
  15. Free mma self defense class Saturday

    We are a group of friend with different martial arts training back ground, we are an non profit organizations, more focus on the self defense side. Look for like minded people join us, just flick me an email Cj20030819@hotmail.com