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  1. Powerlifting competions

    Ya mate i do, but how do i find you ?? haha its a big gym you know lol I don't go there, I just live about 5 minutes up the road. If you want to get up for a session I can come down there, or you can come to my gym down in Ellerslie. Shoot me a PM if you want. Sounds good PM sent.
  2. Powerlifting competions

    Ya mate i do, but how do i find you ?? haha its a big gym you know lol
  3. Powerlifting competions

    True that, depends on energy levels and how much i ate through out the day some days i can do at least 2-3 with a spot and not a lot help too which i have done a few weeks back.
  4. Powerlifting competions

    were is my steak and chicken haha :grin:
  5. Powerlifting competions

    Here is the link haha but i dont think i did good enough at least i did try lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAAXvJL8NPg
  6. Powerlifting competions

    I will try youtube, not really just a recent improvement, i always change my work outs around but my main interest is just in bodybuilding though, the only reason i posted on here is cause my mate was telling me id do well if i give it ago and i thought there is no harm in asking ay :pfft:
  7. Powerlifting competions

    Ya i guess, but i think i could of done better if my shoulders were not sore from previous training. Its saying i can not post 3GP content so what shall i do??
  8. Powerlifting competions

    Well i took the video, working on uploading it. But i wasn't feeling the best today sore shoulders, i still give it ago but id say its failure so you guys win but i will try again next week. I did do 5 reps on 120kg though :grin: still pretty good for my weight..
  9. Powerlifting competions

    I am about 5 foot 7, i guess your right. I will try get one on Monday...
  10. Powerlifting competions

    Thats right :grin:
  11. Powerlifting competions

    Why would i come on here and just make up numbers, is it gonna lead me any where NO! Those are the actual figures i have attempted and its the truth and who gives a f*ck if you want to believe me or not, i do it for my self. I came on here asking for help and that's what i get.
  12. Powerlifting competions

    lol :pfft:
  13. Powerlifting competions

    Video or it's not true. You can come see it your self at New market city fitness gym, i usually train chest Monday's and legs on Tuesdays. This evening might do dead lift and see how it goes.
  14. Powerlifting competions

    I think 70 kilo at the moment maybe bit more, its always goes up and down...
  15. Powerlifting competions

    Thank you, sounds good. What sort of prizes do you get for winnning?