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  1. Best courses for Personal trainer

    No. I decided to go to NZIHF evening course in Christchurch. Am loving it!
  2. Best courses for Personal trainer

    Thanks Matrix, very informative. You have given me lots to think about
  3. Best courses for Personal trainer

    Thanks all for your input. Trainlikeafreak - I agree with your point of view. Feel I would do better being an apprentice and learning in the job. Just getting a pt cert for insurance and reps. now...to find someone to help me with that ? Beastbuilder - thanks for your feedback also. I have already looked into the ASCA course
  4. Hi All, I realise this has been asked heaps in the past, but I would like some up to date thoughts on the best personal trainer courses. I would really like to specialise in powerlifting/strength coaching. I work full time with a family so would have to do night classes or distance learning. Am in Christchurch. Thanks all