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  1. Thanks for the comments everyone. Just with getting stronger and not having good ankle strength , being a bit more stable was the goal. Thanks to all who commented much appreciated
  2. Hi Pseudonym I hadnt googled 'crossfit' stores but when i did i foud fit power if thats the one? I was looking more for otomix patriot/stingray and was first wanting to purchase locally for two reasons one being getting appropriate fit as well as supporting a local business. I had found adipowers but was after ankle support as well not just sneaker variant. Thought the guys here may of had a company in nz they were supporting which also took the fuss out of an online and potentially incorrect purchase. Wouldnt be polishing my converse as above comment for example ;)
  3. Thanks @Pseudonym i was very rural this week didnt have network so wasnt online and missed the day!
  4. Hi everyone Thank you for the comments :) The shoes are indeed for squatting,leg press etc... where support is needed for ankles for the heavier days. I had thought to go with air jordans as i have been battling to find weighlifting shoes however i may use the curry 3 suggestion above instead. Also the upgrading from 10 to 12 kgs was in jest. I do lift a lot heavier than that hence the requirement for ankle supporting shoes. Hope the humor in the post caused a few smiles! Appreciate the help guys thanks very much
  5. @Pseudonym if this competition comes round again i would like to win it! Here is why i think i would deserve to win it. : i deserve to win this so that i can pass it on or have it sent directly to @Daz69. Daz has been extremely helpful in this forum giving everyone solid factual advice. Daz has helped me tremendously, educated me to ask certain questions and got to the bottom of whats wrong with me when a gp who had been seeing me for 6+ months couldnt! Ive been reading every thread he comments on and always gives good advice and backs it with medical literature. So thats why i would like to win it. To give it to someone for recognition for assistance! I dont know Daz and imagine ill never get to meet so hoping that this in some way makes it worthwhile for him. Cheers @Daz69 for everything mate! Cant thank you enough
  6. Hi Guys, So ive been making gains and have upgrade from 10kg dumbells to grunty 12.5kg dbells! As a result of this awesome gaining am needing to make sure im properly grounded to mother earths gravitational pull so am in search of some weightlifting shoes suppliers would be great in Auckland if possible. Now due to heavy lifting of epic proportions i need to be so secure in the knowledge that these epic moon boots can handle it, when i go for a PB and add an extra 10 that when i push up the earth pushes down. Now style is not so much of a concern but would ideally like these new sneakers to be so awesome that when i wear em to bed on a friday night and the mrs says 'take your shoes off' i can confidently reply 'nah babe, they give me added traction!' Hopefully i wont be pink stickered or get my priviledges license revoked. If you guys know where to get any locally preferably with ankle support please share the info? Else id feel a real tool rocking air jordans in the free weights section coz the only air ill be experiencing is hot air side effects from the whey protein and pre-workout. :) :) :) thanks guys
  7. Wow i love stories like this!!! Should definitely get as much info as you can and have it published. John Hansen is an editor and writes a column for iron magazine and maybe Shawn Perine editor for muscle and fitness mag. Hopefully they would publish the story and their researchers would be able to get more details somehow. Golden era type stuff is always a hit!
  8. Marvelous Melvin. Dudes posing routines were awesome. Read article saying was ecstacy wouldve thought itd of been a 'healthier' product
  9. I tried the 5% kill it from a mate as a curiosity sample had me bouncing around like a gummie bear lol hes given me two scoops (one scoop per day) of 5150 to try will let you guys know how it goes
  10. And they wonder why folks go through the trouble of finding UGL's. These supps get the the 'good' stuff taken out and left with little else but fillers it seems lol so you end up forking over a couple hunnit for supps that are legal in a pretty colored box or container thats less effective than baby powder at premium price. Might have to try an eca stack one day!
  11. Hiya @ratz99 no offence taken, i tried it as was being tested weekly for other reasons and as per my original post did it for @#$% and giggles just to see out of curiosity. Mentioned my physiological state as indo have a low t issue and according to said popular brand their excuse was not having enough natural test to begin with so im essentially boosting 0 lol so for the op who was keen on using an over counter test booster i shared my findings backed with lab tests and be keen to hear from him if hed had any success. Especially on the specific androgen receptor modulator as opposed to selective ;) . Having said that the problem with pinning is always the same good 'sauce' to go along with your meat and veggies. Cant sizzle at a bbq without a hot sauce ;) the op expressed not wanting prohormones or hard core and seems to have a preference for being natty so credit to him for that and i would still be interested if he gets conclusive results from an otc product some of us may not of tried yet although im sure most of the experienced folk have tried everything
  12. You look in pretty decent shape there mate! Im too far away to join youbon a session or two but know what you mean, a spotter/lifting bro to motivate you to get that last rep youre almost about to fail on or to be there as security in case when you want to go for a PB. I often train after midnight no one around ecept me and the racks and benches which is cool because i can do what i need and not get caught in ego lifting or be embarrased because the chick next to me is warming up with my max lol sometimes though i do wish someone was around just so i can try push my limits and avoid dropping a dumbell on my head haha hope someone on here is nearby for you!
  13. There is also on being sold by nz muscle like $55 i saw on their ad. Very little info on whats i it so i dont know what the effects of it are if any. Ive recently tried a popular brand of natty test boosters ( i have low t) and have been getting regular bloods done as a result but wanted to see if itd help and it didnt. In fact my t numbers decreased while on it. It may just be my physiology not responding to it but if you do try an over counter boister take before and after bloods and let us know how you get on and if you find one that works ;)
  14. I googled nz bodybuilding forums
  15. I get very odd looks when i do zottman curls or reverse grip/supinated curls. But they definitely work for me