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  1. Chch nzifbb Bodybuilder meth import seizure.

    Out of all that its sad to try link meth cases to bodybuilding.
  2. best on the go dairy protein

    Yes it may help and a bit more tolerable if having dairy issues?
  3. best on the go dairy protein

    Have you tried soy products?
  4. Coke Zero - Bad?

    My wife thought i was mental when i suggested this as well, so we were ocd about meal prep, same portions meals etc.... done it a couple times and coke zero is added or taken away theres a fluctuation of 1.5-2kg. My water intake increases slightly too, with coke zero being the variable ive suspected the sodium,potassium and aspartame makes me a bit more thirsty than usual, so the added weight may be water retention. A side note on it teeth are whiter when not in consuming coke zero over a period of time.
  5. Man gets penis stuck in gym weight plate

    Poor dude probably just needed extra special gains...either that or that tren kicked in like vtec unexpectedly.......
  6. The plan...

    I have a canon eos 700d, tripod, lenses : 50mm,85mm,75-135mm,18-55mm a few different flash diffusers. Nothing too posh but does a good enough job :)
  7. The plan...

    @Pseudonym ive got some pretty decent camera gear/lenses for photos etc... im auckland based. Happy to contribute whenever possible (travel for work a lot) but would be glad to help out. This forum and some of its members have helped me tremendously and if i could give back to some of them id be glad to.

    Thanks for the recommended reading @Daz69 always great insight! More is not always more ?
  9. Old School Bodybuilding

    I loved the old school era, grew up idolizing them. Kept telling myself 'one day when im big....' also those guys were much healthier too! Golden era for sure, hands down better physiques than todaysbmass monsters and the big boys like arnie/lou etc... living to a ripe old age with minimal medical emergencies show theyd done something right. Call me crazy but i dont like the physiques of current olympians.... Steeve Reeves, Reg Park, Frank Zane and many others, yes sir those guys were/are legends. As an old school lifter method person new to the assisted scene knowledge or good knowledge been hard to find, especially distinguishing between legit advice and 'bro science' thank goodness for a few good fellas right here on gymnation schooling me correctly. Personally would use the least amount of whats needed to stay healthy or achieve goals but will never be keen on equine sized amounts and being a mass monster. Aesthetics,healthier body and mind for the win :)
  10. Coke Zero - Bad?

    OP not sure if this matters but i do drink zero, when i dont i drop 1-2kg in about two weeks, then when i drink it again i go up by the same amount. Not in my mind as ive tried this a few times. It could be that my body holds more water or whatever during this time.
  11. Anyone on here with Cystic Fibrosis?

    Check this guys blog out www.cffatboy.com :)
  12. Kiwijuicenz

    Ive been considering taking this route as of late, as a result of issues arising through the medical system here despite a good insurance and paying privately for medical reasons not because i want to be an avid AAS user for gains purposes. You guys all have a point, quality stuff should be worth its weight in gold, pushing for cheaper prices = cheaper quality in all facets of business. Personally if i could find a source id hopefully want the guy to be 'legit' lol in a sense that hes making the stuff in a decent environment,safe product with appropriate dosages so that you can accurately put in what youre think youre putting in. Its illegal to purchase/manufacture this stuff so id expect the guy wanting his risk to equal reward but id expect his product to equal the quality of his cost hoping he is 'fair' in relation to pricing. Still hard to do when looking for quality sauce. I say sauce because sourcing isnt allowed ;) so pseudonym cant be mad at me about saucing haha. Jokes aside the knowledge some of you posess regarding the use of AAS for gains, and in my case medical issues, has been really top notch. You gymnation folks are the best. One of you in particular has been right to such a point that my specialist has had a wake up call!
  13. Kiwijuicenz

    Is this guy no good? Or his product no good?
  14. Random notes on Clomid

    Hey Guys, been reading this forums and others for a few months now, and honestly Daz's infinite wisdom has helped me be in a position tonchallenge my so called specialist. Been on trt a couple months, reandron which was ok for the first shot until the side effects kicked in on the second, had some alternatives thrown at me until ive now come to realise our gp's and specialists just do not know enough about this subject to help us. I imagine the demographics and population number means they do not have multitudes of these cases to work on whereas overseas counterparts may deal with it more commonly. My trt issue was medical and not AAS use related, but in my recent experience have seriously considered the thought of following what most on here have said 'get some good stuff and pin that @#$%' comes to mind. I found that trt here keeps you sub par bare minimal T, no emphasis on estradiol levels nor their willingness to combat it, on top of it as above when question fertility, testicular atrophy (lets be honest a small pair of steel raisins doesnt compare to a big pair of steel cajones) when asked about anti-estrogens,HCG,Tamoxifen or anything related to restoring/reversing affects to your manlihood so you can wear that leopard print daisy dukes short shorts to the beach with pride is met by blank stares. I also questioned my ability to procreate as this is something near to my heart,and was told that although trt 'shuts some people down a bit' that i would still be able to have children,couple months down the line no no pregnant mrs and the doc reckons its cant be me at fault,demanded a fertility tests and have 0 fellas....end result is my endo basically chemically neutered me then refuses to assist with reversal of it,will not advise on stopping trt especially with no basic pct which probably isnt required at the low doses ive had but at the same time without assistance of normal restorations. As Rich Piana would say 'dick to ball ratio' is a concern of course but fatherhood is the primary. @Daz69 i know ive annoyed you with questions already but would appreciate it if you could in your wisdom, suggest a good protocol for a person in my case to either go on cycle and pct off like an aas user or stop trt and somehow abracadabra so hcg/nolvadex/clomid whatever you think would be best to sort out the twig and berries and give my child a sibling. Thanks @Daz69 you have been a great source of help in knowlegdge
  15. Weighlifting Shoes?

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Just with getting stronger and not having good ankle strength , being a bit more stable was the goal. Thanks to all who commented much appreciated