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  1. low test. and HRT

    Ill tey get my hands on some aromasin or something soon. And yeah at $495 for a consult of +- 15mins you know hes laughing to the bank
  2. low test. and HRT

    The body sure is complicated! No, not on anything, just a constant effort in reminding myself a positive attitude will overcome a lot. Thankfully i have a supportive wife who keeps me on track when im to down to do it myself. @Daz69 im sure clomiphene does add to it all. And apparently the endo reckons an AI is 'overated' but whilst im being regularly checked and monitored making any improvements on my own will certainly be noticed. Thanks for that link will watch it now, i know i need to drop bf% asap, its mentally being strong enough to compensate to get through it. Sounds like you have had good results with it and will definitely try and report back. OP this low t issue is a mind game and continuous learning until the sweet spot that works for you is found
  3. low test. and HRT

    Hiya Daz, im off everything now, trying to restore fertility, seeing a reproductive specialiast on high dose clomiphene only at present. Im predisposed to high estrogen value, bodyfat was 21% at last check. Estro was 427 about 8 weeks ago but has been increasing over prior 3 tests. Soon as the boys are back and a bubba on the way ill get back on trt etc... not taking anything for e2 as they wont give me anything for it. Not being a drain on the public system either im paying cash and at private specialists to avoid waiting times etc... reckon an aromasin eod would have me in a better place. Trying to drop bf% lethargy depression and anxiety to the max at moment takes courage to get out of bed in the am. Test was 6.7 end january then 4.8 at end feb. Diet is clean manage my caloric intake vs protein appropriately etc.. but them love handles and man boobs man lol. Will be back on the bus and on top of things again soon hopefully and regain some normality, then its just sorting test dose and frequency and some e2 management. OP- not hijacking your post mate,but all this stuff will give you insights to what youre in for. Also if planning on having kids try get some swimmers frozen for a later date just in case you fry those leydig and sertoli cells Daz is always warning us about. Loads of homework as it seems our endos arent as 'jacked' as wed like to think when it comes to this stuff. Id still be up the creek without a paddle if it werent for our resident gymnation forum specialist ;)
  4. low test. and HRT

    Thanks mate, been 3years and a bit now. Only started making progress thanks to Daz's schooling on here. Gels werent effective plus risk of transfer to my toddler, patches side effects were an issue causing welts despite being annoying. Andriol caps were a nightmare especially with travel to Oz for work through customs. Even with a script its a near miss for a cavity search coz they dont believe you dont have a stash of extra add ons. 😂 only excess baggage im carrying is emotional estrogenic sides! Lol good luck mate.
  5. low test. and HRT

    Hi Mate, had similar experiences to you. Patches and gels and the kitchen sink thrown at me. Reandron didnt agree with me but i understand the concept of it being 1 shot for 3months. First 7-10 ok but all downhill from there. Sustanon worked the best. But needs to be addressed when im back on as based on a host of reasons the fortnightly shot came with peaks and troughs. Cant say ive had any hot flushes. I had flushes with low t. Been off trt a while now about 12weeks. Flushes have started again amongst other issues and of course all the low t symptoms have started again. From my experience getting onto sus was a major journey in getting my endo to agree to try after failing with other methods. Frequency is still an issue though as a bi-weekly shot of 125mg sus would most likely work best in my case and keeping me balanced. Problem being in the doctors rooms that often getting shots gets expensive time off work as well but also their not being supportive of self administration.
  6. Websites

    www.supplements.co.nz www.nzmuscle.co.nz www.paylesssupplements.co.nz You can also have a look at iherb and trade me. As for gyms itd be helpful if you stated an area and im sure the lovely folks on here will be able to help!
  7. low test. and HRT

    Ive gotten into trouble for having debates about injections as well. And for refusing nurses and requesting to do my own,also frowned upon. Reandron problems occur as well when they use a thick guage needle to draw AND inject with the same needle, this hurts like a mofo when they use a sawed off drain pipe to inject it plus they do it at speed. When i 'suggest' politely that a thicker guage need for drawing and a thinner one used 23g 1.5inch as an example then they get offended. Now after your ass has been used as a dart board and irrigation plumbing needles inserted they rush the shot. This also makes for leakage and of course that 4ml isnt all in there, good luck in getting them to test you and redo a shot, wont happen so if you didnt get it tough luck buster see you in 12 weeks. Can best believe that when i am back on ill be doing my own shots and sourcing my own product if they arent happy with it. I dont get angry quickly,im really old school gent type and level but after 1.5years now not as obliging anymore. As a patient you are right to ask for a better standard of care if you feel it isnt being met. Reasearch the techniques for administering your 'prescribed' method and that way you will know the right way and can request it. Daz has mentioned needle selection and sizes in a lot of threads
  8. What TRT are you using?

    I had negative sides on reandron, androdiol caps were crap, the patches burnt welts into my skin most likely the adhesive used then onto sus250 every 4/5 weeks. On reandron 10-14 days was ok then downward quite drastically then barely hung on to the next shot.
  9. low test. and HRT

    They say you will return to normal, but they cant gaurantee it or how long it would take, read up.on Daz's posts regarding leydig and sertoli cells its an eye opener. Also youll find clomiphene needed to 'kick start' your bollocks ;) lol. Your e2 levels will be higher on trt but they thing its not worth keeping an eye on and as such dont give any AI. Ive checked myself and my estradiol has been mid 350's not near the expected 75. Itching and feeling like stuffs crawling on me. Dude at gym gave me 2 x asin caps one to take and another 3days later and itd been the first time in a couple weeks i had relief.
  10. low test. and HRT

    Are you thinking of the Dr Crisler one? I reckon ask mate, only bad question regarding your health is the one you dont ask.I went private too in the hopes that itd be better and the logic would be expected in terms of being more open to suggestion. At $490 a consult lets just say 'suggestions' were not well received by mine. Even once proven otherwise mine still didnt want to accept it. We are no longer on speaking terms after things that have happened with me. For younger guys reading this thread, if you have low T and are considering TRT it may pay to cryo freeze some cells for later use if you are wanting to join the ranks of fatherhood or have another one. This is not discussed by endo's or even suggested by them here.
  11. low test. and HRT

    Hi there, your question strategy is good. In my case i had initially expected the 'specialists' to know what they are doing and it became apparent some dont. Maybe lower numbers in nz mean less exposure to these cases and in so saying less experience? One question may be added, self administration. This is probably frowned on but in my recent experiences the med centres ive been to three different ones, believe it or not - i had to explain to the nurses the draw procedure as they hadnt done so before and request multiple times for a thinner gauge needle for injecting but also to slowly inject. After them blatantly not doing so and having a small or maybe even most of that 1ml leak out, they will not reissue a script and re-inject you. This means that if you got some in great if not tough. I also fing that they will give you in my case a 1ml 250mg sus shot every 4-6 weeks. I crash really badly after the second week and am then hanging on in desparation. As Daz suggested you can try split doses, really tough when it comes in a 1ml vial at a time. Do your homework on the doc youre seeing. Try find references/threads or anything in favor of or against. We are behind on trt in nz, the rest of the world, usa in particular seems more 'jacked up' on the subject. I hope you have better outcomes than i have
  12. Couple questions about PreWorkouts

    Black coffee, double scoop of coffee 🐂
  13. low test. and HRT

    Hi Folks, Still having a hard time with endo's. Have other small issues that are being dealt with. I did get on to trt eventually had to run the gauntlet with patches/ andriol caps then finally sus250. Im around 130kg (fluctuate 2kg either way) and find the 1 x shot every 4 weeks kept me borderline low on lab results with no increase to doses or frequency. With Daz's help in educating me I have challenged two different endo's and basically theyve conceded that I am correct (Daz is lol) but would still not change to fortnightly. First 6-10days great then crash quite badly and im clutching at straws by week 4. I will add at this point and emphasize that my issues are medically related not caused by androgenic experimentation and to move things along medically have been paying private consultation fees at $495 a consult,couple reasons for that, time in waiting for govt system and also wanting to be helped quickly eliminating the public funded consults and med cost. Im around 18months into this scenario and not much better off. My ideal scenario would be legit medical professional help but have come to the conclusion that most of them either dont know how to help or if they do just dont that may be because of regulation or just because they feel norderline low is good enough. I dont advocate this and of course dont want to be on the wrong side of the law but at this point my opinion is to self medicate with small accurate doses more frequently to keep myself stable and in the mid-high normal range as Daz has mentioned in numerous other threads, thereby avoiding peaks and troughs. *small problem i have at present is im under specialist supervision and 'supplementing' my own health requirements will be noticed. So i shall wait till thats over and tend to myself. Hopefully NZ will catch up with the rest of the world in terms of TRT for valid and sincere medical issues. I imagine that all of the bro-science guys who have fried their nuts on cycles or johnny bravo's trying to abuse and get 'legal pharma grade supply' from the medical system may contribute to the difficulties we face. OP - I dont know Daz personally other than his shared wisdom on here but can vouch that Daz knows his stuff,hes helped educate me tremendously. Good luck with everything, hope it works out for you. Share with us how you get on, ill do the same and as always Daz thanks for being legen....wait for it....dary!
  14. low test. and HRT

    Daz knows his stuff! Helped me heaps, educated a few endo's along the way too@
  15. Chch nzifbb Bodybuilder meth import seizure.

    Out of all that its sad to try link meth cases to bodybuilding.