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  1. Fat loss challenge

    Yeah Pseudo, I think you are right. Two to three week postings may be the way to go.
  2. Fat loss challenge

    Weight this morning 98kg so only lost 0.8 of a kg last week. Obviously I lost a load of water first week. Looooong way to go.
  3. Fat loss challenge

    End of week 1. Weight 98.7kg
  4. Fat loss challenge

    Hey thanks maccaz I've worked out years before so "hoping" for some "muscle memory", but you are right not to get too fixated on the numbers. Cheers.
  5. Fat loss challenge

    I'm 47 years old, 5'8" in height and weighed myself tonight at 102.2kg. I have not touched a weight or done any aerobic exercise (walking around the office doesn't count) for four years and ten months. Zero, zilch, nada. There were a few personal factors both physically and psychology why I allowed myself to get this horribly out of shape - but enough of that feeling sorry for myself bull sh#t, it is time to do something about it. I have had enough of looking like a butter ball. I aim to lose 20 kg of fat and put on around 5kg of muscle in six months. So, when I step on the scales on April 24 2017 I want to weigh 85kg, and be fairly cut with it. I am not going to hang myself if I am a few kilos over, as long as I am near that weight with some good definition. As you can see I am carrying a lot of around the chest and especially my waist where I look six months pregnant. Not a good look. I will post photos and commentary weekly or so. Wish me luck...it's going to be a challenge for sure.