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  1. German hell after WW2. I want your take on this.

    u are a f*ck wit end of story, if you dont like go back to india ,
  2. my progress toward the perfect body

    im not bothered to much bud
  3. German hell after WW2. I want your take on this.

    gyzzbrah is the perfect example of a little and by that i mean very little, knowledge is a dangerous thing p.s still waiting for all my 'free shit'
  4. DNP cycle

    why no log about test cycle?
  5. Hmmm Gymnation vs NZ Bodybuilding

    i was around in the nzbb days, i loved the old layout and that there was a focus on bodybuilding. what i didnt like was that threads would get derailed very quickly and a lot of us became monkeys throwing shit at each other and passing newbies, gymnation layout is growing on me, tends to be more ugly arse power lifters (mean that in the nicest way) then bodybuilders but i dont mind to much as u guys seam to do journals better and always willing to share knowledge and advice and end of the day the only real difference is the way we eat, lot less trolls and in general a better vibe to the forums despite a self hater and a palm to face inducing egg eater lol theres my 2cents worth
  6. my progress toward the perfect body

    only thing i done different was previous pics have been up loaded from laptop last pics were uploaded from phone, phone is motorola android
  7. my progress toward the perfect body

    yip quick easy carbs first thing in the morning before having to round up my wild children, and two hours later im having first of my rice meals, ive also been stay home dad for awhile witch why i can bulk on not a huge amount of cals . i start working tuesday so will up the food intake
  8. TLAF prep

    be interested to hear how you plan to bring up chest, i think most guys think they have small chest lol
  9. my progress toward the perfect body

    weight is holding round the 90kg mark, have started to up the reps and lower weight as needed, i still try lift as heavy as i can no matter the reps. food - this is for a four day period as i cook every four days 1.5kg steak 1.5kg chicken breast 1kg of medium brown rice 10 medium size potatoes 400grms peas 400grms corn this makes 20meals, 5 each day plus bowl cornflakes for breakfast cycle- will blast cruise 750mg test e split into two shots monday thursday plan is to add in some decca in two weeks time would like to hear from those that have used decca as to recommended dose and what i can expect from it in a bb sense and before you tell me to do some research i have, im just interested to hear thought from you guys lower back is still cramping up when doing legs or deads but am still getting work outs done with bit longer rest between sets, saturday done back deads using trap bar 60kg x 12 80kg x 12 110 x 10 120 x 8 135 x 8 pb lat pull down wide grip 72kg 5 sets of 10 1 arm rows 50kg 5 sets of 10 face down on incline bench rows 20kg each hand 5 sets of 10 close grip lat pull downs 72kg 5 sets of 10
  10. my progress toward the perfect body

    what u want to know? i just wrote big update then hit wrong button n deleted post grrr, will re wright later
  11. Soundsgood Lifting heavy sh*t

    as someone that has done bb , power lifting and strongman training, do you think the different ways of trainng have changed your shape look? could you lean down and jump straight back on stage?
  12. time to get bigger and stronger

    good to know, i wasnt taking piss or having go was genuinely asking
  13. TLAF prep

    dont know how they smile well posing, i always look like im having a shit when i try smile and pose or like a creapy stalker lol
  14. time to get bigger and stronger

    on paper it looks like bugger all volume compared to a more typical bodybuilding work out, do you still feel like you had a good work out? how long a rest do u have between sets
  15. Cooking rice to reduce its calories

    doesnt matter if im eating 1400cal a day or 4000cal, im still hungry, but then again i didnt get to be a big fat c*nt from not eating much lol