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  1. Where to get Test-E, Test-C? For my Trt

    Sorry worded that wrong. PETN was referring to others having info or experience in if injectible test is a better option. My bad. Cheers for the reply Daz
  2. Hi all. I have recently started Trt via the Androderm patch and the dr has prescribed a really low dose (2.5mg) per day. My current T is 225ng/dl so hoping to up that to at least the 400's. Have been chatting to PETN on here and sounds like some members could assist here. Ideally test-e or -c injectible form as the research I've done seems to be the best sounding option. Any my comments or private messages would be much appreciated!!
  3. Started Trt but dose too low

    Awesome will do.
  4. Started Trt but dose too low

    Nice 1 cheers PETN! I'm new here ay so just wondering how I find the right people? Should I make a new post? Respect!
  5. Started Trt but dose too low

    Hi all. After years of these symptoms my dr has finally started me on Trt. Only problem is it's the 2.5mg patch. Test levels at blood test were 225ng/dl and I don't believe this will raise my levels too much. Other than Men's Clinic & a referral to a endocrinologist, what options are out there for getting test-e or test-c? Any legit NZ based suppliers would be much appreciated.