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  1. Blood work

    Sex drive is back and in hyper drive!!!! Wtf it came outa nowhere! Natrual for me from now on that was fucking horrible...
  2. Blood work

    Shit i mean fsh is low and is 2.1 out of a range of 1-12 dunno where i got the above numbers haha.
  3. Blood work

    Cool thanks for the reply do you think i should run some nolvadex to raise fsh abit? Or leave it alone? Thought e2 was high also but it says its in range so?
  4. Blood work

    Hey so here's the results...I think it looks ok but lh is pretty low, they did a total test not the free I asked for...I would really appreciate your thoughts on this guys, if i need to raise or lower anything and how to go about it. My sex drive is slowly returning but isn't even close to where it was. Thanks a heap for any help...low libido sux so bad! Prolactin 253 (85-400) Estradiol 73 (0-135) Fsh 2.1 (9-25) Lh 5.7 (1-10) Total test 16.9 (9-25)
  5. Blood work

    Hey thanks for that Im booked to see gp on Friday....hopefully he's ok with me explaining my use of test...I've never meet the guy so who knows how he will be but I will request the above bloods. Funny thing tho I started taking vitamin d at 2000iu ed and also a Zinc complex tab ed, I started 3 days ago and libido is on the rise and no more ed! Could this be coincidental or is this stuff that good? Still going to get my bloods to know where im at and still have acne on back and shoulders so I know my hormones are still shifting about.
  6. Blood work

    Hi....just done a basic cycle and it's 8 weeks since pct I just want to know if I can go to a gp for blood work or do I need to go private? Fyi My body feels good now but libido is screwed so I have a feeling estrogen is still high as libido crashed last week on right through 14 days lead up to pct right through pct still no libido and 8 weeks later still the same..... what should I be looking for in my blood work that would cause this? Cheers guys!!!!!!