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  1. Awesome mate thanks heaps!
  2. Haha sweet bro that's kind of you. Just wanted to check if there's any go to way to do it, I was thinking just suck it out of sachet with fresh pin an inject into vile
  3. Cheers guys. Anyone got experience with transferring test from sealed sachets into vials? Cleanest way etc
  4. Do you just go in to one of the centers and ask for intramuscular needles?
  5. Just wanting to know where to purchase empty sterile viles, and where the best place to buy pins is. Cheers
  6. Have been back in gym for almost two weeks, I will do a write up on hernia recovery in my workout journal tonight for who ever is interested
  7. I had mine operated on Wednesday before last, surgeon reckons 4 weeks untill I should start lifting. All the pain has gone now, anyone got experience with starting back after hernia repair? Gunna run a dbol test E cycle once I'm feeling sweet
  8. How much over maintenance should one be consuming on cycle? And what are your guys opinions on a dbol only cycle? Seems like just test is the preferred way to go
  9. And you wouldn't have had any PCT or Ai or anything back then? I was keen to do that for 1st cycle mainly because of being a puss cake about the needles but from the research I have done it seemed like it was very difficult to keep gains running just dbol
  10. So have you decided to run the dbol aswell as test? Or gunna drop the dbol? I'm really interested to see how you get on I am currently considering the same cycle
  11. Dropped the keto, was way too frustrating. Also decided to try out the German volume training 10x10 routine. Doing 10x10 for flat bench, bar curl, squats and deads. Chest day smash out the 10 sets then doing the usual tri and fly stuff afterwards. Bicep day doing the 10 sets then hammer curls and lat pulls plus bent rows. Then doing deads and squats together 10x10 on same day. Have been doing this for 4 weeks, have managed to reach ten sets of ten with bench squats and deads so have upped the weight, but haven't nailed the bar curl. Will post up numbers later when I get home
  12. Thought i should start one of these up, might be the motivation i need. Goal is too gain lean muscle mass, and reduce body fat. 22 years old About 173 cm tall 72-74kg Unsure of body fat but somewhere between 15-20% i think Have been doing keto diet over last few weeks but keep fucking it up so will probably go for another approach, any ideas? Chest and tris this morning: Flat bench 110kg x 2 100kg x 6, 5 x 2 90kg x 8, 6 80kg x 10, 8 x 2 Incline bench: 70kg x 10,9,8 D/B fly 27.5 kg x 12 x 3 Inc D/B fly 25kg x 12 x 3 Tri P/D 8 plates x 14, 13, 12, 10 6 plates drop set to failure Scull crusher 22kg x 14 x 3 Then did a heap of push ups wide and narrow then was over it
  13. Nah mate, never lived in West harbour
  14. Haha cheers mate. I'm going to start a journal thing tonight, what sort of things should I be writing in there? Was thinking stats, training and nutrition/supplements, that about right?
  15. Have changed to a 6 day ,back n bis, chest,tris n abs, legs an shoulders each twice a week, and going for higher rep volume stuff but still going heavy for a few sets 3 days a week to try and maintain strength. Went for keto mainly just to try and lose fat as fast as possible, haven't been finding it too bad but is really easy to accidentally go over in carb. Haha by training properly I mean not just doing bench and bi curls like I did in my teens. Photo from last month to give you an idea of where I am at