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  1. Is there an Auckland gym (preferably 24/7) without music or with quieter than average music (for a gym) as ideally I don't want to buy and wear noise cancelling/reducing headphones.
  2. Skinny arms

    How many days should I lift?
  3. Skinny arms

    Hey guys,What’s the best training routine to maximize arm gains?I’m not training just to get big arms, I have pretty skinny arms and would like to put on some arm mass as I’m an athlete.I’m happy with my strength: 90kg bench (7 reps x 3 sets), 165kg squat (7 reps x 3 sets) and size of other muscles (still quite skinny, but okay compared to arms).Could you please include reps/sets/rest/number of exercises, briefly why it would be the best routine and if you know an article can you link it.Appreciate your knowledge
  4. New exercises

    Hi, I am looking for a couple of new gym exercises: 1. Groin (weighted - I currently do the superfrog groin 'stretch'). 2. Tricep (bodyweight - I currently do TRX extension and wrist must be straight at all times e.g. Not dips). 3. Upper hamstring (weighted - I currently use the leg press and put my feet at the top). Thanks in advance