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  1. Unbalanced Squats and dominant right leg.

    Awesome Man, thanks so much for your help! Really appreciate it!
  2. Unbalanced Squats and dominant right leg.

    Also somtimes when I lift my right leg,my lower right back clicks, it doesn't hurt it's just uncomfortable and doesn't feel good at all haha. If the physio doesn't help, with the lower back il go to a chiropractor. I sure all of this is happening because of one thing. Like right hip flexors or the muscle imbalance. I'm going to talk to the physio about my squatting and unbalance.
  3. Unbalanced Squats and dominant right leg.

    Okay mate @hamdanz , so when you say excercises to isolate my glutes. Do you mean just do my weak left side? And what are some good isolation exercises? Yeah actually I get lower back pain a lot! And recently I've been getting it just on my right side, it feels like a bone but could be muscle, so I'm actually booked in with a physio this week to sort that out, ive been to an osteopath but that didn't help.
  4. Hey guys. when I squat I always struggle to get balanced and feel like I have the weight evenly distributed across both legs. And my right leg is dominant and takes most the weight when I squat and is a lot stronger then my left. Does any one know what could fix this, is it tight hip flexors. Because I can barely squat any weight, I struggle with a 20kg plate on each side. And also I feel like I twist at the bottom of my squat and don't drop straight down. Also I can barely tense my left calf, it's getting better because ik training the shit out of them but still a lot less defined then my right, it's like my wholw left side is weaker. Thanks a lot in advance! Ben
  5. Hip problem.

    Sweet as bro! Thank you. So you reckon like side bends and twists on one day then those laying down ones and the American seated ones another day,then a couple days rest between doing those stretches again? Cheers man,I will go see some one if it doesn't start getting better. Because it's starting to effect other parts of my body too, knees and lower back etc. can't be any good for me haha
  6. Hip problem.

    @I Declare War sorry mate,quick question. Just noticing it a lot today stepping onto ladder etc,that when I step up all my weight is directed toward to outside of my hip,I know I've already mentioned this,but it's like kind of twitching or spazzing a bit today too haha. Anyway to make my weight be more evenly distributed through out my left leg? I also can't tense the inside of my left calf and my left leg in general is quite a bit smaller then my right one. Do you reckon just to keep doing these stretches?
  7. Hip problem.

    Haha,Algood dude! Il let you know in a couple weeks,how these stretches are going ??
  8. Hip problem.

    Sweet bro,Il defiantly try these stretches,and see how they go, And what do you mean by NMR? I've been to a physio about it,but all he really did was try to stretch it out kind of like that American stretch you put on your post, and didn't really help me with anything else, pretty useless really haha,I might give a chiropractor a go if I'm still having problems,but thanks heaps for this @IDeclareWar glad some one having a similar problem could give me some insight on what to do haha.
  9. Hip problem.

    Awesome @IDeclareWar thank you very much for the help, I'm working on my posture and I'm not the greatest at remembering to stretch,so I will give them a go! Also when you say realignment,do you just mean by doing these stretches,or do I need to go and see someone? Thanks again! Appreciate it. ??
  10. Hip problem.

    Hey guys just seeking some advice, i believe it's my left hip which is the problem, but my right one feels tense all the time and when ever I turn right around a corner it feels as if my right leg is longer if that makes sense ? but when ever I squat I Twist slightly to the left and my left knee points slightly toward the ground at the bottom of my squat where as my right knee is pointing straight forward as it should, another example is i will be doing a Bulgarian lunge with my right foot on a bench behind me,and when I lunge down all my weight goes out the the left of my hip,but my other side my weight is equally spread through out my leg. I also can't tense my left calf very well which is making it a struggle to grow ? Also my right knee is starting to play up because of the majority of th weight goes to my right side,do you think this can be fixed my stretches/exercises or should I get it looked at, if so, who would deal with this problem. Thanks heaps! ????