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  1. Test, mas, tren, insulin, gh cycle

    Ok ill change my question alittle as to beter ask my question. Dose anybody have experience multiple dosing of insulin throughout the day? I will be using humalog primarily and dose in the evening when i train but want to look at dosing in the morning aswell to maximize gain. I can also get hold of some lantas if it makes more sence for the morning dose I want to know peoples experiences with weight gain fat vs mass And also if i split my gh to be 2iu with the morning dose and 3iu in the evening would that be fine? Can i just rely on my mornings natral production of gh? I can dose the gh higher if needed but id rather not as i notice bad effects on my tendons arms and things if i go any higher than 5iu per day. As well as that shit costs moon beams
  2. Test, mas, tren, insulin, gh cycle

    Yeah roger mate, been using it for a few years and delt with it my whole life with family type 1 diabetes. I know about the different types of insulin and how they work I know how to monitor my blood. I know how to deal with hypoglycemia All first hand experience . I thought this was a form to bounce ideas get feedback and have a yarn. Ges not.
  3. Hey guys been a while So have done a few cycles similar in the past and wanting to get some feed back So this time my plan is looking like I am in my off season looking to add mass Curint stats 179cm 108kg 8 - 10 % currently been of the gh for the past few months so my fat has crept up a little Test e 750mg Mast p 400mg Tren e 200mg Insulin 5iu pre workout Insulin 8iu post workout Gh 5iu post workout For my carbs around training times 200g nuti grain pre training 50g intra carbs during 400g pineapple post And then hevy carb meal 1 hour post Questions i have. Ive been thinking of doseing the insulin in the morning when i wake up as well How much should i dose with breakfast? I can figer out how meay carbs to eat just wondering the benefits of doing that and weather i need to add a couple iu gh with that? Or can I just rely on natral production with that? Next is i am using a low dose of tren e because its so hard on the body and i basically stop sleeping and cook myself if i go much higher so i want to ensure my sleep is sound. So thats why i have added in the mass as well as i like it to control my estrogen Will mass work well with this cycle? And as far as orals i havint added any i at this stage but im Getting some pharma var possibly if it gets here would this be a good add on to the cycle? How would you guys tweek this to maximize my gain?
  4. Left my humalog in a hot car for a week. Will it be usless now?
  5. Doctor in Auckland

    Any dr bro go talk to them tell them what your wanting to do and ask to get checked out first. Most will be ok woth it.
  6. Newbie to Bodybuilding but not lifting

    Hey mate in regards to your mental state, body building is hugely taxing on you, bulking can be a good time but cutting for comp is fucking hard physically and mentally. And if you add hormones to the mix its a whole new level. Not saying dont do it but seriously consider you mental state befor taking gear. My advice would be get yourself right. Sort your shit then jump on.
  7. Hey guys been competing for years now and getting real sick of the shit nzifbb tan. Seams every time it turns to shit by mid day gets patchy and green. So jave got my mrs to start doing my tans. Wanting to know peoples opinions on best brands of tan. Think the nzifbb use pro tan There is also black magic Jane tana That i know of jas anyone got any preference?
  8. Hey guys I'm sick of the current suppliers falling through and prices lol.. So looking to just sort it out for myself. But I want to find a 3ed party that will test the products so that I actually know what time getting is correct. Any advice on where I can get this done?
  9. Sarmz.co.nz - Anyone tried - Legit?

    Hey dose anyone know if sarms.co.nz are still running? Can't find there website any more.. maybe a name change?
  10. Has anyone had any luck with heading over to Thailand getting a prescription for hormones and successfuly bringing them back home? If so can some one give me some tips? Got to head that way this year and was thinking two birds one stone
  11. Melanotan 2

    Hi guys, comp season for me is starting now and am wanting to get ahead of the rest with good skin color (as im quite white) I am wanting to try using melanotan 2 ( I am yet to find any but im sure something will turn up) My question is what dose do u use? from my understanding you load up over a number of days / weeks untill you get the desired color and then you drop down to a maintenance dose? If that is correct how would i expect to do the loading phase and then what should i drop the maintenance phase to? Before any one jumps in negatively i know i can google this im just after some straight advice from people who have used it to compete I will be competing in 3.5 week in clessic phisique 179cm 98kg %5 as of last week..
  12. Hey guys, been thinking abit about this lately and want to no what you all think.. so what are peoples opinions on taking Aspirin ed while on AAS? and are there some compounds that dont work so well with Aspirin? I have read Eq rasis you red blood cell count and can thicken your blood, but that Deca can prevent clotting so do they cancel each other out? currently running Sus 500 pw Deca 400 pw Eq 400 pw Dbol 50 ed (just finishing up Dbol now after my 4th week) Stats 101kg 9%
  13. I am now 7 weeks in to a 12 week sus 250 have upped my dose a couple times from .25ml 2xw weeks 1- 2 .5ml 2xw weeks 3 - 5 .7ml 2xw week 6 - 7 as far as side effects i have had sore nipples and pain at injection site for the first 5 weeks, i spoke to people and found out the brand i was taking wasn't to flash so changed brand. side effects went away almost immediately Now i am having trouble with cramps... is this a common thing when on cycle? have tried all the usal add salt, more water etc.. has any one severe cramps as a side effect?
  14. Hey guys have started my cycle finally had to take the time to be shore i was able to commit . so i have started and all seems to be going well but im getting sore nipples, is this normal? or is it something to be concerned about? any advice would be good cheers