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  1. Hey guys, been thinking abit about this lately and want to no what you all think.. so what are peoples opinions on taking Aspirin ed while on AAS? and are there some compounds that dont work so well with Aspirin? I have read Eq rasis you red blood cell count and can thicken your blood, but that Deca can prevent clotting so do they cancel each other out? currently running Sus 500 pw Deca 400 pw Eq 400 pw Dbol 50 ed (just finishing up Dbol now after my 4th week) Stats 101kg 9%
  2. I am now 7 weeks in to a 12 week sus 250 have upped my dose a couple times from .25ml 2xw weeks 1- 2 .5ml 2xw weeks 3 - 5 .7ml 2xw week 6 - 7 as far as side effects i have had sore nipples and pain at injection site for the first 5 weeks, i spoke to people and found out the brand i was taking wasn't to flash so changed brand. side effects went away almost immediately Now i am having trouble with cramps... is this a common thing when on cycle? have tried all the usal add salt, more water etc.. has any one severe cramps as a side effect?
  3. Hey guys have started my cycle finally had to take the time to be shore i was able to commit . so i have started and all seems to be going well but im getting sore nipples, is this normal? or is it something to be concerned about? any advice would be good cheers
  4. also Sustanon vs Test E you guys recommend Test E is this easier on the body for a first time?
  5. Thanks mate. height 180cm weight 86 fat 9% yea i was thinking about a lower dose to start with i did read your post on front loading at it definitely made a lot of sense to me.. as I've never cycled before just small amount would make a massive difference and it definitely makes sense to alter my dosage dependent on my gains. cool to no that there is not a lot of gain to be had from using nandrolone decanoate, this was just suggested to me buy my suppler and could have been a bit of a sails pitch lol.. but thats why these forums are so good. so what dose nandrolone decanoate actuly do?
  6. Hi guys been reading a lot in this forum lots of good stuff. I'm 27 been training for years and looking to do my first by cycle, I'v been recommended to use a stack of Sustanon & decoanate over 10 weeks I've been having trouble finding info on these two used as a stack so what Im after is some words of wisdome what do you guys no about these two, personal experience, side effects, dosage, if these two do go hand in hand any info you guys can provide will help me in my decision and will be much appreciated.