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  1. Anyone here been thru basic after having a shoulder op?
  2. Lol man that comment made my day, on the money.
  3. I'm well aware what the money is. It's just something I always wanted to do,I just ended up following other career paths not everything is about money in life
  4. Not stopping for police. I had an email from my recruiter that she has applied to security for an interview in regards to ipc? I realise my convictions are serious but at the end of the day the past is the past and people change and I guess that having kids and buying a house etc has a lot to do with that. I've also successfully been running my own business for some time now so that should show something?
  5. I failed the advanced maths test for armoured so now just a grunt. I've spoken to her and same anwser have to wait. I email them most weeks for months and have mentioned about having an interview but same anwser "that's not how it works and it's out of my hands" I expected it to take a while and my convictions to be a problem.
  6. There is 4 pissed driving couple failing to stop. From over 10 years ago. Apparently character ref won't sway it. When i applied for reconsideration they re- done my police check I said to them I thought a interview would be good at this point then an informed decision can be made. When
  7. Has anyone got anything to add
  8. I dId not meet security clearance. Criminal convictions. Driving related, no violence or drug charges. To clarify I've already passed fitness
  9. Will be a year next week since my application. Was declined after 7 months because didnt get security clearance so I applied for for a reconsideration 4 months ago. Was told last week it's now sitting with security "team leader" and should hopefully have an anwser soon. Come on how many hoops you guys going to make me jump thru
  10. ^^^^ bruv you'll be in the regiment in no time lol, maybe you should read the website properly all the answers are on there. Your security check Will take 4_6 weeks alone
  11. Keep walking dickhead, not interested In reading your dumb shit
  12. There is no time for the assessment day man it's a beep test, press ups an sit ups. Minimum pass for beep is level 9.2 max is 12.5
  13. End of the day mate you don't need a plan to run, just get off your ass an run it really is that simple ☺. An I'm sure will be doing more than polishing guns bro.
  14. Oh yea bloody good. Just down the line,I'm in wangas. Ever up this way give Me a txt bro I'll shout u a couple cold ones. Appreciate the tips an advice man. Settled the nerves a bit.