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  1. Hi im in search of someone who can work the pads with me , i attend the City Fitness Gym in Mount Wellington on a daily bases. Looking to have someone who has experience moving around with pads . I am willing to pay for someone to do this 3 times a week . Please connect via 021 1936 300 Maverick
  2. HGH USE

    Thanks for your reply Can you advise further onto why dont bother
  3. HGH USE

    Hi All Any advise on the use of HGH
  4. Roids to assist my training

    I Gym Nation Im interested in doing a Steroid program to assist my training program , im 48 and need a kick . Any recommendations
  5. Training / Partner / BJJ Teach Fundamentals

    i agree with the above , i have been training with a guy from Mexico , he has shown me a lot and i have now entered a class and yes the prior lessons i learnt via a 1 on 1 helped me with been comfortable with the ground position and some insight into basic does and dont's on the matt . I have booked for a trip to Thailand to do a 3 week training program which i have 8 weeks to train . Have sorted my diet protein and carb intake and cut all processed food out the door . Further, have got the supplements sorted which has made a major change in my ability to increase my stamina and recovery period. I welcome any input on my training moving forward Thanks
  6. Training / Partner / BJJ Teach Fundamentals

    thanks for your reply , tho looking for more one on one training
  7. Hi Gym Nation Members Im wanting to learn BJJ Fundamentals i have a gym access in Panmure on Tuesday and Thursday between 7pm untill 9pm , is there anybody who would be interested in teaching me . Please advise cost and your skill history You can text me direct Please let me know thanks Maverick 021 1936 300
  8. Hi Members I am looking to get back into training have boxing history and semi fit 5 km treadmill run 22min each morning before work , weight train each day 45 min . Im, 48 , 100 kg fit and operate my own business Im looking for investors and others who would like to come together to set up a private gym Further , i have friend who has history in the mma and bjj also a purple belt BJJ who are both interested to come on board and assist with teaching new skills . Please email me maverick@wedoconstructions.co.nz Look forward to the feedback
  9. Gym Matts wanted

    Hi Members I am looking to purchase for some gym (BJJ Practice )matts to practice training at home , has anybody got any advise