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  1. Marijuana and working out?

    i smoke everyday bruv
  2. back progress

    vitimin b12 shots
  3. personal trainers are full of shit figuring things out on your own is the best way research. Internet and experience paying some idiot who most likely looks like shit going by the standard of pts in chch is a waste of money. If your that enthusiastic about competing you will have the motivation to do shit yourself
  4. i feel healthier lowering test down to 1 ml a week than going cold turkey thats shit for you your cortisol and estrogen spike and your test is zero for months the f*ck would you do that lol
  5. DNP in nz

    that shit is fully lazy cunts
  6. GH cycles - your experience

    would only use in small doses pro bodybuilders get deformed facial features and grow organs. never exp it myself but have used ghrp for injury recovery
  7. Pec Tear

    Iv torn both my pec tb500 worked insanley well along with ghrp and cjc and 250 test
  8. this is nothing special and typical tren side effects. its one of the many causes of bodybuilders becoming socially awkward weirdos
  9. I don't understand why people go on and off its so hard on your body the cortisol the estrogen and general stress, imo steroids should always be used with the expectation you will be on for life
  10. Quads fatigue on deadlifts

    if anything it will be your Hammies or forearms failing. Fix your form or lower your weight
  11. Go to doc tell them you can't get bonners you got bitch tits and your heart is playing up and your shitting blood they will do every test free, Iv done this for years

    It is true I have returned

    nothing wrong with front loading if you have money