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  1. Anyone interested to join in for Fitness workout ? I currently go to Premier Fitness 5 days a week , 3 day workout and 2 day cardio. Am looking for a training partner , if you're an experienced trainer it would be plus for me to learn and train with you. Am looking for a disciplined regular gym buddy. Hope to hear
  2. Gym Buddy - East Tamaki

    Hey, Am looking for a gym buddy to workout with on alternate days. I currently train with Personal Trainer 3 days a week however looking for a buddy for other days . Am looking for someone with motivations and disciplines to help boost my workouts. I workout at gym near Botany Junction {Premier FitNess} and would be keen to hear from someone who either goes to the same gym or looking to joining . Keen to buddy up and take the Fitness to next level? I would be keen hear from you, we could mutually agree on the training times (though I train mostly in the evenings weekend after 6pm) #keshwal.prakash@gmail.com