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  1. Oooohhhhh Yeahhhh, Dig it!

    Losing again, staying strong. Work is still crazy!
  2. Hi guys, newbie in need of help

    Hey Monica. That's actually a really good start. I think that with that routine and diet your already leagues ahead of where you could be. Firstly, I think some information about where your currently at, and where you want to be would be helpful. Do you want to increase muscle, lose fat, increase fitness etc etc, what would make this all a success for you? Secondly, I always think keeping a macro tracker on your phone is super helpful. Just taking note of the food your eating is a great learning experience and tool to have. And thirdly, I wouldn't worry about any supplements yet, however this depends on your current body situation and goals. Throw up some more info about height and weight and stats, the more you write the more people can help.
  3. Walking = cardio?

    Personally, I would say that the tool to figuring out if you need to up the cardio is dependent upon the state of your current results. I like to add specific cardio into my routine, as in, not walking as part of work etc, something that is for the sole purpose of my goals; fitness, fat loss etc. If you feel you need to add more in, I'd say do it. Way I see it, you always have 2 options, 1. Eat less, 2. Exercise more. And I HATE eating less
  4. Oooohhhhh Yeahhhh, Dig it!

    Another brief update. Still training. Having a little stalemate with the scales, but my body is going in the right direction. Will be adjusting diet and training a little. Work is crazy busy, but will die down soon.
  5. Oooohhhhh Yeahhhh, Dig it!

    Haven't updated much, however still dieting and lifting heavy. Muscle memory has been amazing, I have never had first level experience of muscle memory, but I've managed to go 3 belt sizes down, but my weight has stayed the same. My clothes are fitting hugely better, and am getting some great compliments. Therefore i'm taking this as a sign that no training gets wasted, even after getting into really bad shape, muscle memory exists and helps a few years down the line. Still keeping my macros at 2000 cals, made up of clean foods. 20 mins cardio after weights, training on a typical 2 on, 1 off, 2 on 2 off style.
  6. Oooohhhhh Yeahhhh, Dig it!

    Sorry for slow reply. Been crazy busy. I have a squat rack, some plates, dumbbells, a bench, a cross trainer and a spin bike. Squat rack has a lat pulldown and low pulley cable so have a few attachments too. Love not having to go to the gym! Started taking creatine and love the stuff but my stomach sure doesnt... Shoulders today, legs tomorrow. Got weighed last week and was another kg or so down. Will be getting weighed sunday so will update after that. Not sure if I will have dropped due to creatine though. Muscle ache getting better, weights getting heavier?
  7. ........................................................................................................................................
  8. my tren experience, maccaz edition

    Night sweats were a big one for me, not comfortable at all.
  9. Jack of two trades, master of none!

    Interesting, I will give these a shot tomorrow on leg day and see how I go!
  10. Jack of two trades, master of none!

    Would front squats affect my lower back at all? I have had lower back niggles for ages, I find regular squats, anything over 100kg I feel my spine compresses, do you think front squats would be better on lower back. Sorry to hijack haha
  11. Jack of two trades, master of none!

    I'm always impressed with front squats. I've never done them, I find the bar positioning really hard.
  12. Diet

    Ahhh fair enough. I miss this topic!
  13. Diet

    Yo Jizzy, are you still posting/alive? Or have you drowned on juice and PB & J sandwiches?
  14. Oooohhhhh Yeahhhh, Dig it!

    Got the home gym set up now so can do all my training at home. Did chest and triceps the other night and had an awesome tricep pump, managed to bodyweight dip myself for 5, 3 and 3, which at this weight I'm pretty happy with. Trained back and biceps last night, but have to be careful due to back injuries so wasn't overly happy with it. Scaled back cardio to 20 minutes after each weights session and tightened up my diet. Currently eating 200g carbs, 150g protein and 65g fat. Fairly balanced diet so nothing amazing. Still eating the same foods as listed previously. I LOVE kumara. The best change I have had recently is the addition of a bcaa drink during training. Back in the day I would have scoffed and called it a waste of money. However I genuinly van feel the difference. Very happy with that. If anyone reads this and has a bcaa drink they can recommend during workout let me know. Rest day today, friday will be legs and saturday will be shoulders and abs
  15. Gymnation Challenges

    I think this is a great idea, I'd be pathetic, but looking forward to spectating.