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  1. PCT for a low dose first cycle (250mg)

    I did and fucking glad I did now haha. Lost the password for the PDF but ill sort that out later haha
  2. PCT for a low dose first cycle (250mg)

    That's awesome info. I will most likely taper off and use the regiment you suggest. How do you know when you are fully recovered?
  3. PCT for a low dose first cycle (250mg)

    Hey yeah I searched around but when you search for 250mg cycles its basically a hijacked thread of people calling OP a retard. Better safe than sorry so I asked. When I said bloods I heard that some people get their test levels checked to see if they have dropped below normal range and THEN start PCT. but it seems a little unnecessary. Thanks for the info though!
  4. PCT for a low dose first cycle (250mg)

    Good question. I got my estrogen checked and it shot up above the normal range, so I tried a few doses until I brought it back down to a normal range.
  5. Have to end my first cycle early (week 10) for personal reasons. Was on 250mg PW. Using 12.5mg Aromasin E3D. Now I need to start PCT if in fact I need to. at 250mg how long do you think I will need to wait to start PCT? at however many weeks I should wait, I will get bloods to confirm before starting. Also what doses of Nolva should I be taking? also should I follow the standard 4 week x/x/x/x protocol? Lastly, how long should I continue the Aromasin? Currently my E3D 12.5mg is good for my usual 250mg (bloods confirmed)
  6. CityFitness bans posing!

    This reminds me of what my mum said: "I don't like being surrounded by all these big bulky men". Yeah mum, no one likes that. Just deal with it.
  7. I am ready I just need to get my bloods done. I have already had my non-hormonal tests done (kidney, Liver, lipids, blood pressure) So far I plan to get: Oestradiol (this is the estrogen test right? cannot find anything else listed) FSH LH Prolactin TSH Thyroid function There is also Testosterone to get tested but Labtests lists 2 tests, "Free Testosterone" and "Testosterone Only", which one of these do I want?
  8. Need some basic info from NZ people

    Cheers for the advice mate. Might mention it next time I see my doc.
  9. Thanks guys. I think I'll keep it simple for the first cycle.
  10. Lifting? That's the thing with the weights and stuff right? Seriously though you are right this is my first time around but I have been hitting the gym for about 3 years now. Although I wasted a lot of time not know what I was doing so now I get peoples opinions and try find some research to prove it. I guess I'll just play it safe and keep it to one thing for my first.
  11. Haha I thought so. But honestly this place seems more like an actual community of people who give a shit, not just people mouthing off their opinions, at least I hope haha
  12. Newbie here. Cannot find any definitive answers around the net specifically for a first Test-E cycle, so I thought I would ask some of my kiwi bros what they think. Rather trust the opinion of some kiwis on a forum like this over some random bro logic on the net. Basically my question is whether to go with it or not? and if so what is the typical regiment?
  13. Need some basic info from NZ people

    Dude I would love to have a doctor like yours. Mine is good and friendly but if I had to guess I would say he would tell me not to do it rather than minimize my risk.
  14. Need some basic info from NZ people

    I don't have private insurance but yeah its pretty much just embarrassment etc.
  15. Need some basic info from NZ people

    Thanks. Where does someone get this done? I would prefer to keep my GP out of this for obvious reasons, even if it means more expense.