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  1. Gym partner Christchurch

    Possibly looking for a gym partner with the right mind set for the odd session from time to time. The weekend is more suitable for me.
  2. Hgh testing

    Rang the path lab in Christchurch, for hgh testing you need a doctors referral. My doctor isn’t going to refer me lol. Are there any other options ?
  3. Hgh testing

    Agree I’m not looking to add mass or lean tissue with hgh, purely just going to run it at therapeutic doses. 2iu per day for the associated health benefits. My misses also wants to give it a go. Shit is damn expensive don’t wanna be paying for lollipop water. Cheers for the advise I’m going to check them out. Do you know if in nz you can estradiol sensitive testing as I understand the normal estrogen testing isn’t reliable.
  4. Hgh testing

    Hey there is there anyone in nz who can test / check if hgh is real or fake. I understand you can get pre and post use hgh bloods tests done but unsure if you can fund this privately or have to rely on a doctors referral. Any other suggestions on how to check if gh is real ? cheers