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  1. Pretending to Powerlift

    09/05/2016 Last week was a piss around after comp, just let the body rest etc. For now the focus is a mainly hypertrophy with still strength training aspects to deadlift as I will do a deadlift only comp end of year. Bench - 20kg x15 40kg x10 60kg x10 x 2 85kg x10 90kg x10 95kg x9 Incline DB Press - 30kg x8 35kg x8 37.5kg x8 20kg x15 Incline Bench Press superset Pec Deck 3x8-12 Chest Press Machine Drop Set 50kg, 30kg, 15kg max reps Simple as. Calories around 3k with macros at 50/30/20 % Carbs Protein Fats
  2. Pretending to Powerlift

    Yeah for sure! I feel a whole lot better and more agile etc than when I just chucked on useless weight and as you said hitting same total at lower bodyweight is sweet as.
  3. Pretending to Powerlift

    Hey guys, been really quiet for the last couple weeks. Was getting ready for UPANZ nationals... So 6 weeks ago I did a novice comp and hit a 505kg total which really pissed me off. That was going to be my only comp for the year as I was focusing on work and a few other things happening etc etc. But 505 wasn't good enough so I set out to hit a good total at nats yesterday. So here's a bit of a run down of how it went - Got to venue, weighed in at 74.8kg stripped down so lifting in the 75kg class. Sweet as didn't bother me much, just weigh in how I am on the day. Had a good feed in the morning, kept hydrated. Started warming up and things were feeling good. Squat warm ups went to 140 for a single and that felt so mint and fast. Knew my opener of 160 was there. So I went 160, 170, 175 (personal best). After squats had another feed, lots of powerade etc. Bench up next. Was a bit freaked about bench as my shoulder has been my weak point for a while. Warmed up to a single of 95 paused. Attempts were 107.5, 112.5, 117.5 and all good! After this I was feeling amped as all hell, especially after failing 117.5kg touch and go 3 weeks ago. Deadlift warm ups, up to 180kg for a faaaast single. Opened on 215 and that flew up better than even in the gym. Was going to take 235 for second and thought f it I want that 240. So 240 for second which was good too. 3rd attempt I had planned to go for 250 to equal my old man as a YOLO lift... 240 was pushing limits so went for 242.5 but not today haha. So I ended up with 175/117.5/240 for a 532.5kg total @ 74.8kg bodyweight from 8/9 lifts. This equals a total I did at 80 kg last year. So a 5kg drop in weight (basically fat) and I hit the same total via 2.5kg up on squat and 2.5kg down on bench. The plan for now is to take some time to grow into the 82.5 class again but less fat this time around. Will do deadlift comp at end of year to have a go at beating my old man in the rivalry. Big ups to him for all the training, coaching and mental prep for yesterday. Was one of my best performances yet. Vid is 240 deadlift.
  4. Pretending to Powerlift

    15/8/2016 Good and bad session today. Shoulder wasn't feeling the best so gonna go see my physio who has brought me back from benching 60kg with massive pain to hitting near my peak again for a couple of massages before comp. Will be sweet then. Bench - warmup 22 press ups for the PTSD challenge + mobility etc bar x12 40kg x10 60kg x10 60kg x8 80kg x5 100kg x1 (felt shit) 105kg x1 (felt even worse) 110kg x1 (got mad, made sure i set up nice and tight, flew up faster than 100) 115kg x1 (good enough rep, shoulder dropped and was a bit uncomfortable) Incline DB Benchpress - 20kg x12 30kg x8 40kg x5 42.5kg x5 Flys 3x12 Nice and simple, last heavy workout before the comp. Rest of week will be light technique stuff then full deload no weights with some active recovery and mobility etc etc. No vid cos go pro cut out during the one good rep (110) and 115 on phone was bad quality due to the way it uploads. Stupid technology.
  5. Pretending to Powerlift

    Yeah man they aren't the best but we do what we can! Kinda like training from a very slight defecit and always gives me a surprise when I get to comp so not the end of the world haha.
  6. Pretending to Powerlift

    12/8/2016 Buzzing today, was tired as, had energy drink, sorted. Never use them or drink coffee so you can imagine the caffeine and guarana combo for me. Deadlifts - 60kg x10 100kg x5 120kg x3 140kg x3 160kg x3 190kg x1 (add belt) 215kg x1 (belt) 180kg x3 Sumo Stiff Leg Deadlifts - 60kg x10 80kg x10 100kg x8 Deadlift felt easy, strong through each part of movement. With calibrated plates and a deadlift bar rather than hex plates and broken olympic bar this will fly up as an opener.
  7. Pretending to Powerlift

    Great session today with my dad and mate. 11/8/2016 Seated Shoulder Press - 20kg x10 30kg x10 40kg x8 50kg x5 60kg x3 70kg x1 PB 75kg x1 PB - this was an absolute grinder but so stoked. 7.5kg PB 60kg x8 rep PB Dips - bw x15 for 5 sets DB Side Raises 3x12 Rear Delt Flys 3x15 Stoked!
  8. Pretending to Powerlift

    Upper Back Day 10/8/2016 Pendlay Rows - 20kg x10 40kg x10 60kg x10 70kg x8 80kg x5 90kg x5 100kg x5 (PB) 60kg x12 60kg x5 slow contraction etc Wide Grip Pull Ups - bw x5 5kg x5 8kg x5 3 sets bw x5 Cable High Row 4 x 12 Close Grip Pulldowns 4 x 12 Bicep Curls 3 x 12 First time doing curls in like 3 months and probably won't do again for a while haha. Eating the same. 3100ish cals
  9. Pretending to Powerlift

    Na not at all man wasn't assuming you were being a smart ass haha. Awesome. Go smash it :D
  10. Pretending to Powerlift

    Redemption today in Squats. Trained with my old man like usual. Good session, good headspace. 9/8/16 Warmup/mobility 10 mins Squats - 20kg x10 60kg x10 80kg x5 100kg x3 belt from here on 120kg x3 140kg x2 160kg x2 wraps and belt Paused Squats - 120kg for 1 (3 second pause) 100kg for 2 sets of 3 paused ( 3-4 sec count) Eating was on point today, exactly what I wrote in post before. Felt strong and full. Video of 160x2. First time using these wraps that I got from Realtalk (thanks again man). Felt good, will crank harder for squat next week and then really wind them up when I compete.
  11. 2017 log

    230 for 3 reps or 60 for 3 reps???? Insanely fast man. 2.5 weeks, let's go :D
  12. Pretending to Powerlift

    After cooking bro. Hmm that's around 3100 cals once i add sauces etc which is enough for me to be in about a 200 cal surplus. I've gone 500 over before and usually end up putting on more fat than I'd like. I think you'd be surprised at just how much food that all is if you cooked it up haha Oats are a cup raw
  13. Pump master flex

    Awesome log so far man. Keep it up :D
  14. Pretending to Powerlift

    Average session. Didn't go the way I planned. Was away over weekend, 13 hours of travelling, a birthday party, shit food etc etc my own fault. Always good to have Snr Grizz talk some sense into me. 8/8/2016 Bench 20kg x20 40kg x10 60kg x10 x 2 80kg x3 95kg x 5 105kg x3 117.5kg miss Annoyed as shit at that 117.5 attempt. Controlled down felt fine, pressed off chest then didn't move. Felt slight twang in left elbow but fine now. Tried 110 straight after cos mad as fk but same shit. Anyway, went to do incline DBs, thought f*ck that and pyramid back up on bench to another 105x2. Will sort eating out and smash it for next 3 weeks. Diet for those who care for next 3 weeks: 1. 1 cup oats with berries, 200ml milk and 3 eggs scrambled 2. 1-1 1/2 cup rice, 190gm tuna, 1/2 cup brocoli 3. 1 cup oats, 200ml milk and 3 eggs 4. Shake - 1 banana, 1 tsp PB, 1 tsp honey, 200ml milk, 1 scoop protein, 1tsp creatine 5. 1 cup rice w/ 150-180gm chicken + salad 6. 1 scoop protein powder + cookies cos they're nice and stuff
  15. Pretending to Powerlift

    Good solid session tonight. 4/08/2016 Deadlifts - 60kgx8 100kgx5 120kgx3 140kgx3 160kgx1 185kgx3 (belt) 195kgx3 (belt) 205kgx3 (belt) Sumo Stiff Leg Deadlifts - 60kgx10 80kgx10 90kgx10 Short and simple.