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  1. 1 2 1 training

    hi everyone hey just after some feedback/info if anyone one knows of ex bodybuilders in the auckland/northshore areas that now train people and not just affiliated with one gym? guys that specialize in transformations and poss work with you to help get stage ready?? any names,contact info would be appriciated cheers
  2. 1st tren/test cycle

    Wow now im really lost lol so are we in favour or caber or not? Chatting to a guy today about this issue he was saying hes never used it......running adex or aromasin was great for him.......
  3. 1st tren/test cycle

    Cheers what does avi mean? keep e2 controlled the rest is sweet.....
  4. 1st tren/test cycle

    If I run Adex or aromisin then thru my cycle the estrogen level will be taken care of then caber won't be needed plus I'm running a low dose so will be fine...... its a 50/50 on caber etc when running test some people some people don't...
  5. 1st tren/test cycle

    Thanks guys info has helped and reading different articles i think i may settle for a comfortable cycle for my 1st tren experience 1-8 test prop 250mg pw 1-8 tren a 400mg pw pinning both together EOD adex on hand if req PCT clomid oral day 1 100mg front load then 4wks at 40-60 per day starting 2days after last pin i may be playing this safe this time with low dosages compared to some on different forums but we are all different and respond in different ways cheers
  6. 1st tren/test cycle

    Thanks for your input kiwicannon do i need to start tren after test and also finish before test? If not then i could run both for 10 wks? wanted to pin just twice a wk as I'm not great with needles thats all so would it make a big difference to EOD?
  7. 1st tren/test cycle

    Cheers for info i have heard it can make you agro winny was just a maybe thing happy to run without and see how it goes
  8. 1st tren/test cycle

    Could run the tren longer but in slot of cases they state to run the test for 2-3 wks longer than the tren? perhaps i do 12 wks in total and run tren from wk2-10.....
  9. Hi looking to run my .1st tren cycle and wanting some genuine feedback. Stats at mo are 5'10" 105kg and 16%bf training and cardio g2g and diet will be on point by a professions for this cycle wk1-10 test cyp or test e 250mg wk2-8 tren ace or e 400mg wk1-10 adex .5eod or ed if sides occur pinning tren and test together twice a week mon pm and thurs pm Not sure yet but poss adding winstrol from wk8 for 4wks? have clomid if req? how does this sound to you guys that have used a cycle like this??