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  1. What am I doing Wrong?!

    No I only eat fish. Thank you all for responding
  2. What am I doing Wrong?!

    I haven't measured in a while but the way clothes fit I would say it hasn't gone down. am 163cm, 61.5kg 4:50am Half Banana 5:10am - 10 mins cardio, 30 mins weight training 6:30am - Rolled oats, fitmiss protein, almond milk, berries, coffee (sometimes flat white) 9:30am - Carrots, cottage cheese or nut butter, apple 12:30pm - Salad with salmon, kumara or kidney beans and salmon 3:00pm - Natural Yoghurt and nuts 6:00pm - Fish, pumpkin, vegies or Falafel, pumpkin and vegies 8:00pm - dark chocolate or decaf coffee
  3. What am I doing Wrong?!

    Hi Ladies, I have been training 6 days a week and eating less calories than I need for the past year. I am definitely stronger and fitter but have not lost any bodyfat and have in fact gained weight. Can anyone give any tried and true advice as to what is going wrong here? Feeling incredibly frustrated! Thanks
  4. What am I missing...

    Thank you, No I'm not losing any weight, built muscle in my arms but am a definite pear so the legs and stomach are a struggle. its working out the macros and exactly how many calories to eat which is the struggle.
  5. What am I missing...

    Hi there, I'm a lady who weight trains 4-5 times a week, eat very clean and an average of 1400 calories. i can't get muscle growth in my legs and stomach area. Really working on lean muscle growth and fat loss. im 163cm tall and 60kg. Any tips would be great