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  1. GAINS

    What’s everyone using since COVID hit ?
  2. Any one from palmy on here?

    Cheers guys I go check it out tonight
  3. Any one from palmy on here?

    Hey nah I'm good m8 been reading up on how bad they are made that decision easy :) but changing my diet starting today adding carbs and more protein
  4. Just seeing what best gyms are in the area thinking about a change
  5. Need help stopped growing

    Ok thank u will keep you all updated off to gym now .
  6. Need help stopped growing

    Hey thanks for all your inputs , got some good ideas to try . And agree about the legs thing as they are my weak point . I have trouble doing squats due to having knee problems so avoid legs and only train them once a week. And with my eating I eat lots of chicken , tuna , eggs and only use high protein bread , and eat vegetables when the mrs makes them . I going try mixing my training up and only go once a day . I seem to be carrying a lot of little injuries at the moment so I'm laying off chin ups. But I'll get body fat test done this week and will post my progress. But thanks for all your input
  7. Need help stopped growing

    Usually mix it up a bit chest Monday's, Tuesday arms , Wednesday legs , Thursday back , Friday shoulders , but I do heaps of chin ups dips and press ups most days , I weight 90 kg and bench 135 kg dead lift 200kg and squat 130kg but just not growing any more . Eat heaps to about 6 meals a day just to keep weight on . But I just wondered if there anything out there that can help me get pass where I am feel like I've plateaued.
  8. Any one got some ideas ? Train everyday some time twice a day , but I stopped growing and not getting stronger feel like I'm ready to try something new! Anyone who can help ? I already take creteain and protein and lots of other supplements but feel ready to try something new . Any help would be great :)