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  1. Looks like a test booster. And by test booster, I don't think it will make any difference. However its free. Might aswell take BCAA's and proviron to 'boost' test levels. Or even some table salt as a Xtreme™_pump™ vasodiator™ with Dihydro-monoxide for next gen hydration.
  2. Dnp, t3 and Clen two week cycle

    Good to see your handling it at 400mg, try and stay on 400mg for a few days without increasing the dose because of the long half life (I think its 36 hours). I find that I look the best after 2 days of stopping the dnp. Good luck the bro and may the gains/shredding be with you.
  3. Dnp, t3 and Clen two week cycle

    The "safest" or least harmful weight loss cycle I can think of for a beginner is Cardarine with ostarine and maybe S-4 (Andarine) to complement a good diet and training regiment. DNP is alright but can get uncomfortable if you go high carb, low fat in the summer. But can save heating costs and compost during winter . Just don't go overboard too quickly, the heat can come out of nowhere and hit you like pinning a nerve with tren-ace.
  4. Marijuana and working out?

    I find it easier to have a nap after smoking weed due to back pumps. It topples zopiclone and most sleeping pills due to its relatively quick onset and lower side effects. Potentially faster recovery due to munchies, deeper sleep and maybe lower cortisol levels. I have indulged in a stoned workout but I mostly just did machines and dumbbell related workouts because I want to avoid snapcity/bench asphyxiation The gym played a song with sirens and I tried to run away but I was on a treadmill lol.
  5. Dnp + t3 + Clen = full retard?

    I've used 200mg ED for a mini cut in conjunction with a keto diet and it does seem to work. Very noticeable rise in temps but this was during winter so I didn't experience the dreaded sweats to the extent others say. DNP is also a very good fertilizer/growth regulator by increasing nutrient uptake. Kind of like Tren in the plant kingdom. You will see mad citrus tree gains, even in sub-par soil conditions.
  6. First Test E + Dbol cycle.

    This could've been a placebo but I drank diluted apple cider vinegar for the bloating/water retention and it worked to some extent for dbol. Not as bad as anadrol tho, makes most look like the michelin man. Its also a decent plunger if you have a high meat low fiber diet
  7. 1st tren/test cycle

    If possible you could use acetate for the first week to feel the sides and then use the enanthate for the majority but finishing off the cycle with the remaining tren-ace and test-prop so the sauce can clear out faster. For a easier/maybe shorter pct. However its up to the individual and everyone's different.
  8. D-Bal legal??

    It is true that gear is able to take some people to the next level, especially with proper nutrition, training. But I think its the fake naturals or fake nattys that get all the keyboard warriors furious because they need an excuse to look bad as another member said. At the end of the day it shouldn't really matter like you said (unless its a natural contest, olympics or something), the sauce doesn't harm anyone else .Unless they up the tren and start breaking my microwave because it apparently was on for too long and the oats got too hot and started spilling over and burned his hand, meanwhile throwing the ceramic bowl at the fridge (which smashed everywhere and took a rather long time to clean).
  9. D-Bal legal??

    Hi Icewolf, I just looked at the crazybulk website and it just looks like 'testosterone boosters' and or dietary supplements meaning its not actually Dianabol. However they are all legal because the ingredients are natural. Therefor one wouldn't see many gains. I'd say its more misleading rather than a scam. I'd just save up for some of that Arachidonic Acid, food, protein, supplements and other supplements.rachidonic acid (AA) is a fatty acid of the omega-6 cla
  10. What am I doing Wrong?!

    If possible try a 3 to 4km fasted cardio in the morning and then a 45min to 90min weight session in the afternoon or night (45min each body part) and at least 100 reps of core exercise such as crunches, situps etc. However the effectiveness can be debated. Also at the end of the day, a calorie is a calorie however timing carbs can be very good and I see you're doing very well on your diet. Keep it up the bro.
  11. DNP in nz

    Yeah there are a lot of skepticism on its safety with news of people cooking themselves on it. However its mainly from stupidly high dosages and 200mg sounds small, it isn't. And thats when some start taking doses as high as 500mg. They'll be fine for a couple days but after that when dnp builds up, the user will start looking like an attempted defrost of chicken breast in the microwave. Due to its half life if a plant was to ingest dnp at 200mg it would build up in the plants system to maybe 500mg (in a couple weeks, dnp has a 36 hour half life).
  12. Diet

    Does anyone get mega munchies on deca and or anadrol?
  13. Theres no safe option but I just try and find the least riskiest option. But yeah i would go domestic however im just a little worried that they are actually cops.
  14. I've mainly got stuff from pharmacom and a lot of rules state that asking for sources gets a ban. But yeah I get what you mean, who knows. They might even sprinkle in hepatitis or aids in with the mix.