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  1. I've been having a billion different symptoms across many years and chronically low (and declining numbers). But I wanted to do some research first and ask if there is any place that people would recommend? I'm pretty convinced I'm in a position where TRT could/should be prescribed but there's always that fear of spilling a ton of cash only to be told they won't do it for subjective reasons and would like to avoid those places as much as possible.
  2. Nightly abs

    Anyone heard of Cory Gregory doing his nightly ab routine right before bed? I know the guy does a bunch of crazy stuff but what exactly is the point of this rather than doing it during his daily workouts? My thought was perhaps it was because it avoids doing the ab workout after already being fatigued,but that wouldn't explain why he does it right before bed rather than just any other time of the day. Is this meant to be some sort of a feeder workout or is there any real benefit of doing an extra ab workout before bed?
  3. Cheap (but reliable) whey?

    https://www.nzprotein.co.nz/product/nz-whey-1kg-2-2lbs Is that the NZ protein brand you're referring too? Seems pretty cheap..
  4. Cheap (but reliable) whey?

    Hahaha,if only milo had enough protein in it..
  5. Cheap (but reliable) whey?

    Not all that big to be honest,just got a really fast metabolism. To be honest, they whey isn't completely necessary, issue is when I get enough calories my macros get a bit messy and sometimes I can't get enough protein in each day. But in my defence I didn't just hop onto a 4000 calorie diet,its something that started off as a 2200 calorie diet and has gone up to this.
  6. Cheap (but reliable) whey?

    Thanks for that! I shall take a look at it.
  7. Cheap (but reliable) whey?

    Hi everyone, being a student money is pretty hard to come by and I've noticed how protein powder is just so much more expensive in NZ !! Considering I already need to pay for 4000+ calories worth of food, paying for a reliable protein powder seems to be becoming an issue. I have stuck with optimum nutrion's gold standard for a while now to stay clear of all the amino spiking issues going around but that was back when I was having to eat much less and could afford it. Getting to the point, whats the cheapest whey protein you can find in new-zealand that you can trust to believe that what they say on the label is actually what you are getting? My guess would have been with myprotein's impact whey but you can't seem to get that here in NZ and ordering it from UK or USA just raises it to the price of the other good quality protein brands here. P.S- cheapest supplement store to buy the whey that you recommend?