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  1. Why anavar is so expensive

    Of course I train, however I don't spend 8 hours in the gym everyday so I have time to do other things like "talk absolute shit" as you put it. I could ask you the same question, however it wouldn't be very constructive. If you don't approve of what I wrote that's fine, I don't really care, however could you please just tell me so I know if I am wasting my time? Much appreciated.
  2. Drink bottles...

    Haha The BPA thing is a scare tactic as far as I can see. The original studies were from american research institutes looking at the effects of BPA in the Chinese produced drink bottles. Given the likely legal outcomes if these claims were true, no company would ever subject themselves to a potential lawsuit of this size (apart from the pharma industry who seem to continuously do just that on a regular basis). Is it possible that disposable water bottles could have low dose chemicals that in large amounts can cause harm? Absolutely, canned tuna in large amounts comes with a very real risk of mercury poisoning. A useful quote by Paracelsus (German Physician, "father of toxicology") "All things are poison and nothing is without poison, only the dosage makes a thing not a poison". If you ate enough apple seeds you would die, however it would take around 6 bowls of apple seeds to kill the average human. No I didn't pull that quote out of my ass, my physiology lecturer quoted it in a lecture (Nick Ling, great lecturer/professor)
  3. New member, everyone's gonna think I'm a cop

    Unfortunately most doctors in NZ either don't have the expertise or confidence to prescribe drugs like nolvadex, aromasin, dostinex, etc. The odd doctor you come across will absolutely, however you need to keep in mind that GP's are by definition "general practitioners" so deal with common concerns from the general population of which male hormones are not one. You could look for a GP that has this experience or is willing to prescribe it based on the evidence, however given you can't determine a GP's tendencies without seeing them this may be a VERY expensive process (far more expensive then just purchasing clomid from a UGL). Most endocrinologists won't prescribe any of the above medication to young men, especially without considerable testing (eg MRI of pituitary, testicular examination, scans, bloods, etc) before hand as they will want to know the primary cause of the hormonal imbalance. For example they are not going to prescribe testosterone if it is your LH secretion that is the problem. To their credit many of the endocrinologists are very good at this so will see through bullshit pretty quickly. Some endocrinologists, mainly the private sector ones (non rationed, consumer focused health care) will prescribe things like dostinex regardless of your obvious steroid usage as they understand that it will benefit you far more then it will harm. Also, yes I did just take a swipe at public health care, sue me.
  4. New member, everyone's gonna think I'm a cop

    This. PCT is a form of exogenous stimulation just like steroid use, it may have psychological benefits (largely placebo) and anti estrogen benefits however these are not valid reasons to use PCT. Taper off, control prolactin and estrogen if they are a concern (somewhat genetic as well as dose related), and stick to a routine with sleep/training so you don't convince yourself of something irrational.
  5. KiwiJuiceNZ and satanic labs?????

    You a chemist?
  6. Why anavar is so expensive

    Firstly, No I did not want to start a debate about socialism vs capitalism as there is no debate to be had and I would rather spend my time talking to those people who are already educated on the subject. If I have free time that I don't spend reading, working, sleeping, eating, working out, or learning (including the above) I normally watch videos by people like John Stossel, Thomas Sowell, Steven Crowder, Tom Woods, etc. Secondly, you are partly correct in that the laws have little to do with the price of black market products directly, however indirect effects are profound. First government crack downs on drug availability make it far more costly to produce/supply drugs (increasing the cost to consumers). Second a black market/UGL supplier is unlikely to reduce his prices to a level that reflects what would actually be achieved in the free market when his competitors (regardless of the quality/dose) charge far more. Third the risk of using UGL compounds increases the price of the available products which already have the approval of more people through simple demand and supply economics. Lastly, I posted it as a way of illustrating the effect regulation/legislation has on the availability, supply, price, and quality of the products gym go'ers/amateur athletes use which is rather important to understand especially if you want to change it as every societal change started with educating others. It generally doesn't pay to try convince people of libertarian/classical liberal beliefs if they aren't open to it at the get go. I have wasted far to many hours of my life debating people (ESPECIALLY YOUNG PEOPLE, mainly political science majors so don't fuckin study this) just to have them present the same irrational, emotion driven bullshit 3 hours into the debate which they presented at the start.
  7. E2 test Wellington

    I assume you mean estradiol? If this is the case, you can get blood tests done by medlab anywhere in the country. the cost is generally around $40-50 for the vast majority of blood parameters (Test,estradiol,prolactin, liver enzymes, cholesterol total/hdl/ldl, etc). For the more unique blood parameters they will charge you additional amounts, however these are really not required unless you are using very high doses. Other then that, go to a GP and request them. However if you take this route state you want the blood tests down prior to making the appointment, as some GP's are money hungry pricks who will ignore your requests and charge you without providing a blood form until they have done other tests to justify the blood work and an additional consultation at your cost.
  8. Anyone done Masteron only cycle?

    Hmm, well maybe I will add masteron to another compound then. I was just curious to see what would happen with super high mast dose, like 200-300mg per day.
  9. creating accountability

    Wow that is a really good idea, it amazing how much social media is used for now. I assume it would also help them to hold themselves to account if they don't keep on track and guilt is a STRONG motivator to say the least. Humans are naturally loss adverse :)
  10. Why anavar is so expensive

    I found this on another forum, thought it was very interesting. The original post is from Bill Roberts who I assume is well known in the steroid using community. The reasoning has no merit.The reason that Oxandrin is extremely expensive is that BTG (a foreign company, btw) got the US taxpayer to pay for studies on use of oxandrolone in young girls with Turner's syndrome. Which is a rare condition.After the taxpayers' money proved that oxandrolone has a use for this rare condition, BTG used the Orphan Drug law to petition the FDA to give them monopoly rights for sale of oxandrolone as a prescription drug in the US. Whether for this purpose or not.Upon this being granted, they then jacked up the price by a factor of 10 to 20 times over the price of the generics that had existed but which now no longer could be sold.Oxandrolone actually is a somewhat expensive raw material -- the synthesis method has been much improved in recent years but it's still more expensive to make than for exampledianabol -- but the price difference is not remotely to the extent that one might imagine from the price of Oxandrin.That price results from collusion to restrain trade, enabling monopoly pricing. Got to love price minimums set by government don't ya.
  11. Anyone done Masteron only cycle?

    No I am not a sprinter. I was just curious about its potential, hence why I asked. In regards to the GDR I mentioned it in relation to turinabol which I mentioned it my first post as a potential performance aid to my training (not sprinting, it was just the example I remembered from the GDR). I never said masteron would result in a large improve in performance (only mentioned the performance in relation to turinabol ). I don't know what masteron is useful for as I wanted to know, however it MUST have some uses that you are overlooking not relating to performance (perhaps mindset or physique look) otherwise why the hell would it be used by anyone, which it clearly is based on a number of forums. Also yes Wookie females see a far larger improvement from anabolics then men, that can be seen with anabolic hormone use of all types. I believe it has to do with the difference in development during the early years of maturation that give men a huge irreversible performance aid over women (hence why transgenders (male to female) seem to dominant sport despite being on hormone treatment). Obviously there are benefits for men to but they probably see larger benefits from other PED's like EPO, pain killers, amphetamines, and god knows what else.
  12. Anyone done Masteron only cycle?

    That website is just the location, the study is referenced in and of itself from the original sources. In regards to "An athlete who was caught by a drug test" you have FAR to much faith in the drug testing involved in sport. Just because someone never tested possible doesn't mean they havn't used or aren't currently using PED's as new forms of sports specific drugs come out of a regular basis behind closed doors with exclusive given to the top athlete on contract. For example all of the worlds current fastest times in the 100m apart from Usain come from individuals who have at one point or another been "caught" for anabolic usage. The current world record holder for powerlifting in the 181 weight class in(or at least was last time I checked) competing in a natural, tested federation. Top level sports are full of drugs and not just cycling, powerlifting and sprinting, we are talking ALL sports. Again I would point out I am not hating on these athletes, if I was in their position I'd do the exact same thing to achieve what was required to win/get paid. Its not about seeing the negatives, its about seeing shit for what it is. Ultimately it all comes down to the demand to see better athletes setting new records every year. If you disagree that is fine, doesn't bother me.
  13. Got a bad shoulder? Try this...

    Interesting.... There is medical research on link between t3/t4 and bone loss so not sure why that was the case. In theory perhaps the decrease in weight decreased the stress on joints? In regards to deca yes even from personal experience and what I have seen others achieve in person HgH and deca both seem to have some positive effects on the joints which has shown up to some degree in the research on nandrolone. I have not used HgH personally so I am going off the research. In saying that any measure of joint health on a cycle of anything is going to be subjective and based on the state of the joints before using, your exercise schedule, genetics, dosage, quality of gear used, etc. Just look at the huge differences in muscle mass gained on cycles of the exact same drugs by different people, it is largely a lottery as to how much of an effect it will have.
  14. Trt advice

    I would just either go private or self medicate. I don't want to get into my dislike of socialized medicine so I will just say "It's shit, go private"
  15. Anyone done Masteron only cycle?

    I managed to find an example of such a rapid improved from the doping schedule used by the German Olympic team: "At present anabolic steroids are applied in all Olympic sporting events, with the exception of sailing and gymnastics (female)2 , … and by all national teams. The application takes place according to approved basic plans, in which special situations of individual athletes are also considered. The positive value of anabolic steroids for the development of a top performance is undoubted. Here are a few examples… Performances could be improved with the support of these drugs within four years as follows: Shot-put (men) 2.5–4 m; Shot-put (women) 4.5–5 m; Discus throw (men) 10–12 m; Discus throw (women) 11–20 m; Hammer throw 6–10 m; Javelin throw (women) 8–15 m; 400 m (women) 4–5 sec; 800 m (women) 5–10 sec; 1500 m (women) 7–10 sec… Remarkable rates of increase in performances were also noted in the swimming events of women… . From our experiences made so far it can be concluded that women have the greatest advantage from treatments with anabolic hormones with respect to their performance in sports… . Especially high is the performance-supporting effect following the first administration of anabolic hormones, especially with junior athletes" Notice it says "a few examples" so I believe my original recollection sounds on the money if the 400m runner improved 4-5seconds from anabolic steroid usage. Plus keep in mind most of these athletes would have already used anabolics previously to obtain this level of achievement just like current Olympic athletes do. Also the estimates for "improvement" are also likely bullshit just like current day sports federations give purposely underestimated estimations for the effect of PED's in sport. I'm not hating on any athlete but the idea that any of the current day world recognized athletes are natural is simply naive like New Zealand having a cry about Valarie Adams losing to the east European by a meter and somehow that meter is the difference between PED use and being completely natural (Yea and I'm a fuckin leprechaun). Win at all costs :D http://www.clinchem.org/content/43/7/1262.long