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  1. PT Trainer Courses - Christchurch

    Thanks for the recommendation, had not looked into SIT before, had only heard mentions of them, the course content looks solid, thanks - will keep them in mind, as for the type of PT trainer, i'd like to work with clients/help make programs, the very generic route, possibly look at school teaching later in life.
  2. Hi there, been lurking forums for a while now, just making a topic talking about the PT courses in the Christchurch area, i've seen similar posts but a few of them are a bit dated now, so i'd like to get a few people's thoughts on possible study to being a PT. A few that have been mentioned. http://maxfitnesscollege.com/ http://www.openpolytechnic.ac.nz/ http://www.nzihf.co.nz/ http://www.ara.ac.nz/