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  1. Part of my desire for an alternative to HRT is the gap in libido from pre Low T to present, symptoms were far from a gradual onset but seemed to spontaneously exhibit over a 2 month period. I must say that I have never used steroids prior or post other than using Alanase nasal spray for hay-fever and 1 intramuscular cortisone injection for joint pain but something certainly seemed to shut the loop down.
  2. Hi looking for some advice on this, currently been on 2x40mg andriol twice a day for the last 2 years and it works well for muscle mass and concentration and sort of OK for libido However now wanting to start a family for the first time and have found that with 12 months of trying that it isnt going anywhere. Have had fertility test results showing a huge increase in fertility after going off the the TRT for a month but that isn't much use when every thing else crashes like libido and incipient ED included. What I am wanting to do is go onto low dose Clomid to increase testicular function and improve fertility which I will do in a couple of months time when I travel out of NZ (as I cant get it here) my question is this should I continue with the Andriol at the same time as taking the Clomid ? One bonus in my favour is that the GP will send me for blood tests to monitor levels knowing I intend to try Clomid. I know that some clinics overseas do prescribe HCG and Clomid in combination to great success! So Clomid alone? or in combination with Andriol
  3. Random notes on Clomid

    A deafening silence to this thread, the methodology and outcomes for these studies are beyond reproach yet to date this treatment for males remains off label and impossible to get here in NZ....well that's been my experience, I have tried to get GP's and Endos to prescribe for me all to no avail. My purpose for this is to start a family as the TRT treatment I am on has made me functionally sterile, even though all studies to date have said this is a safe therapy no one will prescribe and overseas internet ordering has just resulted in seizure at the border. In NZ there seems to be no accountability for outcomes, my reason for saying this is that my right to have children and my ability to become a complete family is being curtailed by the NZ government in the form of MED safe and Pharmac. Where will the Endo or the GP be at the end of my regret filled life at not being able to fore full an expected normal human right ie having children. If any one out there knows of a way that I can get Clomiphene Citrate or it's generics please let me know.
  4. Trt advice

    Yes would be nice but I suspect would be stopped at the border