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  1. how to get kicked out of les mills

    In this instance he is saying he has been mis-sold which is a different matter, but there is always the option of a no contract membership too and that isn't exactly much more expensive.
  2. Living in NZ from 21st June

    Hahaha I'm settled now yeah thanks full time job and awesome home from 30th
  3. how to get kicked out of les mills

    It does have a cost. Lets say theoretically you sold me your tub of protein and I said I would pay you monthly for it. Then you wanted to buy something and you were working out if you could afford it, you would include those monthly payments I would be paying as part of your income. Then imagine if you bought the thing you wanted and I then stopped paying, this would leave you in financial trouble. Kinda easiest way I can explain this. If it's an issue with being mis-sold a contract it's different
  4. Flexitarian Diet Trial

    True I guess I'd just not even thought about wheys insulin spike so I'm going to take that into consideration. Yeah still eat eggs 4 on a night mate.
  5. Flexitarian Diet Trial

    Meal 1 - oats and whey Meal 2 to 4 - Black beans, kidney beans, cannellini beans, mushrooms, broccoli, ginger, avocado, almonds and camambert (or other full fat cheese) Post-workout - 25g whey, 200g kumara Before bed - 4 eggs I'm still exploring loads of different foods though so this will change quite a bit for example I'm going to include more quinoa now.
  6. how to get kicked out of les mills

    A contract is offered to lower the cost of membership for the customer. The reason it is lower is because like any contract it allows a business to more accurately forecast revenue and base future decisions (that have a cost attached) upon this forecast. When someone decides to cancel a contract or can no longer use that service it has an impact on the business. 33% is pretty fair and there are more than likely mitigating circumstances that would allow a free cancellation. Alternatively don't sign a contract and take a pre-pay option which is only about $4 extra per week.
  7. how to get kicked out of les mills

    Damn this guys killing all the *cereal? I thought the supermarkets were running low on fruit loops...pun intended
  8. Flexitarian Diet Trial

    I'm taking a photo every 6 days and recording weight and how I feel. So far I can tell a big difference in terms of satiety and improved energy levels. Satiety is obvious though due to increased fibre intake.
  9. Workout partner - Les Mills

    Haha oops didn't see that! :)
  10. Workout partner - Les Mills

    Which Les Mills?
  11. Flexitarian Diet Trial

    Sorry forgot to say yes I've set 50g whey as my max powder intake but after 30 days reduce this to 25g then at the 60 day mark reduce to none and keep it on zero powder for 30 days. All my other protein source is coming from full fat cheese (camambert mainly), almonds, black beans, oats and lentils. I will also start to introduce other foods high in protein. I'm not worrying too much about overall protein intake but it still works out to be around 160g.
  12. Gym buddy Wellington - girl or boy

    I work at Les Mills if you wanna come train here.
  13. Flexitarian Diet Trial

    Hey guys so I've been away for a while as I settled in to New Zealand but I'm working full time at Les Mills Extreme in Wellington now so sweet as!! Anyway I have been considering doing vegetarian for a limited period to see it's benefits and to see of any changes in how I look and feel, but instead I've gone down the 'flexitarian' route first (no it's not when you eat and flex at the same time) haha Essentially it's a case of limiting your meat portions and this can mean anything from 1 meat meal a day to 1 a week or fortnight (you get the idea). This is to help reduce the oxidative stress and detox your digestive system, which in theory should then allow your body to absorb nutrients easier. My idea is to then lower the calories after the first 30 days and see how my body composition changes. I'm already on day 2 and feel good but it's very early days, my strength is just as good but again early days. Anyway thought I'd let you know what I'm up to and get any feedback. If anyone is local to Wellington come see me at the gym more than happy to sort out a workout and discuss nutrition.
  14. NZ Muscle Post & Photo of the Month competitions

    Yo guys sorry for being away for a while had to settle down in NZ but I'm back now!! Awesome welcome back too haha thanks it's awesome! Actually working at Les Mills in Wellington and living down here now and gonna compete in Pro-Am in March! Hope you guys are all good!
  15. Competing 5th June - Journal

    Sorry for the delay haha well I didn't place unfortunately. Not entirely sure why as not had feedback yet but I did have one of the judges for the federation (who wasn't judging this time) personally message me and say he's not sure why but for some reason he felt I had been completely overlooked and I was the driest on stage and for him the winner. But I'm not down beat I know my legs needed improving which I'm going to work on over the next 12 months and go back to classic bodybuilding :) I'm now in New Zealand too! Joined at Les Mills such an awesome gym haha. Here's a photo from the comp...excuse the facials ha. I'm on the right.