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  1. Bicep tendon tear surgery

    Hi guys just curious if anyone has gone through and had surgery on a tear/partial tear on the long head bicep tendon in the shoulder? if you have how was recovery/down time i recently had surgery for a torn labrum in the shoulder, but my shoulder is still giving me grief (both are actually now :( ). During surgery the surgeon tidied up the tendon as it had freyed a little but tendon was still fully attached and strong. anyone had similar problems?
  2. Longest cycle?

    Thanks so much for the replies guy. Very helpful, esp you daz. Read alot about starting PCT (I have nolva) 2 weeks after last pin. I was planning on to take the nolva, but may just wait and start when i'm back. Have adex which I can take so that's good! cheers guys
  3. Longest cycle?

    Haha yea bro exactly! But what are your thoughts? Obviously i have to come off for the 18 days, but it okay to pick straight back up when I get back or best to PCT and pick uplater on? just a bit stumped how long you blast/cruise for. On/off?
  4. Longest cycle?

    Yea a few people have said the same. But it being Bali and not Aussie or something, i'm not toooooo keen to try haha
  5. Curious to hear people's stories of their longest test-e cycle and what PCT was used? at the moment i'm almost 10 weeks in, going to go 15. But thinking about staying on. Possibly 20 weeks, then just taper for a month-2 and so on. But I'm undecided and want to know if others have stayed on/come off with basic PCT. I've got Adex and Nolva ready and only running test-e at 500mg a week, won't be using anything else I have a minor/major dilemma whatever way you look at it. I'm heading to Bali for 18 days soon, im too sketched out to pack 1 vial and buy pins over there (well im still deciding on this) incase was to get pulled up. So may be without for 18 days. Worst case pick it back up when im back. would love to hear what someone has to say regarding this that has a bit more knowledge than i do with what I can do in this situation :) i'm sitting at around 102kg, probably (at a guess) 14-15% BF cheers