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  1. Dunedin gear

    Just got down to Dunedin and it seems way more clean than Wellington. I've been training at the uni gym and haven't noticed too many guys on it. Whats the story? Would have thought that there'd be more students on it
  2. Roids in crossfit

    I've been training for a while and have realised how insane some of the shit that some guys can do it insane. Anyone know of people on the gear who are in crossfit or am I just naive?
  3. Scam Websites

    I'm not asking where to buy but where not to buy so I'm not breaking any rules. Just curious as to what sites are scams? I've heard a few and don't want to risk it.
  4. Why I don't do crossfit

    If you consider the number of individuals doing crossfit it's actually not bad considering each workout is essentially a race. What a lot of new athletes and inexperienced coached don't understand is the balance between performance (e.g. speed or ROM) and safety. The average person today does not understand their body to the level at which they should, because of this and the fact that crossfit uses the measurability of workouts as motivation through competition, many people push past the point which their body can handle. For example on a 1RM DL in competition if you are truly going to go as heavy as you can of course you are going sacrifice your form in order to complete the rep to stay competitive. However your average person doing crossfit does not understand the this and then goes into the gym thinking they will be fine if they do what they see on TV. This is not what is taught in the coaching seminars nor is it encouraged, however, individuals in competition who are fighting for placings do sacrifice form (safety) for more weight (performance). Also, although the importance of maintaining a neutral spine is taught in the coaching seminars, it is something that is very hard to maintain for an untrained athlete and even harder to notice for an unexperienced coach. Furthermore there is the factor of the individual athlete and coach that prevent this point from being taught or exercised. As a coach it is often awkward approaching an athlete and telling them what they are doing wrong. Many individuals get offended or self conscious and are too stubborn to appreciate its importance. In my opinion, the good that crossfit is doing for many far outweighs the bad that it is doing for a select few who choose to ignore what crossfit is actually teaching.
  5. Scam Websites

    You can make reference to websites that are scams though right?
  6. Roids in crossfit

    They all look like that though! Wouldn't you just assume that most of the top athletes are on it?
  7. Roids in crossfit

    Dude the olympics isn't as clean as you think, athletes are allowed to be on hormone replacement therapy which therefore means any testing on that athlete is negligible. For the top athletes they just shop around and find a Dr who will prescribe it to them, or go on a cycle on the off season then when they come back there natural levels drop and they can get a prescription anyway. There is also gear out there now that is soluble and will vanish from your system within 2 days, meaning unless you test them the day or the day after they took it you won't see anything.