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  1. Powerlifting belts

    Sorry to drag up this post from the past. I wont be at any national level comps in the next few years at least so would the getstrength belt be ok for just a local canterbury competition if i want to enter one? cheers
  2. I meant if a picture was in the local paper etc. We new Zealanders are great at escalating news like that. It would cause a shit storm of misunderstanding. :)
  3. Fair enough. Also if people don't know what it actually is so it could give off a bad image.
  4. So recommended sizing for now then. Sweet
  5. Even if currently they will be just for training? I am thinking if the future gains.
  6. Awesome guys. This is some great advice .
  7. Ok guys. The answer seems to be pretty unanimous towards sbd being the only ones worth it. But are they worth it if my mac squat at the moment is only 130-140?
  8. Thanks for the advice. I will try and wait for a good sbd price.
  9. Do you think they should be used for all weights or only the heavier ones?
  10. Hey guys I have been lifting for almost 2 years now and in the last few months I have begun a powerbuilding program with the primary goal of strength. I am keen to enter a powerlifting comp early next year as well. Ok into the real question. I see that the get strength knee sleeves are on sale. I have had sore knees in the past and they are always sore until I am fully warmed up. Would it be worth getting a pair and if I was to enter a comp would I be better off getting a pair of sbds? Would it help longevity if lifting? Cheers guys and no currently I don't lift very heavy.
  11. Bulk Whey-protein

    So when you have your 20kg of protein how do you store it to insure it stays good?
  12. Cheap Whey Protein

    I was quoted $420 for pick up.
  13. Cheap Whey Protein

    Damn. Well if you still need some hit me up sometime. :)
  14. Cheap Whey Protein

    Hey guys I posted the other day about finding some cheap protein and have gotten a quote from Davis Trading for the ALACEN 450 WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE INSTANT which is 79% protein and unflavored. I have attached the nutrition information if anyone wants that as well. It only comes in 20 kg sacks so i am looking for some keen people in Christchurch that want some of the remaining 9 kg. I will be charging $70 for 3 kg . If you are keen let me know. Also if this post is outside the site guidelines please delete it. Cheers newzealand80.pdf
  15. Bulk Whey-protein

    That would definitely make things more interesting. Thanks for the advice man.