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  1. T3 Worth it?

    Can i ask why you shouldn't take t3 when you have a hypothyroid? it is my understanding that t3 is often prescribed to patients with hypothyroidism.
  2. Unusual or lesser known exercises

    Due to my shoulder impingement OHP with any decent amount of weight always, without fail f**k my shoulders up, for some reason bench doesn't tend to affect me in the same way. My shoulder workouts recently consist of lateral raises, heavy single arm jammers, cable rear delt fly, rope face pulls for rear delts, bradford press and lastly a side lateral to front raise maybe super setted with front plate raise. Dont really do much to hit front delts because they are usually hit sufficiently training chest.
  3. Unusual or lesser known exercises

    Personally I avoid doing any heavy movements above the head simply due to the position it puts my shoulders in. You have to keep in mind that this exercise places your delts under constant tension, which as you should know (I hope you know, lol) is a key to muscle growth, its a constant tension exercise...hence the reason not to use much weight. The reason to do this as opposed to a front/behind the neck individually is because its a way to hit the entire delt with enormous volume and under constant tension, safely (due to the lack of weight). Really don't understand what is so difficult to understand here, there are many great muscle building exercises that lack proper ROM and/or merely rely on tension.
  4. Hey guys, have noticed of late that my workouts tend to consist more and more of some pretty unusual exercises, thought id start a thread for people to post some of theirs. Ill kick things off with the bradford press, this is one of my favourite shoulder exercises, It basically involves alternating between a front press and a behind the neck press, I simply use the barbell with no weight added and go to failure. I usually cant do behind the neck or any overhead pressing due to shoulder issues but this exercise for me is low impact and focuses on volume, it gives you a great burn if you push to failure. I have a number of other lesser known exercises to share but this is good to kick things off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD6XoIXGmDI
  5. Favourite lifts for building muscle

    For building muscle (have never really been to concerned about strength) Quads - Leg Press (high reps) & leg extensions Hams - dead lift Chest - Chest flys supersetted high rep incline bench Back - rack pull below the knee (low volume, high weight) Delts - lateral raise and bradford press (just the bar go to failure, if youve never done this before youre missing out.) and dumbbell lateral to front raise (another insanely good exercise, we are seriously spoilt for choice when training delts.) Biceps - 21s ( EZ bar moderate weight, 7 reps from bottom of curl to midway point, 7 from mid way point to the top of the curl and then 7 full curls, burns the f*ck outta your bi's) Triceps - V bar push downs Traps- heavy BB shrugs
  6. City Fitness Willis Street?

    Yeah f**k that shit imma just commute to lyall or thorns, shot eh kano!
  7. City Fitness Willis Street?

    Moving closer to Welly CBD soon and this will probably be my closest gym, Ive heard it can be a sardine can at times so would just like to know how busy it is (particularly later at night) and if its actually a good gym? or should i just drive the extra 10 mins to Thorndon or lyall. Cheers.
  8. Gym buddy CitiFitness Johnsonville

    Hey mate, what are your goals, and how are you currently looking?
  9. 19 Years old, Blood test shows low Testosterone levels...

    Seen two uni docs who told me my results were normal, despite me having symptoms lol. managed to get the second doc to refer me to an endo, so ill see how that goes. I reckon it'll go much the same way, so already considering trialing a cycle self administered, not quite sure where to begin with that one though....
  10. 19 Years old, Blood test shows low Testosterone levels...

    hey mate, thanks for the welcome I've never cycled before so no worries there, im full natty brah so far. ive had these symptoms for a little over a year, maybe longer, i think ive gotten used to feeling like this so it wasnt like a sudden thing. And no i dont believe in 5% nutrition haha , i just find his bigger by the day series amusing af
  11. 19 Years old, Blood test shows low Testosterone levels...

    Well i can assure you i don't have any mental disorders or eating disorders in fact i am very stable mentally and emotionally, my symptoms more traditionally match low T symptoms, un-motivated, low libido, weak erections, memory fog etc. And im not going to tell them id 'prefer' it to be clinically administered im just saying if i can get on trt legally id prefer that to self administering based off of the reasons i mentioned above.
  12. 19 Years old, Blood test shows low Testosterone levels...

    haha just because yours are low as f*ck and you feel fine, doesn't mean someone else who is also low, wont have symptoms. If yours were half mine (which would be very alarming) and you still couldn't get an endo to prescribe, then you must've been doing something wrong brah. besides i'd prefer to get it from a doc where they regularly monitor your bloods and do check ups on you than self administer...
  13. Hey there Im a new member here and found reading a few of the threads on TRT and low test to be quite interesting. I just got my test results and they came back at 12.6 nmol or 363 ng which i believe is low as f*ck for someone my age, definitely would explain why iv'e been feeling so unmotivated and lethargic recently as well as weak erections etc. Gunna see the doc about my results tomorrow, which i know chances are wont go well as i have heard most doctors are reluctant to prescribe TRT and usually dismiss low results, so ill push to see an endo if that is the case and report back with how it all goes. Any helpful info you guys have on the matter would be useful. cheers