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  1. Cheapest way to buy chicken?

    I have 80 boxes of frozen 10kg skinless boneless chicken breast at $60 a box available this weekend pm if keen that's $6 a kilo
  2. arachidonic acid

    Pain=Gains your body will adjust to the pain although I found myself not training as hard in the beginning for fear of the following day and the amount of soreness I could expect but in saying that I have a high pain tolerance and it pushed me to my limit at the beginning but after the first week I adjusted and began pushing back into heavier weights by the 3rd week I was feeling sore but a lot stronger
  3. arachidonic acid

    yes its a am/pm dose of 1500mg so 3grams daily, it is still in clinical trials at the moment but based on previous trials and my current cycle of 1500mg 2xdaily it works but like anything new people are slow to try it unless its endorsed by a celebrity or brand. Universal Nutrition Animal Test use Arachidonic Acid as one of its main ingredients and that's retailing at almost $150 for a 3 week cycle. so yea once people realise how effective it is you would make a killing selling 100g bags
  4. arachidonic acid

    I have only found 1 place that sells it in its pure form but it's in large quantities 25kg + and at $125 kg it's not realistic to purchase for personal use
  5. arachidonic acid

    where are you getting it from? is it pure or mixed like Universal Nutrition Animal Test
  6. arachidonic acid

    It's only been a month but yes I have cut down about 4kg and feel significantly stronger, sore but not lethargic and as far as gains go il be doing a dexa scan next week so will know exactly where I stand with lean mass gains
  7. arachidonic acid

    Has anyone on here tried or know of someone who has used it? I'm taking part in a nutrition study to find out the affects it has after a 1 month dosing of 1500mg daily, I was told its 50/50 whether I receive the arachidonic acid or a placebo, but I'm sure I have received the arachidonic acid as after my weight training the following day, having taken the arachidonic acid for 24 hours I was sore all over not just the muscle group I had worked specifically I mean every single muscle that was even slightly engaged through each exercise was sore and swollen. I felt like it was reliving the first time i had to recover from heavy lifting that being said this is what arachidonic acid does its a pro-inflammatory and by doing this it somehow increases muscle recovery and growth and overall strength while leaving you feeling energised with gains of half a lb lean muscle weekly and reduction of fat. I'm almost at the end of the month and honestly it will be good to not feel so sore everyday but I am wanting to do another month after a month off, I can only find a couple of places that sell the supp but its mixed with a whole load of other crap (fat burners, caffeine etc) does anyone have a contact or know where I could get it in a pure form that's not gonna cost an arm n a leg?
  8. Cheapest way to buy chicken?

    I have a hook up for chicken breast usually 10kg skinless n boneless for $60 a box although its not regular I get it by the pallet load so if you have freezers fill them up for a fraction of the retail price