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  1. NZ Fitness expo

    I didn't end up going because i'm feeling super poor at the mo and couldn't justify spending the money.
  2. Some progress pictures and advice wanted

    Thought i should give this a little update! Thanks so much to the team at Gym Nation and NZ Muscle for my voucher. As a student i couldn't be more grateful for some free protein powder! :) Had a few setbacks lately. Exam study/stress kicked my workouts to the curb somewhat, and then i had to deal with a back injury too which was super frustrating. I'm normally always so careful with my back and shoulder, knowing that i have previous injuries but i got slack and paid the price. Now back on track as far as exercise and food. I have always said that i'm in this for the long term, rather than short term results. It's inevitable that i would have setbacks, just got to keep going. My trainer is about to head to the US for cross fit so i haven't been able to get her to help me with a new plan but i'm going to have a go at coming up with something by myself. I like to mix it up every few weeks, and keep challenging myself. I am also very much a routine person so i like to have my workouts planned, and pinned on the wall in my office/gym so i know exactly what i'm doing. People are always surprised when i say i workout at home, and question how i stay motivated. I find it quite easy when i have the house to myself during the day to get it done. I'm more anxious/self-conscious when there are other people around. Don't feel like i can push myself 100% A couple of new pics
  3. NZ Fitness expo

    I was thinking about going for the first time with the aim of scoring some free samples ;)
  4. Some progress pictures and advice wanted

    Hard to say. Seem to be heading in the right direction at least! I used to think maybe it was that my hips were wider but now if be more inclined to say that perhaps I just have a shorter torso? Am just trying to focus on being the best that my body can do, rather than waste too much energy comparing myself to others :) Had my body fat % estimated at 17%
  5. Some progress pictures and advice wanted

    I think I have gone down from a D to a C. My partner has lost a bit of weight too, just with me cooking slightly different. Healthier dinners. Am really sick at the moment with a nasty cold (thanks to my flatmate). Has aggravated my asthma quite badly. Very sad not to be able to do any work but got to let my bod fix itself. Attached an updated pic
  6. Some progress pictures and advice wanted

    Thanks for the advice. I got a little bit of a shock when i stood on the scales and discovered i'd lost 3-4kg in just over a month, and gone down about a cup size... My partner has now since said to me a look a lot smaller. I'm hoping i haven't lost muscle! Kind of torn now because i really did like my breast size prior to this, but then i'm starting to get really happy with my overall look/condition/body size/whatever you want to call it. I have a new training schedule which has a lot more glute exercises and upper body which i haven't done a lot of up until now.
  7. Some progress pictures and advice wanted

    It was more after day 1 I realised how much fat I ate on a normal day and adjusted. The rest of the week seems ok imo
  8. Some progress pictures and advice wanted

    So I have been tracking my food for the past 5 days using myfitness pal. Calculated what my macros should be using an online calculator. Biggest thing I realised I day one that I was eating LOTS of fat. I also started having a protein shake prior to my exercise instead of just after. The online macro calculator suggested I needed 165g of protein, 165g carbs and 37g of fat daily. My weeks macros... Monday protein: 107g carbs: 79g fat: 49g Tuesday protein: 71g carbs: 131g fat: 35g Wednesday protein: 107g carbs: 99g fat: 30g Thursday protein: 122g carbs: 113 fat: 30g Friday protein: 102g carbs: 85g fat: 24g That's just me eating without planning anything ahead, but roughly trying to reach target. With varied success ;) I appreciate your time and advise. I'm very much still learning!
  9. Some progress pictures and advice wanted

    It's hard to notice the changes when you live with someone and see them all the time. I hadn't really been able to notice the difference myself except my thighs seemed to have a bit more muscle and have noticed the start of definition around my stomach/abs. I hadnt really thought about macros. It's a term I have seen thrown around but never really understood. Google has informed me tho. Am on a little holiday at the moment, staying with family. Really miss my exercise routine at home though! Will update this thread next week with more info on my diet. Cheers :)
  10. Some progress pictures and advice wanted

    I forgot to mention I always have a protein shake after I exercise. I chuck a scoop in with some milk, water, a banana and some frozen berries. Sometimes some Greek yoghurt too if I have some in the fridge. I usually have some kind of snacks during the day, fruit, cruskits or some kind of bar. Depends on my mood. I'm certainly not depriving myself of food ;) Don't think my partner has really noticed but he's not the most observant sort haha
  11. Some progress pictures and advice wanted

    Thanks all. I guess it's hard for me to look at my own pictures and see changes. I certainly feel a lot stronger, even if the scales haven't changed. Going to see if i can get my hands on some body fat calipers. I am definitely my own toughest critic, mostly because i used to be really thin as a teenager so it's been a bit of a shock to see my body shape change. It's made me super self conscious. Food wise i don't have a plan as such, mainly because i cook for my partner also so i have to think about what he would enjoy. I have just been trying to limit my sugar intake, drink lots of water and cook dinners myself so i can control what's in it. I get lazy sometimes and eat unhealthy things but i try not to be too hard on myself. I could prob do better in this area, but i'm working on it :) My breakfast i usually have overnight oats (1/3 cup oats, light soy milk, protein powder and frozen berries) or vogels bread with PB & banana. Lunch varies a lot depending on what i can be bothered preparing lol. Dinner is usually chicken/beef/fish with vegetables. I could just eat boiled chicken and vegetables and lose weight but that would be boring and my partner wouldn't be impressed! This is what i'm doing at the moment with exercise, although it's going to change again soon when i can catch up with my trainer. Finally got my pull up bar setup inside which should be fun ;) I have been rehabbing a shoulder injury so only recently been able to do upper body exercises. It was super exciting for me to manage a few full press ups yesterday. Never been able to do that before. I have a little home gym setup with an Exercycle, dumbbells and kettle bells, which i love. It's my happy place! I could do with buying some slightly heavier weights. People like to tell me to join the gym, but this is working for me right now.
  12. Hi all, am new here and looking for some tips. I started working out last year with the guidance of a personal trainer. I train at home and have managed to stay mostly consistent with my exercise since September. Before this i hadn't really done any kind of training at all, other than school sports. I have a few niggly old injuries so i had to be careful to not aggravate those. I started this with a mindset of wanting to change my whole lifestyle, not because i wanted to diet and lose weight. I wanted to have more energy and be healthier as a person. So the steps i have taken have been more gradual. I don't have any amazing before and after photos. My achievement is that i have been able to sustain my effort. Something that i haven't been able to do previously. I do a mix of HIIT and weight/strength training. I haven't changed my diet massively, mainly because i didn't eat heaps anyway. I am always looking for ways to eat healthier and improve my diet. I'm in it for the long haul so not keen on drastic changes. I thought i'd share some pictures with you because i have been feeling a bit uncomfortable about my body lately, especially in regards to the fat i carry around my hip area. I know i shouldn't compare myself to others, but i am yet to see any other "fitness" person who has a body shape like mine. I assume that i am just carrying excess body fat? Anyway i'd be keen to hear your thoughts. Be gentle as i'm pretty self conscious about it ;) September 2015 March 2016