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    Why is that? Why has everyone disappeared from this forum?
  2. What was the sentence? So if website/Facebook stuff is shit and you don't train at a gym, but rather own one, how the f&#k do get around all these rules and protocols and get good stuff? My only 2 links/suppliers have disappeared and even though apparantely they weren't the best they were better than I am currently using from said website supplier ?
  3. Cheers guys. Sucks a bit as took me ages to find those 2. Can anyone point me to a good site that discusses this stuff
  4. Hey guys, This is my first post so hopefully this is ok. Don't think these really counts as sources as I cant find them :) Does anyone know what has happened to either KiwiJuiceNZ Satanic labs Seems they have both dropped off the planet, which has left me high and dry and now going through a list of shitty online sources which is like pinning diluted piss. Maybe neither of these two were 'The Best' (I'm not that experienced to know), but they were definitely better than the ones I am currently trying.