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  1. carnt comment personally as i havnt had the snip'but what i thought id mention and what has put me off having the procedure is what ive noticed in friends who have,6 months post they seem to have aquired fat deposits where you commonly see in middle age women,hips.arms top of legs and abdomin.could be a coincidence but like isaid..put me off having the snip.even noticed a change in their manner...quieter less competitve.science suggest the snip wont effect the issues ive talked about...but im not so sure. if it were me id be booking a reversal...lol
  2. is their any truth in the muscle relocation principle.where a muscle group will improve faster if another is sacraficed.ie...if your tri's are proportionately to large compared to your bi's by dropping your intensity in your tri training and increasing bi's intensity your bi's will improve quicker than if you maintained high intensity in both.?
  3. clearing receptors

    from my understanding "receptors"are continually dying off and being renewed,if this is so.how does it become resistant to a given dose.??
  4. tapering up from the lowest' effective' level?...wouldnt front loaded up to this lowest effective level be the quickest way?
  5. DNP in nz

    never said i used it nor recomended it to anyone....stated you have more knowledge on the subject than someone you dont know tells me alot,you sound like youve made a few >mistakes"using dangerous substances,maybe someone such as yourself would be better off completely avoid potentially dangerous substances,perhaps even consider not driving .that stuff you put in the tank can be pretty lethal too.
  6. DNP in nz

    the fact you state if you new what you do now reguarding insulin you would have never touched it tells me you still no little on the subject,you would need to be completely uneducated on the subject to get yourself in serious trouble with insulin use,yes is has the "potential" to kill,but so do many other products,there are type 1 diabetics as young as 9 years who are left to administer and dose their insulin on their own. imo there are far more products in he fitness industrie far more dangerous than insulin.im sure if you looked into the nunber of deaths from accidental o/d on insulin ,there would be few.
  7. Test-e gel

    the jel is less than 20%as effective as injecting,so yeh a waste of time,some shave their scrotums and apply there.dont know if its any more effective or just more fun.
  8. My tren experience

    unfortunately bang bangs experience is more common than youd think,have heard the same from many first time tren users.,and turning to other drugs while on tren almost seems to be a trend.simply being aware of the way tren seems to sneak up on one self and some how changes our very character is something you need to stay mindfull of through out the entire cycle,if you feel yourself confused or unsure of aspects of your life you were fine with before tren,remind yourself your taking a substance known for exactly that. and leaving things for a few weeks no matter how convinced you are your thinking is "on track" is a good idea.
  9. d/bol for me even at a low 20mgs does the trick.realize its only a mental edge i get from it..but seeing an almost instant size increase,even if it is only fluid.,and some good strength gains does alot formotavation .if nothing else.as for the test i keep the dose the same for as long as the gains continue,then as much as double it for the rest of the cycle,dont usually even put a time limit on the cycle.it ends when the gains stop.which is very rarely over 16 weeks.
  10. Cutting advice

    anyone used the research grade clen,if so how did you rate it?
  11. Cutting advice

    personally found this the best way also.you could do a cut during the cruise period but leave it for a few months after end of cycle.myself like to cut without steroid assistance and leave the steroids for what there intended for,growth.
  12. Up tren or nah?

    for me 800mgs is when things really start to change.both sides and gainstren being the only steroid by the end of the cycle im actually pleased its over,and to be honest i dont think the xtra gains you can obtain are worth the extra sides you have to tolerate. heres a few quotes i keep in mind while on a tren cycle tren has destroyed many solid relationships you may love "the new you"on tren but your probably the only one never make any life changing decisions while on a tren cycle. personally i dont beleive in "roid rage"and although tren does have an impact on agresion or as i like to put it "competitiveness"you do need to stay aware and show some restraint at times most tren sides are in your face and very obvious.however the mental sides you need to stay aware of the possible potential mental sides from this steroid.
  13. alot of options,id suggest a simple test e /deca cycle.wouldnt try to bulk and cut in one cycle,go all out for mass leave the cutting for at least a few months after end of cycle.have found if you try to drop that extra few kgs of b/f you add on a bulk cycle to soon you just end up losing to much of your actual gains.just look to maintain that added weight after cycle.
  14. what do you want from the cycle,what are your stats,hard to answer with so little info.
  15. Cycle Advice

    egreed exactly what ive been saying,do your own research and make up your own mind,their are good arguements for and against,