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    PETN reacted to justhell in Anyone still following>?   
    Yeah for sure Daz, ūüĎć
    Gym nation is lucky to have someone as knowledgeable as yourself on here.
    I often come here for gooòd accurate advice you can trust is correct.
    (depending on the source) of course.
    Shit I've spent hours on nzbb/gym nation  each night after training hard out,
    And learned so much from all the info here.
    At one stage I was a beast ūüėĀ from doing it.
    I have won a few different prizes on here aswell,from a 3kg tub of balance whey protein powder  to gym nation tee shirt, nz muscle singlet and other stuff.
    This place use to be pretty busy with alsorts of banter and discussion.
    It's pretty cool to see the workout journals are still going for a few though.
    These days I'm not addicted to gyming like I was 6/7 years ago, ūüôÉ
    but health & strength will always be a passion I live by.
    May be like others ,that use to post here daily/weekly,
    Life gets busy ūü§Ē Circumstances change and they fade out.
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    PETN reacted to Realtalk in Clen&winnie   
    In my opinion females thinking about using aas need to have done a lot more research than males. You really need to know your stuff. Some of side effects aren’t reversible and just think hard about it. I don’t know how old you are but in 5 or 10 years time you might not be interested in what you’re interested in now. If you have changed your body, voice and other things for what you want to now you may regret it later on.
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    PETN got a reaction from Adrian in Clenbuterol   
    Yeah man sounds like you have it all figured out. Did you consider the following though?
    If you take it orally its bioavailability is only something like 97%. If you take it intravenously its very close to 100%, say 99.9% 
    0.1% wasted as opposed to 3% wasted is a 97% reduction in wastage.  Maths is below.
    =0.966666 recurring
    = 97% as a percentage (reduction in wastage)
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    PETN reacted to Pseudonym in Training with Cirque du Soleil   
    Okay guys - it's been a while, but we've got another Cirque du Soleil video for you. This time it's with KOOZA, who are currently playing in Auckland (and they've just extended the season to March 23). I saw the show, and like every Cirque show, it's packed full of great acts, great costumes, and great music. Expect to see some amazing feats of fitness, agility and flexibility from the artists.
    Again, we've split this into two videos. In this first one, I'm talking to Straps aerialist Haley Viloria, who demonstrates some of her stretching and mobility work. Enjoy!
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    PETN reacted to Gasp in RIP Old Bull   
    Some nice words here and my first post for years but being far luckier than Old Bull.
    I talked to him many times how Id trained a 20,30,40 and 50 year old but never a 60 year old.
    Old Bulls words to me were simple.... Just get under the bar and start squating, the first set hurts like f*ck and then it gets hard.
    A true warrior and set a great example to how real gyms should still be.
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    PETN reacted to Pseudonym in RIP Old Bull   
    Thanks for posting that obituary, Realtalk. That's terribly sad news.
    Old Bull's been a member of this forum for almost as long as the forum has existed. And all that time, he's been the steadiest, most constant source of advice and support for up-and-coming powerlifters. It would be no exaggeration to say that powerlifters throughout the country owe their lifting careers to him. His passing will leave a big hole in this forum, and in the powerlifting community.
    One thing I'm sure of... wherever he is now, he'll be continuing to fill out his lifting journal. Thanks for your time, OB.  
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    PETN reacted to soundsgood in .   
    Hey bro. Thread hijack.
    When I was in WA in 2010/11 I decided I'd give working in the mines a go.
    I had no relevant experience at all but I had mates who worked in the mines and that made a shitload of difference.
    I signed up with a company as a drillers offsider. Thats about the only job you can get without any experience (sometimes you can get into the blast team if you know the right people).
    Anyway I did about a month of courses (including my Truck license which was pretty easy) then they flew me to the middle of nowhere in the Pilbara and I got stuck into it.
    Picked up the job really fast. They were grooming me as a driller.
    I stayed in a mining camp in a town. The town had 10000 people in it with supermarkets, pubs etc. My camp had 1000 people in it. It had a massive dining room that was a buffet every night and you could request steak or fish as much as you liked, they would make it for you. Open breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    The gym facilities were actually not too bad. Full cardio equipment, couple of squat racks, benches, Dbs up to 50kg and about 20 x 20kg plates. So you could get a decent workout in and eat good nutritious food.
    You are housed in a donga which is basically just container sized room with a bedroom, toilet and shower. After you work all day, train and eat you pretty much just want to call or skype home for a bit then go to bed so its fine.
    All your airfares to and from the site, food and living costs are paid for while you are up there. My roster was 2 weeks on and 1 week off. I started on $AUS105k and was looking at going up to $AUS160K after I qualified as a driller.
    I only did it for a few months because being away from my family was driving me nuts. So I took a pay cut and came back to NZ but if I was single and wanted to earn some good coin I would definately do it!
    Where abouts are you hhhh1? What work are you in?
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    PETN got a reaction from Realtalk in Actually going gym etc pt.2   
    When are you going live on fb with a gopro stream br0?
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    PETN reacted to New pome in Gyno Surgery costs?   
    Yes sorry mate it was jimmy bro, not sure if it was him or just a random YouTube clip. 
    The adress was Tedder Avenue medical practice just off the strip on gold Coast 
    the docs name is Ian Mitchell 
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    PETN reacted to trainlikeafreak in Example Of Gains From Low Dosage   
    Soooo anyone with a good physique has superior genetics? ....I’d say people with shitty physiques are lazy :)
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    PETN reacted to Daz69 in Example Of Gains From Low Dosage   
    There is diverse information to be found on the net, but not everyone understands it..
    From experience, I'd say most of the competitive bodybuilders that have reasonable physique have a personal trainer, that takes care of diet, exercise and hormones.. Some of the biggest "monsters" I've known are thick as pig shit.. 
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    PETN got a reaction from craig1973nz in Example Of Gains From Low Dosage   
    Here you go br0

  13. Haha
    PETN got a reaction from craig1973nz in Example Of Gains From Low Dosage   
    Here you go br0

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    PETN got a reaction from Sarge in Do you REALLY love your mrs?? ūü§Ē   
    In most mammal species the male will f*ck multiple females. This is obviously a characteristic that would be selecred for in natural selection/ evolution of a species where the female is capable of looking after the offspring on her own. The feeling which you are calling "love" is just some shit that happens in your brain when you encounter and gain interest in a new potential mate with what appears to be suitable genetic marerial expressed as phenotypic traits. 
    The social constructs and general expectations of monogamy and long term interest in a single mating partner held by most modern human societies (obvious exception being ragheads) are all a load of crap in terms of our psychology. They are contadictory to basic biological principles and the natural selection process which occurred from the recent past to likely at least tens of millions of years ago. Most of the advantages of long term relationships in our society are simply those associated with a financial partnership which you could just as easily (and probably more successfully) do with another male (no homo) or larger group e.g. a syndicate.
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    PETN got a reaction from Rebel101 in GPC TriNation   
    Yeah I don't know when the comp is. Thought you meant you'd done it and come last. You obviously won't come last unless you do something retarded. Lots of the females that do powerlifting aren't particularly strong.
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    PETN got a reaction from T3_ in Snap Fitness costs   
    If I was researching this information I'd probably try looking on their website, stopping in at your local branch or contacting them via a brief telephone call.
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    PETN got a reaction from GyzzBrah in Actually going gym etc pt.2   
    Sorry bro, forgot youre gay
  18. Sad
    PETN got a reaction from GyzzBrah in Actually going gym etc pt.2   
    Sorry bro, forgot youre gay
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    PETN got a reaction from ratz99 in My brothers & sisters!   
    Not really binary. Could also chop her up and put the bits in a suitcase then throw it in the harbour.
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    PETN reacted to gazza in Idle ramblings and observations.   
    Job done, 3rd place NABBA Otago.
    f*ck TUMOURS!!!!

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    PETN reacted to 1D13 in getstrength nz   
    Signed up just to review these guys. 
    Bought a pair of shoes and a belt off them. 
    "suede" on the shoes came apart after a few months of gym only use. Absolute garbage. 
    Sent me the wrong size belt after waiting months. Sent it back at my expense, refused to refund the cost. Got the right size a couple weeks later. The real kicker was when the rivets that were used in construction rusted though after about 6 months, resulting in the belt coming apart during a sqaut set! 
    I'm all for supporting NZ business, which is why I tried them. They're just marking up goods produced in China/Pakistan made as cheaply as possible. 
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    PETN reacted to Pseudonym in Lame reason to lift...??   
    Play nicely, guys. There's no reason why Intern's story can't be true. Let's see...
    - Man in troubled relationship joins bodybuilding forum in effort to impress his Mrs. Considers using steroids, but then decides that's not for him.
    - Cop proactively on the hunt for steroid dealers joins dead-quiet bodybuilding forum, concocts elaborate back-story about why he needs steroids in the hopes that someone will PM him, then inexplicably does an about-turn and says he doesn't want gear any more.
    I know which I think is more likely! Sounds like all that gear is making you guys paranoid!
    Oh, and @intern - I think PETN's comment was his suggestion on how to deal with a broken relationship, not a welcome to the forum. Not sure if that makes things better or worse!
  23. Haha
    PETN got a reaction from ratz99 in Lame reason to lift...??   
    Pack your shit up and f*ck off or steal a plane and fly it into your house.
    This thread still stinks of bullshit.
  24. Haha
    PETN got a reaction from ratz99 in Lame reason to lift...??   
    Pack your shit up and f*ck off or steal a plane and fly it into your house.
    This thread still stinks of bullshit.
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    PETN reacted to Realtalk in AAS and depression   
    If you are on anti depressants then you have no bussiness using AAS.
    I dont know about everyone else but I‚Äôm ‚Äėmental healthed out‚Äô. That‚Äôs all you hear about these days, most of it is¬†¬†a crock of shit.