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  1. From memory the human LD50 for caffeine is around 12g.
  2. Advice

    Less shard
  3. Anyone suffer with fatigue and tiredness ?

    Did you get blood test done at doctor? I did after feeling fucked all the time and turned out I had ross river virus and a probable gluten intolerance.
  4. Test cycle

    If you are only going to do one or two cycles dont even bother. In reality youll probably end up doing a lot more if you start. If you stop I doubt you'll go back to training natty for any decent length of time as youll either get back on or give up. Why not take 300-400mg/week? Not like it has to be taken in integer multiples of 250mg/week as you can adjust both the frequency and the volume per injection.
  5. Cheat Meals/Days

  6. Clenbuterol

    No idea man. If you want to lose weight the easiest way is eating less and the easiest way to do that is to suppress your appetite. Clen does not do that.
  7. Clenbuterol

    If youre worrying about cramps now before even experiencing them then youre probably too much of a wimpy c*nt to be taking it and dealing with them
  8. Clenbuterol

    Like i said already I hope you enjoy your cramps. Heres a list of some of my favourites (most happened multiple times): -Waking in the middle of the night to simultaneous cramping in hamstring and quad resulting in a pulled muscle. -Getting cramp in both calves while walking up the hill to where i lived on the way back from uni and having to sit on the ground for 20min or so to stop reccurring cramping. -Cramping in abs while driving and having to immediately pull over and roll out of car and lie straight on the road to stop cramping from coming back -Cramping in abs while laughing -Annoying cramps pretty much everywhere whenever taking clen for the first couple of days after having time off it -Cramp in feet and various places in legs while spearfishing or bodyboarding I had a 300g (i think?) bag of taurine and took 5g of it most days for a while and that seemed to do f*ck all
  9. Clenbuterol

    Yeah man sounds like you have it all figured out. Did you consider the following though? If you take it orally its bioavailability is only something like 97%. If you take it intravenously its very close to 100%, say 99.9% 0.1% wasted as opposed to 3% wasted is a 97% reduction in wastage. Maths is below. (0.03-0.001)/0.03 =0.966666 recurring 0.97*100/1 = 97% as a percentage (reduction in wastage)
  10. Clenbuterol

    If you cant control your eating without it youll just end up eating more on it. Do you enjoy cramps?
  11. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    When are you going live on fb with a gopro stream br0?
  12. Gyno Surgery costs?

    Not sure if it was me that posted it man as ive never had the surgery done. Think it may have been jimmybro1. Pm me the details of who you used etc or just write here as under 2k is dirt cheap.
  13. As above compound has come out of solution. Whether non pharmaceutical shit is labelled just depends if someone could be fucked making or paying for labels to be made or not. I could fill a vial with my own excrement and put a fancy holographic label on it and crimp a nice pop top lid on the vial. Presence or quality of label has no dependence on the quality of product inside the vial. Just a marketing tool to create an image of authenticity and standardisation for the product and/or mimic a genuine pharmaceutical grade product.