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  1. Low testosterone

    Good idea. High test/normal test/low test its all the same shit if you don't lift or don't care about lifts.
  2. .

    Trained chest again yesterday. Was noticeably weaker which was to be expected. Bench as per below. 140x10 140x10 140x9 140x6 Need to start going gym regularly. Been too tired to go after work due to virus and hardly been eating.
  3. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    So basically mowing the lawns and doing the gardens for one of your mum's friends?
  4. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    What is the job?
  5. .

    Yeah would have been good if you'd put more money into it. Some people must have gotten filthy rich from it. I reckon it's risky and a load of shit. Hasnt crashed like I thought it would yet though. In my model it can get up to around $15000 before crashing.
  6. Max bench at bodyweight

    Being a skinny c*nt is probably best bet and sounds like you've got it covered. Don't imagine many people at 100kg or above could rep out 50 reps of their bodyweight. I definitely can't and haven't ever been close to it when I've given it a go. No idea about training but IME doing the reps as fast as possible helps.
  7. Monolift J Hook Attachments

    Got one of those BOC multiprocess inverter machines that can do stick, MIG or non AC TIG. Never tried TIG before. Will get argon bottle and shorter torch thing with Teflon liner and use U groove roller and give it a shot. Would just be making stuff for cars like an air box and pipework, ute tray etc with the alloy so only very light fabrication. Don't have a generator yet and just using single phase power supply at rented place. Mag drill is just for home use and odd jobs. E.g. drilling holes like this for M80 bolt. Was looking at getting a hitachi drill press then decided f*ck it, will pay a bit extra and get a decent mag drill. Probably going to make a bit of stuff out of stuff like HW300*300*10*15 etc that I'd prefer to be modular rather than welded as one thing. Tapping would mostly only be stuff under M20. Planning on making a stand or two for it so I can use it as you would a normal drill press to do small stuff and non ferrous metals etc. Not too worried about dropping a few grand here and there as ultimately I will get 45% of whatever I spend back by claiming it as work expense in tax return. Anyway getting way off topic
  8. .

    Current state. Far from ideal. Only got small mirror so couldn't include legs but they look like shit, same as anyone who doesn't train them. Trained back tonight. 2 sets pull ups 15 reps 13 reps 2 sets single arm rows on machine. 15 reps 1PPS 25 reps 1PPS Gym was playing what seemed to be some sort of "best of ACDC" playlist. In reality there is no such thing as "best of ACDC" and all songs sound exactly the same - like shit, so cut session short.
  9. Monolift J Hook Attachments

    Hey bro I've got a 40A one and it's adequate for cutting through 10mm mild steel. You're correct that it trips the fuse though when using it at 40A when the compressor kicks in which is a pain in the arse but I'm looking at getting a decent generator as even my welder trips the fuse when using it at 175A on thicker materials. I've got a couple of questions for you though which you may or may not be able to answer: 1) I'm looking at making a bit of stuff out of aluminum alloy. Is MIG using appropriate alloy wire and argon adequate or should I go drop a couple of grand on an AC TIG machine? 2) Going to buy a mag drill and want something decent. Size/weight is a non issue as will buy a compact one as well if I need it. Looking at getting the below (BDS MAB 825). I plan on using it for drilling holes and tapping threads so need something reversible for the thread tapping. I want something which will meet and exceed all of my foreseeable requirements. http://www.capitalequipment.net.au/product/bds-mab825-magnetic-base-drill/ Good brand and decent value in your opinion? Reckon it's worth getting the model with the lockable swivel base or is better to keep it simple?
  10. .

    Short gym session as wanted to grab dinner and quite achey due to not sleeping for the past 38 hours due to work requirements. Bench 60x7 100x7 150x10 170x5 Shoulders 3 or 4 sets each of db side raises and rear delt fly on reverse fly machine. Got about 100K in shares currently all in one high risk speculative oil exploration stock. My plan for next week is to reduce exposure if share price increases to make a small profit and to protect some of my capital from a future price drop. If price remains similar I will continue holding and if price drops I will either sell some to reduce exposure or continue holding dependent on the nature and circumstances of the decrease. I have lost tens of thousands of dollars in a day, both realised and paper losses on different occasions, and it's not a good feeling especially when it's money you've worked for rather than profits of past trades.
  11. .

    Abstract: FY2016/2017 was not a good year for me for a number of reasons as outlined briefly below: A) Contracted ross river virus B) Realised a circa 65k capital loss as well as a significant paper loss C) Stopped lifting often. Cancelled gym membership, OTP etc. D) GF proved she is a slut In saying that I couldn't really give a f*ck about any of that shit as I firmly believe that everything in our lives is "predetermined" (although it's far too complex to model) and as such those events were always going to be what happened. Anyway can't do f*ck all about A) above and already took care of D) so that just leaves points B) and C). It is my intention that this journal will become a chronicle of my attempted comeback with respect to these points and hopefully be in a better position physically and financially at the conclusion of FY2017/2018 (Aus I.E. July to June) than I was at the end of FY2015/2016. Anyway talk is cheap. Will update when I actually do something material.
  12. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    What stuff are you doing at uni (e.g. what papers/major/degree) and are you still failing shit?
  13. Help required - Police PAT

    Strongly agree. Having different requirements for different age groups and sexes is discriminatory. If there is a physical standard that needs to be met in order to be a police officer then that same standard should apply to all age groups and need to be maintained. Different standards could apply to different policing jobs. E.g. less stringent for those doing serious crash investigation than AOS etc.
  14. Help required - Police PAT

    It is quite realistic. I used to do it and I was around 85-90kg which is heavier than is ideal. Top marathon runners average under 3 minutes per km for the 42km which is insanely fast. I believe a top athlete would be able to do the 2.4km in under 6 minutes, around half the time you are trying to do it in.
  15. Help required - Police PAT

    2.4km in 11 min 50 sec isn't even 1km every 4 minutes. Someone that is reasonably fit would be hitting under 4min/km running for at least an hour so you obviously aren't very fit. Either you're lazy or you have some sort of disease or genetic anomaly that makes you unsuitable. What is your weight? If you were very heavy it would make it more difficult.