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  1. Sarms

    Is $100 a lot to pay for fuel? You know, irrespective of whether you're fuelling a motor scooter or filling up an oil tanker or a nuclear reactor or a woodburner because price is usually totally independent of quantity or any other detail.
  2. The plan...

    Think this is the least shit/disruptive upgrade so far. Didn't like it at first but to be fair that was when it was still cooked and using it now I'd say it's actually an improvement.
  3. At the end of the day if your genetics are legitimately shit you end up achieving f*ck all in training whether you take gear as a shortcut or spend 10 years of ball busting training in your garage. That aside I look forward to reading the OPs cycle log of his likely mediocre results and I'll add to that by preemptively questioning the dosage/legitimacy of his gear that he is yet to source/use.
  4. Steroids

    Are you saying that a bunch of 70 and 80 something kg virgins who barely look like they lift and who spend most of their time on their computers typing complete shit and convincing each other that they actually lift and aren't socially awkward/bipolar/aspergers etc are unlikely to be a legit source of gear?
  5. Steroids

    Could have just been a legit innocent question rather than sourcing perhaps. I know I was curious where (nz context) people got P.E.Ds from before I used.
  6. 1st cycle thoughts

    Daz is not saying that at all in what he wrote. Only that having high doses for long periods results in desensitization I.e. permanently blasting or mostly blasting with very short periods in between blasts. Cruising between blasts isn't "sustained elevated levels" of testosterone if you're cruising on near natural levels (which you should be or else it's not really a cruise) and as far as I can see Daz has not in this thread given an opinion on whether cruising is 'better' than going off or vice versa. Correct me if I'm wrong. IMO if you want to stay healthy and avoid sticking needles into yourself for the rest of your life then just stay natural. The whole 'gear' thing wears a bit thin as you get a bit older than your early 20s.
  7. True Half-life Tables

    Molecular weight can actually vary depending on the isotopes or ratio of isotopes present as constituents of the molecule. A well known and somewhat extreme example would be heavy water which contains deuterium atoms rather than the more commonly occurring lighter form of hydrogen giving it both a molar mass and density of about 111% that of ordinary protium containing water.
  8. Kiwijuicenz

    And like $1000 a year for gym memberships lol
  9. Kiwijuicenz

    I'm not suggesting people should be paying $150 a vial. Like I said it costs me under $10 to make a vial of test e but once you price in the risk of customs seizure, loss in post to and from the seller, risk of prosecution for selling, risk of getting bashed/stabbed selling, time taken to source product, solvents, accessories and time taken to actually make the stuff, time taken to meet customers or package and send then it wouldn't be worth selling for anything less than several multiples of the cost of materials. For the record I don't sell gear. Did for about 6 months 3 years ago and sold for around $70 for a vial of test e to undercut the standard $100 per vial that gear was at the time then. Wouldn't have been worth it to sell for $50 unless I was getting shit in by the kg and selling in bulk and had a vacuum pump filtration set up, rather than a couple hundred grams here and there and filtering manually. Because of this I'd say at a complete guess that gear would likely be underdosed. As I said before it would be difficult to conclusively tell if it was underdosed by as much as even 50% even with bloods, unless you were running very low doses. This would make it very tempting for someone selling gear for near what I consider the break even point to get a bit of profit happening by doubling their inventory while exposing themselves to very limited additional risk. All IMO.
  10. Kiwijuicenz

    The prices are so cheap you can pretty much guarantee it's garbage (always a chance it isn't though). I mean you can make a legit 250mg/ml vial for under $10 cost but once you weigh up the risk and your time it's not really worth it to sell for $50 unless you were selling 10+ vials every order. Wouldn't be surprised if the 250mg/ml was 150mg/ml or some shit. No one would really be able to tell.
  11. Too much BA or not enough BB and/or carrier oil to stop gear coming out of solution following injection most likely.
  12. Low Test levels.... want to bump it up

    250mg/week test and 600mg/week eq is a pretty gay cycle.
  13. Contact the company.
  14. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Yeah I understand bro, I too am a natural born killing machine caged by my bullshit life; possessions, relationships, work, other commitments. One day I will escape.
  15. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Why would you want to join the military if you're running a successful business. You are aware that the money is pretty shithouse?