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  1. To cycle or not to?

    Your diet sounds like conplete shit. 100g of protein isn't a lot. Hence the 72kg I'd guess. No point fucking your endocrine system if you're just pissing around.
  2. Lame reason to lift...??

    Pack your shit up and f*ck off or steal a plane and fly it into your house. This thread still stinks of bullshit.
  3. Clenbuterol

    Notice shakes and cramps if it's real when you first take it (as in that day). Probably other shit that will do the same thing though, maybe rat poison?
  4. Clear Tren

    You have a bank account number for him or more likely his mate/gf and they have you or your mate's address I'm assuming.
  5. Clear Tren

    Probably be lucky if it's even test or deca
  6. How did you get > 50% bodyfat?
  7. New Here

    You met Chrystal yet?
  8. Question about Stronglift programme

    What's your exact address bro? Also stop being a pussy. No one who's not retarded needs a faggy program. Hiring a PT to spot you is retarded. What I do if I want someone to help me lift the bar if I get pinned is ask someone "hey if you see me pinned can you come help me lift the bar off myself or failing that strip the weights evenly from the bar". Bonus is the cunts can't touch the bar like some seem to think I want. Otherwise just bench without clips then worst case scenario you just tilt the bar and dump the plates off one side then the other side will self dump then, after some noise you're sweet. Hope this helps you not be such a sooky f*ck.
  9. I reckon either would be fine but I'd prefer to keep using both. DBs have the advantage of being easier on your joints being able to rotate through movement and not having your hands fixed along a straight line. On some movements you can get better contraction too doing only one side at a time rather than symmetrically with both hands/sides of the body. BB has the advantage of being fixed (disadvantage for joints) so that horizontal force components exerted by the person cancel out. Thats why if you're benching 180 for reps you won't be benching 90 for reps with DBs. Still would rate the DB movement as being better for chest though but probably would be the opposite for deadlifts using DBs as that would be shithouse.
  10. Snap Fitness costs

    If I was researching this information I'd probably try looking on their website, stopping in at your local branch or contacting them via a brief telephone call.
  11. Just protein code

    Pretty sure it's around 80% also. P.S. don't take the nutritional labels on food as being accurate. Sometimes they are grossly inaccurate.
  12. Yeah that'd be fine. Someone will pm you regarding your sales enquiry shortly no doubt.
  13. grade 2 calf tear

    Wraps pull the tendons on the back of the leg pretty tight. Considering people tear calves running it's not that surprising.