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  1. As above compound has come out of solution. Whether non pharmaceutical shit is labelled just depends if someone could be fucked making or paying for labels to be made or not. I could fill a vial with my own excrement and put a fancy holographic label on it and crimp a nice pop top lid on the vial. Presence or quality of label has no dependence on the quality of product inside the vial. Just a marketing tool to create an image of authenticity and standardisation for the product and/or mimic a genuine pharmaceutical grade product.
  2. Do you REALLY love your mrs?? 🤔

    In most mammal species the male will f*ck multiple females. This is obviously a characteristic that would be selecred for in natural selection/ evolution of a species where the female is capable of looking after the offspring on her own. The feeling which you are calling "love" is just some shit that happens in your brain when you encounter and gain interest in a new potential mate with what appears to be suitable genetic marerial expressed as phenotypic traits. The social constructs and general expectations of monogamy and long term interest in a single mating partner held by most modern human societies (obvious exception being ragheads) are all a load of crap in terms of our psychology. They are contadictory to basic biological principles and the natural selection process which occurred from the recent past to likely at least tens of millions of years ago. Most of the advantages of long term relationships in our society are simply those associated with a financial partnership which you could just as easily (and probably more successfully) do with another male (no homo) or larger group e.g. a syndicate.
  3. Old gear

    Fine if the gear was clean
  4. Ah you mean continuing with a 62.5mg dose until its finished?
  5. Mathematically it wouldn't ever be finished if he keeps halving the dose, no? And he'd end up with one ml unused.
  6. Idiot. Just have a break from gear if thats what you want to do or run a low dose of test. Doubt your body has produced any significant testosterone in the last 10-20 years.
  7. maccaz 2018 prep log

    No air con in the gym?
  8. Did he say it was easy did he? I must have missed that bit.
  9. GPC TriNation

    Yeah I don't know when the comp is. Thought you meant you'd done it and come last. You obviously won't come last unless you do something retarded. Lots of the females that do powerlifting aren't particularly strong.
  10. GPC TriNation

    Did you not get an opener or something?
  11. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    So are you getting some sort of degree from uni, and whats the full time job ?
  12. Myprotein impact whey

    Pretty sure my gf buys that shit if it's the one in a blue and white packet. Seems fine.
  13. Steroid and Blood tests

    What do you mean? You just weigh out the correct amount of powder and correct volumes of solvents/carriers. Unless you were a retard you'd be very aware of it if you were making batches of underdosed shit up. Getting sold a cheaper compound/ester instead of something expensive is another story though.
  14. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Sorry bro, forgot youre gay
  15. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    Yeah that's off its head. You trying to crack onto any of the sluzzas there? What are you spending your extra money on?