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  1. Yeah I understand bro, I too am a natural born killing machine caged by my bullshit life; possessions, relationships, work, other commitments. One day I will escape.
  2. Why would you want to join the military if you're running a successful business. You are aware that the money is pretty shithouse?
  3. I've never cared enough to measure a rack or bar but I'm guessing this rack is 1450mm wide. I doubt a 7 foot bar narrower than this on the bit of the bar in between the rotating bits where the plates sit.
  4. Looks like any other wog that's been hitting the gym for a couple of months. What's he weigh, like 85kg?
  5. I just use tap water
  6. Quads is shit. Really hit and miss in terms injection pain and punching through veins. I only do it as cbf having felt infection and always get back cramp trying to reach glutes. Wouldn't recommend it, or calves.
  7. It was almost impossible to pretend I wasn't pleased to see her after almost 7 weeks away. However it was not a facade I had to maintain very long as like every feeling I experience it was fleeting at best and was superseded almost immediately by my usual emotionless and calculating state of mind. As she came towards me I could sense her obvious happiness was somewhat subdued by her uncertainty. "What's your boyfriends address?" I asked, knowing 100% that she wouldn't tell. I remember thinking that the reasons for her uncertainty were completely justified as I collected her throat in my hand, lifting her off her feet momentarily before pinning her forcefully to the wall by her now partially obstructed wind-pipe. After tiring with watching her squirm as she gasped for air I released her and she collapsed to the ground and I wondered if I had already gone too far. The look of terror and disappointment in her eyes (betrayal even?) wasn't something I'd prepared myself for But this was only the beginning...
  8. Do you train at a women's gym or something?
  9. .
  10. Yeah I'm going to have to go with the flow and recommend myself too, although im Australia based. PM me some nudes then ill decide if its worth the coin to fly over and 'train' you. Sincerely Stavros Kovic
  11. Yeah nah f*ck that
  12. Yes ok br0, but saturation doesn't occur when you interview only a small number of people. In terms of the question she's asking there are a lot more than 6 different reasons guys that even I know have used steroids for. That's the point I was making and I understand what qualitative means you fuckwit.
  13. After about 7 weeks came right. Weeks 4-6 were shit
  14. Glad you are probably going to be ok bro. Infections aren't really a big deal anyway - IME process was just go hospital once it gets bad and stay overnight and get it chopped out then go gym again same day as discharged and train. Then repeat til they sort it properly. Just boring in the hospital, but good opportunity to catch up on some sleep and take a few sickies from work.