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  2. Yeah I'm going to have to go with the flow and recommend myself too, although im Australia based. PM me some nudes then ill decide if its worth the coin to fly over and 'train' you. Sincerely Stavros Kovic
  3. Yeah nah f*ck that
  4. Yes ok br0, but saturation doesn't occur when you interview only a small number of people. In terms of the question she's asking there are a lot more than 6 different reasons guys that even I know have used steroids for. That's the point I was making and I understand what qualitative means you fuckwit.
  5. After about 7 weeks came right. Weeks 4-6 were shit
  6. Glad you are probably going to be ok bro. Infections aren't really a big deal anyway - IME process was just go hospital once it gets bad and stay overnight and get it chopped out then go gym again same day as discharged and train. Then repeat til they sort it properly. Just boring in the hospital, but good opportunity to catch up on some sleep and take a few sickies from work.
  7. Looks like an HIV rash. Could be related to your brother in law and you using the same gear. Do you use the same needles to inject too?
  8. This is probably the most interesting discussion that I've seen on this website in months. No one is attacking the OP personally so I don't really see why this somewhat related topic can't be discussed? I doubt she gives a f*ck what people she will probably never meet on the internet think. Anyway, on sample size: "DePaulo (2000) contends that sample size plays an important role, not just in quantitative research, but, also in qualitative research. The idea that sample size does not matter in qualitative research may stem from the perception that it is suitable for testing and estimating quantities. Perhaps, the impact of increasing sample size from statistical perspective is to minimize sampling error. This reason might be a hard sell to justify increasing the sample size in qualitative studies. But, in qualitative research just like quantitative research attempt is made to identify something or explain or account for causes of something. For instance, a qualitative researcher may want to find out whether consumers are satisfied with a particular product or otherwise and account for reasons for satisfaction and otherwise or obstacles consumers may face with the use of particular product etc. Commenting further he notes that the gist of the matter is that in order to come up with credible findings, qualitative sample size must be large enough to ensure that the widest possible coverage of research subjects perceptions or opinions are accounted for. It is likely to be the case that even with attention restricted to a target market; different groups of consumers may have different perceptions depending on age, gender, social status, affiliations, social networks etc. This suggests that depending on the nature of the research theme, small sample size may create problem in qualitative research, given that the smaller the sample size, the more likely that the perceptions solicited and gathered would be limited and may bias the results upward or downward. On the other hand, the larger the sample size, the less chance of failure in terms of failing to uncover perception or opinion that researchers might want to know." Can't be fucked searching for and copy pasting something about sampling method. Google 'non-probability sampling' if you struggle to see how the proposed method could introduce sample bias affecting conclusions drawn from either quantitative or qualitative research.
  9. A good mate of mine had this happen also. Literally got screwed as well as figuratively. He fucked the researcher and it grew into a regular thing 3-4 months later she 'forgot' to take her pill and got knocked up. Mates gf found out and took the kids and fucked off. My mate stopped seeing/fucking the research c*nt a month after that as she had a screw or two loose in the head, but she ended up keeping the baby. Now hes paying child support for 3 kids, and to top it all off the bitch didn't even finish her PhD because of the baby so the whole thing was a waste of time anyway.
  10. Dunno about on this forum, but most people I roll with at the gym have knocked out a few theses and had shit they've written published in scientific journals. I remember when i was doing my first PhD having a discussion with a couple of my professors about the apparent decline in quality of peer reviewed published material. Interestingly enough that is the research topic which I based one of my current PhDs on.
  11. I understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative however I think the issue I pointed out, although practicably unavoidable, is relevant to either.
  12. Any voluntary survey, online or in person, will have potentially non representative data because you are automatically only selecting people who can be fucked wasting their own time doing it as the sample group. Often this will be correlated to the survey topic. Also with reddit users you will probably be talking to people who think they are using steroids but likely actually aren't. You might well get a different response based on this as all they are experiencing is a placebo effect rather than the actual effects of steroids.
  13. Criminology related research by any chance?
  14. I'm interested in the olimp test e. Pm me
  15. I noticed in Auckland when I was living there that the new world supermarkets were a big rip off compared to others when it came to buying meat. Didn't seem as bad in the south island, but maybe try countdown or paknsave or a butcher.