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  1. SARMS

    Yeah bro will do. Bought some of the two mentioned previously a couple days ago as my mate reckons he's put on a fair bit of size and strength taking only the sarms.
  2. SARMS

    Cheers man. Purpose would be to not turn into some weak pussy if I stop taking gear. Not worried about pct. Are SARMS something where there's a benefit when taking with gear (similar to peptides), or do they compete with gear for receptors or something?
  3. SARMS

    Talking about MK677 and LDGD4033. Wanting a break from needles for a bit. Is this crap legit or will it do f*ck all? Anyone used sarms of any kind with any sort of success?
  4. Urgent Diet Help Required

    Why did you choose to live in this kind of environment/why don't you find somewhere else to live? Used to live with this guy in a work house who was a little bitch too. Would complain when dishes were soaking in the sink from the night before (which he'd wash himself), about pizza boxes on floor in the lounge the next day and syringes (in wrappers still) in the cutlery drawers etc. In the end no-one even did their dishes because he would always clean up, and it was easier to listen to his whinging than to clean up ourselves.
  5. BodyMetrix Pro

    Would you sell the bottles of ass lube separately?
  6. Laced test e??

    f*ck I'd just keep smashing that shit if it's working. I know you said 175 but how frequently is that I.e. what weekly dose are you running, or is that 175mg/week? Could just be that you had crap before and this is the real deal. I don't normally have anything to write home about in terms of strengths gains only a couple of weeks in so that's a bit odd.
  7. Laced test e??

    So the test you've used before was pharma grade was it? To me it just sounds like you've got some actual test this time
  8. .

    Got a bit higher than I thought (20k rather than 15k) but I wasn't too far off. Irrespective of whether you'll re enter later I hope you sold when it was at stupid prices. The crash was inevitable as the number of new people buying bitcoin was unsustainable and this demand and associated rapid gain in perceived value was the reason the price went crazy.
  9. Protein on a budget

    Increase you budget or steal using self checkouts
  10. getstrength nz

    I've never dealt with them but pretty sure I recall several other people on here saying that they have had a similar experience to that over the past few years. Use the search function and see what you can dig up.
  11. What do you look for in a PreWorkout?

    Maybe rewrite the poll so the choices are less retarded
  12. Low testosterone

    Good idea. High test/normal test/low test its all the same shit if you don't lift or don't care about lifts.
  13. .

    Trained chest again yesterday. Was noticeably weaker which was to be expected. Bench as per below. 140x10 140x10 140x9 140x6 Need to start going gym regularly. Been too tired to go after work due to virus and hardly been eating.
  14. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    So basically mowing the lawns and doing the gardens for one of your mum's friends?
  15. Actually going gym etc pt.2

    What is the job?