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  1. Bulgarian Bags

    Hey guys, whilst trawling through the endless options of gym equipment out there, I came across the Bulgarian bag, has anyone used them before, recommend them? If so, whats a good weight for a 70kg male for a good intense cardio workout? Cheers
  2. Setting up home gym

    Yea I want something I'm able to throw down if I hit failure on some standing military presses. Buying a lot of kit off Wazza tonight, hes been great. Any time one of you guys are up in Mangawhai, hit me up for a gym session!
  3. Setting up home gym

    Really appreciate all the input, I found when searching for gym equipment online No1 and Elite Fitness seem to dominate the google search engine. You can never trust the quality. Buying the Powerfit power cage/lat pull down/bench and bar now. Now its time to find some plates.
  4. Setting up home gym

    Thanks for the reply, that does look like a sweet combo! Cheers
  5. Setting up home gym

    Hi guys Recently bought a house that has a double garage, finally can set up a home gym like I've always wanted! Can anyone recommend a good power cage, that has pulleys at the top and bottom, pull up bar, and those arm things that are on the side of the cage designed to slip the weights over when not in use (if someone could tell me what those arm things are called, would be appreciated) Adjustable bench Olympic bar Weights Dumbbell set Dumbbell rack Kettlebells EZ curl bar Floor tiles Mirror Anything else you can think of if you were designing your own gym? Good wholesalers, quality brands and as I mentioned earlier, a powercage that would be suitable for my needs. Thanks a lot Ryan