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  1. You could try Atlas http://www.atlasgymnasium.co.nz/ or CSPC https://www.cspc.nz/ - both good powerlifting gyms.
  2. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    Nice way of putting it... cheers Maccaz!
  3. Squat form check. Butt wink?

    If you look up, your chest will follow naturally. Fix the head position first. Look at the end of the bar - the path should be broadly vertical from top to bottom and back again.... if the bar moves forward at the bottom, you're leaning too far forward. I looked at the sets from 2m30 or so and the bar path's not too bad, and form generally is pretty good.
  4. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    Chur, Pseu! it was good fun! I think that yes, in my specific case, the intent of the build-up had been to make the most of the suit, which was a squat suit, not a purpose-designed deadlift suit. Shifting the emphasis back to glutes/ hamstrings (which I could feel sumo doing, even classic) from quads. But, I may be wrong :)
  5. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    Last comp of the year - 2017 Powerhouse Open 🙂 Dunno why I didn't report on the 2017 Nationals... My first equipped comp after six years of classic. Build-up was decidedly sub-par - work commitments meant that for four of the past six weeks, heavy day Saturday was about all I did... but. Warm-ups went well, so I committed to the plan.... Squats (loose 48 Centurion squat suit): 230kg Good lift two-to-one 240kg Good lift three white lights 250kg Good lift two-to-one - a hip misalignment meant my left side was higher, but it's close! Bench (loose 54 Fury bench shirt): 130kg Good lift three whites 140kg Good lift three whites - bar-path got squirrely on the descent but it popped straight up. 150kg Good lift three whites Deadlift (done classic) 200kg Good lift three whites 230kg Good lift three whites 250kg No lift - stalled at knee height. 240kg might have been a safer option but today wasn't about safe... The squats felt good - walking out with 250kg up, I didn't get the "OMG this is heavy" feeling, and it popped up nice. Likewise the bench - as a mate said, 150kg has to be my new opener. Deadlift - I am struggling technique-wise with swapping to Sumo, but when OB pointed out that the point of sumo was the suit, and conventional would be OK, I took the hint (eventually). 230kg was good, first time in my hands since Nationals. The 250kg stalled probably because of the bigger increments in lifts, extra fatigue from the equipped work... but it moved off the floor which is more than I expected. Total: 250kg squat (vs 227.5kg raw PB) 150kg bench (vs 132.5kg raw PB) 230kg deadlift (vs 250kg PB back at Oceanias last Dec). 630kg total (vs 587.5kg classic PB at Nationals, 600kg at CD champs in April). So, I was getting about 10% out of loose equipment after only 3 months to convert. Guess I'd better get some tight stuff! Bring on 2018.
  6. Powerlifting belt recommendations in NZ?

    The Kiwistrength ones (Dan Rudolph?) are OK - don't know anything about Athlete-X. If it's a powerlifting belt you're after (as opposed to a CrossFit Velcro belt), then other local vendors to support are: Courts at Aotearoa Strong has Lifting Large belts - I've one of their 10mm single-prong economy belts and it's good. Matty at Strongheld has Beast Genetic belts - also a really good brand. Warren Russell at PowerFit has Metal belts. Finally, Raise Lower has both SBD and Titan. All those brands are IPF Approved which means they'd be legal in any (NZPF or other) competition. All those firms also support NZ powerlifting events, clubs and athletes so are worth a look.
  7. Olympic lifting coach in Wellington

    No, not me... I did train at MaD CrossFit in Petone, but that would have been at least four years ago now... didn't mind the CF approach, just couldn't make the "You must do N WoDs/ week" thing work with my job at the time.
  8. Olympic lifting coach in Wellington

    You could try Matt at 41 Degrees Weightlifting, or Phil Silverman at Wellington Weightlifting - they'll likely have some ideas. Don't knock some of the CrossFit coaches - I know one of Matt's colleagues, who just did the Masters Games in Auckland, and did really well. She coaches at a CF box in Petone, but knows WL and PL.
  9. Weighlifting Shoes?

    Never seen Otomix in a shop here... Here's a couple of other choices: GetStrength have these: http://store.getstrength.com/deadlifting-shoes-flat-grip-sole/ and Powerfit NZ have the awesome Metal boots: http://powerfit.nz/powerlifting-shoes-ipf-approved-go971024 Bu, if you want a boot with a rigid raised heel, you're out of luck - I've never heard of one.
  10. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    23 April 2017 - the 2017 CDPA Champs Report (my 6th consecutive CDs): Pretty good day under the bar...couple of learnings still to do, but that's how we roll. Squats: 210 WWW, 220 RWW 227.5 WWR equal all-time PB Bench: 115 WWW, 125 WWW, 130 RRR equal all-time PB Deads: 225 WWW, 240 WWW, 247.5 WWW Picked up the elusive 600kg total - not bad for an old fella. Squats were OK, not sure why I corkscrewed the 220, probably wasn't making sure both glutes were firing :( and then swapped sides for the third) but it went up. Equalled my third at Oceanias - which is good for my (rarely seen) consistency :) Bench - maybe the first-second jump was a bit big, it was a grind, and the third stalled at about 1/3 ROM. Nonetheless, I was happy to take the 125 :) Deadlift - all went up OK. 250 might have been there, but I had my eye on the symbolic 600kg total, and locking in qualifying for the year ahead. Looking ahead - will be wanting to clean up my technique, so that it doesn't turn to custard under fatigue, and pick up my deadlift game (heheheh) a wee bit. chalked-up, and going every time - she was looking after lifters most of the day, working hard for us :) It was another fantastic weekend at the House, thanks to the refs Paul McM, PT Jr, Vee, Matt and Robert who put in long days - Robert did both, Vee refereed the day after competing!. The Spotter loader crew really worked hard, and made a lot of great savesl.
  11. How do I lose this dam gut!

    This! Seriously, there's so much fried stuff in there (equals hidden fats) that you'll never out-train it. Get yourself a flat-plate grill or George Forman, grill that chicken/ lamb/ salmon/ whatever. You can wrap cold pieces in a bit of tinfoil for snacks. There's probably a ton of salt in there too, which won't help.
  12. 2016 Asia-Oceania Championsips

    Powerlifting Asia and the Oceania Powerlifting Federation bring their joint 2016 Championships to Christchurch, starting with equipped lifters on Monday 5th December, and building to the heavyweight open men (U74, U83, U93, U105, U120 and O120) on Saturday 10th December. There'll be lifters from NZ, Australia, across the Pacific (Nauru, Samoa, Niue, New Caledonia, Kiribati), as well as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, India, Hong Kong, Pakistan. In the open classic Joe Whittaker, Oliva Kirisome and Jezza Uepa have all nominated over 900kg totals - 1000+ for Jezza. In open equipped, there's also a lot of nominations over 800kg. See the timetable here The full list of nominations is here The livestream is here The running score-sheet is here
  13. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    Cheers RT- it was a good day. Under NZPF rules, NZ records can only be set at Nationals or North/ South Island Champs, or at international comps, so that's why it wasn't official. I think OB may have saved the live-stream, but otherwise nope...which when I think about it is a good thing, given the state of my first two squats
  14. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    Saturday 19th November - Powerhouse The Powerhouse Open BBro Squats 205 kg - RWR - depth 210 kg - RWW - depth 215 kg - WWW Bench 110 kg - WWW 120 kg - WWW 127.5 kg - WWW - 2.5 kg PB all-time, missed that at Nats Deadlift 225 kg - WWW 240 kg - WWW, 2kg PB and unofficial NZ Record 250 kg - RRR grip failed me at the very top, about a half-second after the down command. Grrr Total - 582.5 kg, up 4.5 kg from Nationals. Squat depth was down, inexplicably, to depth - it was "just above" but each successive squat got better and better. Jumps were conservative - 5kgs rather than 10kg, but that's OK, I know the big jumps are there if I need them. Bench worked a treat - something left for the Asia-Oceania champs, perhaps. Deadlift - warm-ups felt OK, 225 was good to get a feel for the platform and pick a sighting point. 240 was good - nice to get a competition rep at that weight. I initially nominated 247.5 for third, but decided to change up. 250kg came off the floor quickly enough, got it to (admittedly a faintly soft) lock-out, got the down call and left hand gave out so I was red-lighted on 'failure to maintain control'. Something I can work on, for sure.
  15. 2016 Powerhouse Open BBro

    Better late than never... this Saturday, up at Powerhouse Gym, 272 Taranaki Street, Central Districts Powerlifting Association is hosting the Powerhouse Open, 59 lifters - 26 women, 33 men, including at least 9 competitors on their way to the Asia-Oceania Powerlifting Champs in Christchurch from 5-11 December. Should be a great day's lifting.