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  1. Free bench shirts and squats suits for powerlifting

    Hey Tom, if you've still got them, I'd be keen (not for me, waaaaay too small, but I know some folks who could put them to good use!).
  2. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    April 13th, 2019 - Central Districts Powerlifting Association Regional Championships BW 137.6, M2/ 120+ Equipped Squat: 260/ 275/ 285kg - 12.5kg PB! 50 Centurion and Signature Gold knee wraps. This was a WPNZ equipped record for the 55-59yo, 50-54yo AND 45-49yo age-groups in the SHW category. Bench: Missed 150/ Got 150 / missed 156kg. 52 Fury - still in a beginner's shirt. Not happy at going 1/4, missed opener because refs had a view on whether my elbows were locked that different from mine but still a 5kg PB Deadlift: 225/ 240/ missed 256kg - still done classic - but happy to have moved the 256 to midway, after never having had it in my hand before. The 240kg was a WPNZ equipped record for the 55-59, 50-54 and 45-49yo age groups. Total: 675kg - 5kg PB and a new WPNZ equipped M4 (50-59yo) record total.
  3. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    October 20, 2018 - NZPF Equipped Nationals - held at Unbreakable Training Centre in Christchurch: BW 136, M2/ 120+ Squat: 250/ 265/ 272.5kg (600 lbs) - 20kg PB! Bench: 150/ 157.5kg / missed 162.5 but still a 5kg PB Deadlift: 200/ 225/ 240kg - done classic, haven’t mastered equipped deadlifting in a suit yet. Total: 670kg - 47.5kg PB Happy with that, went 8/9, missed 162.5kg bench cos I let the bar drift. Awesome day with the Central Districts Green Machine! Other observations: There were only 8 lifters - three women, five men. Only two provinces - Auckland and Central Districts, no lifters from Northland, Waikato, Canterbury or Southern There were only three Open lifters, and five Masters lifters - no juniors at all. Not sure why it was so small - are people scared of equipped lifting, was it the timing (or is a long weekend better for comps?). Ah well, their loss :)
  4. Wellington gyms with lifting platforms?

    You could do worse than talk with Warren at Powerhouse up Taranaki St. He has a pretty good Oly set-up, with proper bumper plates, great bars and so on - yes, they have boxes. There's a few Oly lifters train there. He even has rings for ring-muscle-ups, about the only thing I don't know he's got would be that bar for bar muscle-ups, toes-to-bar and the like. It's absolutely no-frills - but the equipment's first-rate - nothing bent or cheap.
  5. Powerlifting Gym in Christchurch

    You could try: Atlas Gymnasium Canterbury Sports Performance Center or 64 Fitness - they're more of a CrossFit box, but they have some strong members
  6. Was waiting to see if anyone chimed in... if you were looking for competitive powerlifters, I don't know of any at Club K. Powerlifters are dotted around the place - some at various City Fitness (J'ville, Thorndon), Les Mills (Hutt) or a lifting gym like Powerhouse or Viking Bros. Seems to me that most of the Oly lifters are with a club like 41 Barbell or Dark Horse, or one of the CrossFit boxes. Otherwise, you might have to inspire some of the other Club K members to join in lifting heavy things.
  7. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    20 April 2018 - Central Districts Powerlifting Association Regional Champs - Hastings Fitness Centre, Hastings (obvs!) My seventh regional champs, second-ever equipped comp Build-up was decidedly sub-par - work pressure was a contributing factor, so I took a low-key approach. Squats (new 50 Centurion squat suit): 230kg No lift - depth. Just not enough weight on the suit. 240kg Good lift lift three white lights 252.5kg Good lift two-to-one and a sneaky 2.5kg PB Bench (loose 54 Fury bench shirt): 130kg Good lift three whites 142.5kg Good lift three whites - struggled a wee bit at lock-out but got the lights 150kg No lift- stalled at the chest-to-triceps transition. ***drinks large can of high-octane Monster*** Deadlift (done classic) 200kg Good lift three whites 217.5kg Good lift three whites 227.5kg Good lift. 622.5kg total - good enough to qualify me for all but Commonwealth or World Champs. Overall, an OK day. I started lifting at around 1430, having arrived at the venue at 0640 to referee/ MC/ officiate in the morning session as/ where needed. Nutrition/ hydration/ caffeine were off as a consequence, but that's all on me: I could have managed it better. Head wasn't in the game for squats, just didn't attack enough (and I'm sure I'm going to hear that later!) - only after the 252.5kg did I really feel that 255 or even 260kg would have been there. Bench was another story - didn't ever really get the shirt working, and the 150 should have been an easy second. Fixed some of my more egregious bad habits, but couldn't get the power off the chest I really needed. Something to work on (and who of us doesn't have that!). Deadlifts- here I'd been struggling during training. I had never really managed to get any meaningful benefit from using a squat suit in deadlift. On the day, I had two options: try to get anything I could from the suit, or revert to classic and lock in the total. I took the second option, although it meant deadlifting conventionally, rather than Sumo I'd trained for the past six months. Attempts were down, the 200 was a gym rep, just grip-and-rip, but the second and third got better as the day went on (and the Monster kicked in!). Undoubtedly, if my head had been in the right place I'd have opened at 227.5kg and gone up, but these decisions are always far clearer with hindsight. Fortunately, equipped national champs are a ways away (late October, Christchurch), so I can fix the many shortcomings and deliver something better :)
  8. You don't "need" to belong to a gym to use their PTs, but most PTs base themselves out of a gym rather than train clients at home. While most of your training could be done wherever suits you, the sessions tend to be in their "office" wherever that is. From what I know, City Fitness doesn't seem to have anyone in the bodybuilding biz at the moment - so in Wellington/ the Hutt, that's mostly Les Mills, either Extreme on Taranaki St or Lower Hutt. Probably a good place to start would be to check out some of the bodybuilding federation FB pages, like NZIFBB, NABBA etc - they would likely be able to put you on to people.
  9. Do you belong to a gym chain like Les Mills or City Fitness yet? What's your preferred area/ would you travel to train? What sort of training - sounds more bodybuilding than lifting/ strength sport?
  10. You could try Atlas http://www.atlasgymnasium.co.nz/ or CSPC https://www.cspc.nz/ - both good powerlifting gyms.
  11. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    Nice way of putting it... cheers Maccaz!
  12. Squat form check. Butt wink?

    If you look up, your chest will follow naturally. Fix the head position first. Look at the end of the bar - the path should be broadly vertical from top to bottom and back again.... if the bar moves forward at the bottom, you're leaning too far forward. I looked at the sets from 2m30 or so and the bar path's not too bad, and form generally is pretty good.
  13. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    Chur, Pseu! it was good fun! I think that yes, in my specific case, the intent of the build-up had been to make the most of the suit, which was a squat suit, not a purpose-designed deadlift suit. Shifting the emphasis back to glutes/ hamstrings (which I could feel sumo doing, even classic) from quads. But, I may be wrong :)
  14. TFB - to Nationals and Beyond!

    Last comp of the year - 2017 Powerhouse Open 🙂 Dunno why I didn't report on the 2017 Nationals... My first equipped comp after six years of classic. Build-up was decidedly sub-par - work commitments meant that for four of the past six weeks, heavy day Saturday was about all I did... but. Warm-ups went well, so I committed to the plan.... Squats (loose 48 Centurion squat suit): 230kg Good lift two-to-one 240kg Good lift three white lights 250kg Good lift two-to-one - a hip misalignment meant my left side was higher, but it's close! Bench (loose 54 Fury bench shirt): 130kg Good lift three whites 140kg Good lift three whites - bar-path got squirrely on the descent but it popped straight up. 150kg Good lift three whites Deadlift (done classic) 200kg Good lift three whites 230kg Good lift three whites 250kg No lift - stalled at knee height. 240kg might have been a safer option but today wasn't about safe... The squats felt good - walking out with 250kg up, I didn't get the "OMG this is heavy" feeling, and it popped up nice. Likewise the bench - as a mate said, 150kg has to be my new opener. Deadlift - I am struggling technique-wise with swapping to Sumo, but when OB pointed out that the point of sumo was the suit, and conventional would be OK, I took the hint (eventually). 230kg was good, first time in my hands since Nationals. The 250kg stalled probably because of the bigger increments in lifts, extra fatigue from the equipped work... but it moved off the floor which is more than I expected. Total: 250kg squat (vs 227.5kg raw PB) 150kg bench (vs 132.5kg raw PB) 230kg deadlift (vs 250kg PB back at Oceanias last Dec). 630kg total (vs 587.5kg classic PB at Nationals, 600kg at CD champs in April). So, I was getting about 10% out of loose equipment after only 3 months to convert. Guess I'd better get some tight stuff! Bring on 2018.
  15. Powerlifting belt recommendations in NZ?

    The Kiwistrength ones (Dan Rudolph?) are OK - don't know anything about Athlete-X. If it's a powerlifting belt you're after (as opposed to a CrossFit Velcro belt), then other local vendors to support are: Courts at Aotearoa Strong has Lifting Large belts - I've one of their 10mm single-prong economy belts and it's good. Matty at Strongheld has Beast Genetic belts - also a really good brand. Warren Russell at PowerFit has Metal belts. Finally, Raise Lower has both SBD and Titan. All those brands are IPF Approved which means they'd be legal in any (NZPF or other) competition. All those firms also support NZ powerlifting events, clubs and athletes so are worth a look.