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  1. Has anyone switched between keto and high carb for cutting and bulking phases? I thought about trying the keto diet during my cutting phase (+/- carb cycling), then switching to a standard high carb diet for bulking once I'm at an acceptable body fat percentage. I know its possible to bulk with keto, but my carb requirements are high and I can't lift heavy when my glycogen stores are deplete. My understanding is that keto diets burn fat more quickly than standard diets due to low levels of insulin release (as insulin stores fat, increases transport of glucose into cells which then converts to fat, and increases the difficulty of cells to breakdown and release fat), so wouldn't it make sense to cut with a keto diet, and then bulk with high carb? Should I stick to high carb and focus more on caloric deficit and lifting heavy for cutting, then caloric surplus for bulking?
  2. Tuna in water or oil?

    I also wanted to ask: why is tuna in water recommended over tuna in oil? There are high levels of omega 3 in those oils.
  3. High protein snacks?

    I usually take a couple of tunalite cans for lunch, but I never have anything to snack with during my coffee break. Any high protein snack suggestions that don't require any preparation?
  4. Whey recipes

    What do you mix whey protein powder with other than oats, cottage cheese and shakes?
  5. Canned chicken breast

    They are selling for 2.50 at Pak n save Dunedin
  6. Canned chicken breast

    Bumping this thread. Just bought the watties chicken in spring water - 24g protein, ~1g fat and ~1g carbs. Around 2.50 at pak n save. Obviously fresh chicken beats canned, but if you're on the run and don't have time to cook, weigh etc, and you're sick of eating tuna, definitely buy a handful of these!
  7. New High Protein Bread

    Tip top just released a new version of their bread with extra protein. Here is the website for more info: http://hi-proteinbread.co.nz/ The lin-seed version has 11.2g per 2 slices, which means a couple of tuna sandwiches would make 56g of protein in one meal. Countdown selling 2 for $5.50
  8. New High Protein Bread

    I've been lurking for a while, thought I would contribute. Yeah I was a bit misled by the carbs, I'm still new to this dieting thing. Could be good for bulking, but not cutting
  9. New High Protein Bread

    Linseed version: 193 cal per 2 slices Protein 11.2g Fat total 4.2g (saturated 0.6g) Carbohydrate 25.2g (2.4g sugar) Dietary fibre 3.7g Sodium 296mg Thiamin 0.8mg (74% RDI) Riboflavin 0.6mg (35% RDI) Niacin 3.7mg (37% RDI) Folate 141 microgram (70% RDI)