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  1. New member, everyone's gonna think I'm a cop

    Thanks very much everyone for the advice, I will let you know how I get on
  2. New member, everyone's gonna think I'm a cop

    Hi mate, thanks for the quick reply, when you say taper off i presume reduce intake. i plan on running it for ten weeks and getting on a pct afterwards, I obviously understand there is thousands of comments like this on the net but some advice would be greatly appreciated. I would rather do it right, cheers
  3. New member, everyone's gonna think I'm a cop

    On top of this... training the past 12 years, 82 kilos @ 7 bf%
  4. Hi All, James... From Ireland... living in chch the past few years and looking for some info please. i have received the adequate amount of sustanon to do a correct cycle only of test within the proper time frame but the problem I have is pct. I have ordered the necessary products for my pct but they have been confiscated on three different situations. Obviously with my horrendous terminology and extremely vague information I am a first timer cycler but I am looking for some help with the pct side of things please. Any help greatly appreciated.