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  1. maccaz 2018 prep log

    Great natty strength gains!
  2. I need help with dieting for strength

    Agree, he sorted my diet out during my powerlifting season this year, kept me lean and gaining strength all the way through. Managed to get all PBs and records at the last comp. Highly recommend him: @trainlikeafreak
  3. Gpc NZ and social media

    Too much drama. Just going to lift from now on. No more organising comps. 1) Organise and do free seminars to get numbers for my hometown comp 2) Get talked shit about (no gratitude here. No one in hometown could be fucked so myself and a fellow lifter had to sort everything. Despite this get shit talked about) 3) Had to ref so didn't compete 4) Had to compete in regional elsewhere to qualify/ Hear there are special exceptions for some lifters going straight to nationals... All after I sorted the comp and did AKL champs. How does this all work? Special exceptions to go straight to nationals etc
  4. 2017 log

    Yeah bro def something to think about for once comps over.
  5. 2017 log

    Nice bro, haven't done high reps well over 3 on them in ages but get the idea. You have a mean pull (no homo)
  6. 2017 log

    Fuark.. That pause or regathering at the bottom doesn't f*ck you, you find?
  7. Squat On money = Get Some Honey

    Already answered today uso! Benching today, hit target numbers very easily. All on track. Did a bit of pressing assistance and done. Resting tomorrow and shoulder/tricep work on Thursday
  8. 2017 log

    Which gym is that Wookie? @maccaz no such gym as Eastside anymore. We all trained there in the beginning. Do you mean CSPC? Long story but not training there after ownership changed hands
  9. 2017 log

    huhuhu this is chch
  10. 2017 log

    GC, did you get them from get strength? No of our racks could hold them bro lololol.
  11. Playing the ace card

    Was nice intensity bro, good grinds on squats. Glad all the racks were free huhuhu, bench Mondays
  12. 2017 log

    Bro are the specialty bars yours or do they already have that equipment at global?
  13. Squat On money = Get Some Honey

    Squats: 2x6 @ 192.5, 1x3 @ 197.5, 145x3x8, 142.5x2x8 LP: 9PPSx5x10 Leg Curls: 5x8 @ 60kg
  14. Training etc

    Loolololol obvious troll is obvious. You got comp coming up soon brah? What's the V protocol for that?
  15. Squat On money = Get Some Honey

    Nah bro its not that, it was a one off. Usually only PT arvo on a Friday, like start at 2:30 and fin at 6. Had to get new consults in and reschedule so ended up starting at 5:30am and finishing at 6pm