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  1. Thanks teamfatboy. Yeah certainly not discrediting the Crossfit coaches, they just seemed to be the only ones I found advertising their services. Off topic, do you train at CF in Petone ?
  2. this is on behalf of.....Have tried to translate those from the question I was asked. Lookign for an Olympic lifting coach in Wellington. Not wanting to lift from the floor at this stage but more interested in the lifts given to athletes(not specifically weightlifters) in training environments (e.g. hang high pulls). Had a look around and a lot of the options seem to be personal training sessions with Crossfit coaches. Not saying they are bad but was wondering f there are any specific Olympic lifting coaches ? I also came across the club at Powerhouse and one in Petone but no indication of actual coaching. Does anyone have any recommendations...or places to stay away from ?
  3. As part of rehab from an operation/injury I had to do bodyweight squats on the injured leg. Not pistol squats but rather just squatting down on the single leg (other leg goes out behind you). Over time I got better at it , but doing that combined with hamstring exercises made a difference to my squatting in that I had a better descent. Prior to that I sometimes had uneven hips or an uneven descent. tldr; as posted above glute work helps alot
  4. thanks for the info. Do you favor a specific macro spilt of any kind ? thoughts on carb cycling in relation to training days...mumbo jumbo ? or legit ?
  5. trainlikeafreak, what kind of deficit do you have them running at to maintain strength and also to recomp ? Do you worry about macros ?
  6. Thanks for this. The straight up'ness of it has a lot of appeal. It's clear where everything stands, there is no grey. Love the Sewer Gym message as well. I'll have to sort my sh&t out and get down one day .
  7. how does programming work ? just take your own in and go for it ? Get tweaks /corrections and advice from seasoned folks as you go ?
  8. thanks for the replies, it has been really enlightening. I had pictured the environment to be more a case of 'F*ck up,don't ask for help and if you don't like that f*ck off" but it seems it may be quite different. I'm weak as f$ck ..sounds like I'll have to join up one day.
  9. Just checking this isn't a typo..it would be the best place ?
  10. When you join one of the commercial/chain type of gyms they often get the new member to go along and have a session with a trainer and get a program of sorts. I realise places like Powerhouse don't have PT's but how does it all unfold ? Is it just sign up and that's it, the rest is on you ? By that I mean what if a person comes in off the street and signs up and has no lifting experience, needs to know rep, set structure etc. Is it a case of if you can't figure it out f*ck off ?
  11. Thanks for your input PETN, the more perspectives I get the better. My initial impressions are some places stand by this Reps registration and closer inspection of the Reps levels of registration reveal that they are very specific about what you can and cant do. Proper job ? do you still mean something in the fitness industry or something totally different ? I definitely don think it's something I'd be doing for the $$$. Was looking for a way to get real worl experience workign with athletic population... Becomes a catch 22 if you havent trained anyone. They may not want to be coached by anyone who has not coached before and therefore the coach cant get the experience. ...bit of a chicken and egg scenario.
  12. It's more the hoop you have to jump through at some places where they want you to be Reps registered to the PT level. here's an example from Trade Me - REPs registered to Personal Trainer (employee) or be able to get REPS registered. the other thing Im trying to suss out is what way to go about getting experience prior to finishing my studies so I at least have some real world experience.
  13. I know there isn't a 'best' course so thought I'd seek opinions on the current courses and how people view them. Other than finding the course sites themselves I haven't actually come across any other place than this site that actually mentions PT courses in NZ. FWIW Im about half way through the process of completing a sports and exercise degree. However when I look at PT jobs they often as for you to be Reps registered to a certain level. I thought doing a PT course while still at uni may put me in a position to PT while still studying at uni. also is PT a protected title ? or can cowboys just jump up and call themselves a trainer and then train people ...(seems somewhat alarming if that is possible)
  14. Hi all, thabnks heaps for al the replys. Im going to see how the rest of the week is scheduled for me and then try to get to the clinic at Powerhouse. M.T..thanks for your offer as well, that's really generous.
  15. Thanks, I checked out their site but couldn't seen any mention of lifting clinics or courses for beginners. Perhaps I was looking in the wrong sections.