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  1. Moving to New Zealand

    hey man, I came to NZ for a bit late december.. here for the year from the states. Was just like you posting and googling to find nice gyms. Glad I found Gymnation itsa great community here. Right now I'm in Auckland. Justworkout is cheap and right in the heart of a city, but a suitable gym for guys like you and me. I liked that one. Cityfitness is good as well, but I only like the one in Newmarket. The one on Queens street in the inner city isnt as great imo.. Les mills auckland city (on victoria street) is basically the mecca here. Flashy and motivating. Check out les mills britomart. Theyre within walking distance. I know les mills britomart has a thing going on soon that you get 10 visits for 10 dollars, which is INSANELY cheap for them. But its slow season starting now for member sales, so theyre trying to boost em that way. Can't go wrong there. But for a perm membership the rates are quite high. For girls just go out in ponsonby on the weekend in auckland, or use tinder lol. safe travels. nz is beautiful. the south island i have yet to get to, but looks like a whole nother realm of beauty. Gonna take it before I leave here.
  2. Gymnation Protein Testing - let's make it happen!

    Nice video! I gotta catch up on the reading. I'll be pledging. Would be sweet to see this lifted off the ground.
  3. So yeah, had it locked up outside my work overnight and someone must have came with bolt cutter's and stole my bike a few days ago. I'm here on working holiday and that was my main means of transportation to and from work, and to get around in general. Have a car but its 14,000km back in the states right now. Anyone have an extra they will sell me for cheap? The old bank account isnt too rich in nutrients right now. Figured I would ask on here. If you never ask, you'll never know. Looking on trademe in the mean time. CHEERS dudes
  4. Training Diary While here in NZ -

    Been slacking on the diary the last couple weeks. I've just been focusing more on my workouts in the midst of them, supersetting a lot and trying to cut down my rest times a little aka not on my phone or writing down what i'm doing so i can post it here. just focusing on the workouts. I have pretty much decided I am going to do my first show, physique class, in august... i have like 20 weeks. . so I'll be keeping carbs up and body weight a little heavy the next 10 weeks or so then do my prep... right now I'm at about 84kg and 10 percent body fat. ill be sure to keep a detailed account of it all and post it here... I'm excited.. stay tuned PS.. not enjoying the creatine, not really noticing a change in reps but it just makes me hold a lot of water and not look as good lol
  5. Training Diary While here in NZ -

    29/3 LEGS 11pm-2am pretty tired, took my time. dont usually do it but added in Deadlifts as well, although traditionally done on back day. With the help of a crappy Easter weekend diet, and the preloading of creatine, I've actually gone up a few pounds. Kinda cool to see me that heavy on the scale. I feel stronger. Although I dont have the abs and cuts i normally do. The pump is great and mighty, but I dont look as ripped. Muscles have much more of a smoother look. I'm holding a lot of water with the creatine and have plenty of carbs up in me. Anyway: traditional barbell squats, wraps no belt 100 x 15 warmup 120 x 10 140 x 0 (failed in the hole, safetys got the bar for me) 140 x 0 (tried again, failed) 125 x 0 (failed) I think my legs were just blasted already at this point 100 x 7 100 x 7 60 x 7 60 x 10 deadlifts, wraps 60 kg for reps 100 x 10ish warmup up still 140 x 8 180 x 1 200 x 0 failed leg press 8 plates x reps 8 plates x reps 12 plates x 12 12 plates x 6 altnerating lunges with 16kg dumbbells in both hands did 2 sets for a few each, sloppy form. legs pretty fatigued. so stopped at 2 sets since form was being compromised leg extensions machine 4 sets double legs with restricted blood flow, then ac ouple single leg sets, variable loads (dropsetting and rest pauses) laying hamstring curl machine same as the leg extensions machine- multiple sets, blood flow restriction then I went to sleep at the gym because it was 2am and I worked there at 6am :D 30/3 11am ARMS did not record. during arms I do so many different exercises altnerating, supersetting, dropsettings, circuiting, and just constantly go with not much rest between sets/exercises so I dont take the time to record in my phone. ill log another one soon. read back to my previous arm workouts, it will be in the same general nature and same exercises just supersetted differently and in a different order
  6. Training Diary While here in NZ -

    back from Easter weekend. Took a couple days and went camping with some mates. Did a shoulder workout a few days ago with a training buddy that I didnt log... but 28/3/2016 CHEST, finished with abs **So last chest workout I did. Which was around 2 hours, and way more exercises tahn I normally do, I actually felt DOMS. Which to me is good. I'm going to keep it up. Just need to put in the time and volume for my chest to respond, I'm thinking. Incline (slightly lower than 45 degrees) DUMBBELL PRESS warmups 36kg x 19 42kg x 9 50kg x 4 CONTINUING DUMBBELL PRESSES (slight incline now [lowered the back rest by one setting/ one up from completely flat]) supersetted with 28kg DUMBBELL CHEST PULLOVERS 42kg x 9 superset 28kg dumbbell chest pullovers to failure 42 x 7 superset again (got 5 pullovers before failure) 42 x 7 superset again 42 x 5 SUPER DUPER SET:::: UNDERHAND LOW-TO-HIGH DUMBBELL 12KG FLYES (start with hands at sides, underhand grip, palms facing forward, bring dumbbells up to meet out in front of chest/neck) to FLAT BENCH DUMBBELL FLYES 12KG slow tempo/ multiple second pauses at bottom allowing for stretch to PUSHUPS ON THE SIDE OF A BENCH ((( x 4 ))) ** pump was pretty insane here, especially in the forearms from the flat bench flyes WEIGHTED DIPS 10kg x 17 10kg x 8 10kg x 8 CABLE FLYES 7.5kg to failure superset assisted pushups 10 to failture superset assisted pushps 12.5 dropset 10 dropset 7.5 to failure each, superset assisted pushups 15 dropset 12.5 dropset 5 to failure each, superset assisted pushups 10kg to fail LOW CABLE FLYE 5kg x failure x 2 sets PIN LOADED MACHINE PRESS 50KG 5 sets ABS some rope pullovers, weighted oblique raises, situps 6-8 sets or so
  7. Elbow Injury

    I had tennis elbow a couple years ago when I was getting really strong. It happened because I arm wrestled this jacked dude on roids. Started after that. I would feel like I'm fine then try to lift light warmup sets or two, or throw the american football around with my buddies then all of a sudden have a severe, very intense pain in my elbow. Id run it under cold water if it was available and just wait for it to subside. Really impressed by the pain it gave me, honestly. the cure: REST Honestly just give it some time. When you think its fine and want to try it, dont, give it another week or two to be sure. My broscience cure: REST.... and compression. LIke an elbow wrap. If its not tennis elbow then I dont know, I'm not a doc :) Feel better!
  8. Training Diary While here in NZ -

    24/3/16 BACK 1 hour. No deadlifts, feeling a little drained. Just focused on getting a back pump in the hour before work. SINGLE ARM DUMBBELL ROWS 36kg x 4 sets both arms... 8-12 reps LAT CABLE PULLDOWN 15 second rest then UNDERHAND 57kg not recorded 67kg not recorded 77kg (8 reps overhand, 15 sec rest, 7 reps underhand) CLOSE GRIP CABLE ROW 5 sets (47kg, 57, 67, 77, 77 dropsetting 3-4 times) Pullups x 3... fatigued SINGLE ARM PLATE LOADED TOP-DOWN ROW MACHINE 20kg neutral grip both sides for slow squeezing reps 40kg neutral grip 40kg underhand grip 40kg neutral grip 40kg underhand grip --- each on 40kg was about 5-7 reps PLATE LOADED SINGLE ARM ROW MACHINE 50kg x 5 sets both arms IVANKO STRAIGHT BAR 36kg Overhand grip set Underhand grip Set Overhand grip set Underhand grip set OVerhand grip set Underhand grip set --- all for 15-20 reps quicker tempo/burnouts to end the workout
  9. okay so i'm not doing waxing ever haha trimmer on low settings one day i guess to see how it goes. I'll only pull the trigger on a razor shave for my first actual prep probably somewhere halfway through it. I'm around 10 percent BF now I think. I'd want to get that down before I actually did any big hair removal jobs. Good tips thanks
  10. So for those that don't know, I'm a dude. First things first. Anyways I want to compete either later this year or next year. I have hairy legs and normal arm hair. Not very dark or unnattractive. Just, ya know, hair..... My torso I dont have much hair (hardly any on back naturally) and just a patch on my chest and a happy trail. So i've been shaving my anterior torso for a couple years now every few weeks or so. SO, when should I start shaving my legs? If I'm going to divulge myself into this sport and plan for the future I figure I should start soon but am hesitant. I read if you dont shave until prep than it may mentally mess with you because you'll look smaller once you shave? What is the upkeep like? Do your legs become cactuses for in bed with girls lol? Do you guys (who shave) buzz or shave with a razor... ect Then theres arms of course. But legs are my main concern, being so much more hair and body surface. I know once I pull the pin on this grenade it will have to be a regularly upkept grooming habit.
  11. Training Diary While here in NZ -

    Maybe because you didn't load :D just kidding. you're probably right. In case anyone else wants to learn something: Creatine 101 (taken from a post I put on a facebook group last month about creatine that got really positive feedback)::: when you lift you use your ATP energy system, adenosine tri-phosphate. when you lift and the energy is used, one of those three phosphate groups breaks off. when you supplement creatine theres more in the muscle being stored and it more quickly replaces this phosphate group to make complete ATP (adenosine di-phosphate back to tri-phosphate/atp), more quickly than it normally would. Creatine doesnt make you stronger, it simply gives you more replenished ATP readily available for that next set to get that extra rep or two in, which in turn, makes you stronger that way. so if you supplement creatine dont be a little noob and quit when you have another rep or two or three left in you. have a spotter help you get those last reps or just dont be a little bitch, or youre just wasting your money. Im not a MD, but thats creatine in a nutshell
  12. Training Diary While here in NZ -

    I'd like to add I'll be introducing Creatine monohydrate to my regimen. Got a tub from Gaspari, 60 servings, 5 grams each. Be interesting to see how my rep ranges change for specific weights: I'll be taking 25 grams/day for the first 5 days to preload 10 grams/day after that for 10 days 5 grams/day maintenance til the tub runs out Let me know if anyone has a better idea. bodybuilding.com suggested wtih a weight calculator: week 1: 29 grams/day week 2-4 12 grams/day week 5 off no creatine use repeat week 1 to 4 for week 6 to 8 If i see good results ill likely get another tub to run a 2nd towards the end of this one. Tub I just started should last 5-6 weeks I guess
  13. Training Diary While here in NZ -

    Here's the vid of my 1 rep max on squats a couple days ago. No spotter was around and didnt feel like asking anyone. (there were like 4people there, this was about 430am) Plus, spotters I dont know always end up helping me when I dont want it. Based on the sets before and how many reps I got, I knew I had one in me. So F*** a spotter, thats what the catch rails are for anyway. I'm advanced enough that even if I fail, I'll fail in style gracefully and avoid injury. I was proud of this one. In the hole it was pretty damn heavy and for a moment didn't think I was going to get it. My whole body shook as I tried to stablize.. Yeah, I didnt get very much depth but I hit parallel ... open to criticism anyway. 140kg. Nice spot to advance from (3 plates each side). This has basically been my max for awhile, but really made if official here doing it alone with no spotter. "This is a foundational movement. This is the altar for bodybuilding, this is where you're genuflecting... You and no help. No the help of your hand, no the help of a special bar, its just you right there doing it all by yourself. You have to grow when you set yourself up this way. Theres no choice but to grow" - Tom Platz video-1458764167.mp4
  14. Training Diary While here in NZ -

    33/3/16 CHEST 2.5 hours. training buddy for first half. DUMBBELL CHEST PRESS with DUMBBELL 28kg laying pullovers a couple warmup sets very light 36kg x 15 42kg x 10 50kg x 7 + pullovers to fail 28kg x ? 40kg x 6 + pullovers to fail 40kg x 6 +pullover to fail INCLINE BARBELL CHEST PRESS ,,, some leaning forward pushups between sets (using smith machine bar) 20kg both sides (60kg) x 20 35kg (90kg) both sides x 6 30kg both sides x 7 dropset 20kg x 7 20kg both sides x 11 20kg both sides x 10 CABLE FLYES 7.5kg, to 10, to 12.5, to 15.......... and down with dropsets each time. slow deliberate movement, good squeeze. - x4 sets to failure CHEST PRESS MACHINE ... some tricep machine which was nearby while training partner took his turn 40kg or so, 4 sets, closer neutral grip (TRAINING PARTNER LEAVES) SLIGHT INCLINE DUMBBELL FLYES 14KG 3 sets to failure STANDING BOTH ARM ARM UPWARD DUMBBELL FLYES 14KG 5 reps, rest pause, 5 reps, rest pause, 5 reps 2nd set: same as above 3rd set: same as above WEIGHTED DIPS, 10kg x 6 x 7 x 10 (unweighted) x 20 CABLE FLYES. again, pretty much same as earlier in workout ^^^^ a few sets PLATE LOADED CHEST PRESS MACHINE 20kg both sides 4 burnout sets sick pump lol
  15. The increase of younger bodybuilders?

    to get "back on track" : I agree with the general concept of competitive bodybuilding staying relatively the same but the gym scene filling up more and more with younger dudes just looking to get stronger and grow. We haven't had social media /fb / instagram for very along and I think all these bodybuilding and gym meme and fitness motivation pages are becoming "cool", leading to the fitness life being more visible and mainstream. Everyone who's fit and guys n girls that compete, in any class, post pictures and look lean and look great. I think that has something to do with it. More people just want to look great and want to be better than everyone else lol, and attract the opposite sex, and walk around with a shaker bottle because gym culture is getting cooler. Its just more easy today to be exposed to with social media. Thats what came to mind first anyway. it would be cool to see statistics of numbers of competitors in the last 10-20 years in bodybuilding and across the board. Like you guys are saying, physique certainly has taken off for sure