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  1. First Cycle

    Ok, So i have had two pins so far. Wednesday is pin day. I did the left leg first using the above vid....no issues. Then yesterday i did the right leg....today i have redness and soreness in the leg. Feels terrible. skin has gone a bit red and blotchy and it has a sharp pain sensation in the leg and skin. It felt fine yesterday, but the are around the pin site starting feeling all weird last night. I am hoping it goes away soon.
  2. First Cycle

    Let me know how it goes,
  3. First Cycle

    Years ago, i used to pin myself in the backside. I recently came across the youtube video and wondered if this is more commonly used method? Your thoughts?
  4. First Cycle

    South Africa
  5. First Cycle

    Yeah....fair point. I suppose because i am used to a certain way, doesnt necessarily mean it will be like that here. I have considered buying online and importing my own, but honestly, i am sh1t scared.
  6. First Cycle

    Bloody nora this is proving difficult. Starting to question if its even worth it.
  7. First Cycle

    Paypal takes too long. Cant i just meet you behind the bus stop? I had to google "pash". Thanks urban dictionary. Still learning kiwi slang. Lol...i am such a noob.
  8. First Cycle

    Paypal takes too long. Cant i just meet you behind the bus stop?
  9. First Cycle

    Yeah. Super amped. I am such an impatient guy. In my old country i could walk into any supplement shop and walk out with gear in like 10 minutes. Here its a flippin mission.
  10. First Cycle

    Luckily no pms and post deleted in time. MACCAZ - i see now my original post is included in your reply...if you dont mind mate, would you please edit/delete? :)
  11. First Cycle

    crap...didnt think of that. post deleted Dont want to get banned here...
  12. First Cycle

  13. First Cycle

    Thanks. Waiting to find out particulars. Is it ok to post the brand name here and price for advise? Or would it be better to do it via PM to you? I dont want to be inundated with messages asking for me to supply....thats not what i am about.
  14. First Cycle

    Thanks Guys. I managed to find a source. But i am unsure of what pricing to expect. I dont want to be ripped off, so can any of you let me know roughly what i should be expecting to pay for this? AGAIN, i have a source already (or so he says) but i am just after a price range. if this contravenes form rules, i apologise profusely and feel free to remove the post mods. Not here to piss people off, just here to learn.
  15. First Cycle

    I see a plan developing.....